Baggage Battles

Baggage Battles

Baggage Battles - Season 1 Episodes

Baggage Battles S1E1
Episode 1


The buyers are in Miami, home to 10,000 lost bags from around the world.

Baggage Battles S1E2
Episode 2


The auction specialists fly across the Atlantic to bid on lost bags in London.

Baggage Battles S1E3
Episode 3


The buyers are in Indy to bid on bags, antiques and sports memorabilia.

Baggage Battles S1E4
Episode 4


The action pros travel to Atlanta for an unclaimed freight auction. Every year in the U.S., truckers transport approximately $671 billion dollars of shipped goods. When this property gets lost in transit or undelivered, it’s reclassified as “unclaimed freight” and sent to this major auction. While Billy and Mark eye up military items, Laurence and Sally discover an extremely rare find inside a pallet of musical equipment.

Baggage Battles S1E5
Episode 5

New Jersey

The buyers head to New Jersey to bid on cargo at a US Customs auction.

Baggage Battles S1E6
Episode 6

Los Angeles

The auction specialists travel to the “Property & Evidence Room,” a massive monthly auction in Los Angeles that sells lost, seized and unclaimed personal property culled from over a dozen airports and police departments around the country including JFK Airport, Newark Airport, the L.A.P.D., and the City of New Orleans. With thousands of expensive and rare items including fine jewelry, designer clothes, furs, and even gold bullion, the potential for uncovering a hidden jackpot is high.

Baggage Battles S1E7
Episode 7


The action experts travel to outside of Glasgow, Scotland, where the Lothian and Borders Police sell unclaimed items that are handed in to the force’s lost property office. High-end cameras, sporting equipment and diamond necklaces are just some the items that Laurence & Sally Martin, Mark Meyer and Billy Leroy will have a chance to bid on at this bi-monthly auction.

Baggage Battles S1E8
Episode 8


The Baggage Battles team is in Florida at the world’s largest airport auction.

Baggage Battles S1E9
Episode 9


The Baggage Battles team is in Canada for the country's largest police auction.

Baggage Battles S1E10
Episode 10

NY Port Authority

The auction specialists head to NY for a transit auction.

Baggage Battles S1E11
Episode 11


The auction specialists head to Toronto for a freight and baggage auction.

Baggage Battles S1E12
Episode 12

North Carolina

The auction specialists head to North Carolina for a freight auction.

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