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Back to You - Season 1 Episodes

Back to You - Season 1

Back to You - Season 1

In the '90s, the local TV news scene in Pittsburgh was dominated by anchors Chuck Darling and Kelly Carr. Off-screen, Chuck was a bit of a womanizer; Kelly, a bit uptight. As years went on, Chuck was promoted from city to city, but when an embarrassing newscast tirade ends up on the Internet, Chuck finds himself looking for work. When he gets the call to again co-anchor with Kelly, it's an offer he can't refuse.

Back to You S1E1
Episode 1


Egotistical news anchor Chuck Darling is reunited with his former, and still uptight, co-anchor Kelly Carr at Pittsburgh news station WURG

Back to You S1E2
Episode 2

Fish Story

Things get fishy at WURG as chuck receives a goldfish as a gift and attempts to prove to Kelly that he has what it takes to keep it afloat

Back to You S1E3
Episode 3

The First Supper

Kelly has reservations when Chuck joins her and Gracie for dinner

Back to You S1E4
Episode 4

A Gentleman Always Leads

Chuck and Kelly plot against one another to take the night's lead story.

Back to You S1E5
Episode 5

A Night of Possibilities

A wrench is thrown into Chuck's plans for a weekend night out, while Kelly tries to prove to Chuck she's not as stodgy as he thinks.

Back to You S1E6
Episode 6

Gracie's Bully

The news team prepares for Gracie's school fieldtrip to WURG, and Kelly informs Chuck that Gracie has been having problems with a class bully.

Back to You S1E7
Episode 7

Something's Up There

Kelly's carefully laid plans for Gracie's birthday party fall apart when Montana offers to give the girls makeovers and Chuck insists on buying Gracie's cake.

Back to You S1E8
Episode 8

Cradle to Grave

The team gets word of a former WURG news anchor's passing, and Kelly is surprised to be asked to give the eulogy at the funeral.

Back to You S1E9
Episode 9

Business or Pleasure

When the rival news station's dashing young news anchor asks Kelly out on a date, Chuck cannot help but wonder if the anchor has ulterior motives. Thinking that the rival is trying to steal Kelly from WURG to work for his own station, Chuck butts in to tell him to back off. However, it may be Chuck who needs to back off and accept that someone may be interested in Kelly for reasons other than business.

Back to You S1E10
Episode 10

The Wall of Fame

When Marsh decides to throw Chuck a surprise party, Chuck and Kelly discover an incriminating photograph on Marsh's wall portraying them in a compromising position in the background and they try to find a way to remove it without anyone's knowledge. Meanwhile, Gary and Ryan stumble into Marsh and Peg's bedroom and are disturbed by what they see.

Back to You S1E11
Episode 11

Hug & Tell

After Kelly and Chuck finally decide to tell Gracie that Chuck is her father, Kelly gets cold feet. She and Chuck decide to see a therapist to resolve their issues with one another. However, the therapist exposes their pent-up frustrations, complicating their plans to tell Gracie the truth. Meanwhile, Gary is frustrated when he fails to get a hug from everyone's favorite security guard who is known for his daily words of encouragement and hugs.

Back to You S1E12
Episode 12

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Chuck and Kelly decide to fess up to Gracie and let her know that Chuck is her father. They recant the tale of the night she was conceived as best they remember.

Back to You S1E13
Episode 13

The New Boss

When newly appointed WURG station manager Ginger Ko decides to make some unpopular changes to the newsroom, Chuck and Kelly pay her a visit. Despite their intentions to confront her about the proposed changes, Ginger turns on the charm, sending Chuck and Kelly away feeling good about the transition. However, the aftermath from their seemingly innocent exchange causes quite a stir in the newsroom, especially for Ryan, who has to step up and carry out a career-first responsibility.

Back to You S1E14
Episode 14

Chuck and Kelly, Doin’ It Again

Chuck and Kelly seek the best way to publicly disclose their parenthood, but an unfortunately timed new ad campaign for the station complicates their efforts. Meanwhile, Marsh bestows a gift upon Gary but immediately regrets his generosity.

Back to You S1E15
Episode 15

Date Night

After Chuck accuses Kelly of dating a rival anchor because he's a younger version of himself, Kelly gets even by redirecting a dinner invitation Chuck intended for a specific co-worker. When both couples end up dining at the same restaurant, the evening turns into a showdown. Ryan also has the dating bug and enlists the help of Marsh and Gary to set up his web cam.

Back to You S1E16
Episode 16

House of Tomorrow

Kelly can't decide whether or not she likes the new Chuck who has become the owner of a technologically-advanced house. Meanwhile, Gary undergoes a procedure in his bid for the chief weatherman position.

Back to You S1E17
Episode 17

Hostage Watch

On a slow news day, a bank robbery unfolds in Pittsburgh. The perp calls for Chuck Darling to negotiate his release. Kelly regrets what she said to Chuck before he left the station.

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