Ball Boys - Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1

“Lord of the Ring”

Store owner Robbie Sr. introduces viewers to his shop and searches for a very special Notre Dame gift for a client's husband on his birthday. Robbie is forced to buy an expensive item from an off-site dealer, hoping he can turn a profit with the client back home, knowing he risks never selling it to anyone else if she doesn't care for it. Later, a customer brings in a Cleveland Browns helmet autographed by Jim Brown himself... but is it an authentic signature? To find out, Robbie Sr. asks his friend, the football legend, to pay the shop a visit to have a look himself, and eventually Brown presides over an awkward negotiation over his own autograph. Plus, does an unsigned baseball caught by a fan over the glove of Baltimore Orioles Right Fielder Nick Markakis have any monetary value? One eager customer certainly thinks so... but does Robbie agree?

Episode 2

“Take Your Base”

The boys visit a multi-million dollar collection in search of a birthday gift for Senior, and end up haggling over a piece of Yankee history. Meanwhile, Junior is introduced to the man who invented the World Series, and Senior tries to buy a Packers jersey that belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Episode 3

“Strike It Rich”

Former NBA star Jalen Rose swings by to educate Junior in basketball, while Senior negotiates with a customer who literally crosses the line. Sweet Lou and Junior go to bat for a Minneapolis Twins fan looking to surprise his dad for his birthday, while the boys barter for a 1940s Philadelphia Eagles football signed by a Hollywood icon. Plus, Sweet Lou misbehaves in the store and Senior contemplates his punishment.

Episode 4

“Shirts and 'Skins”

To Sweet Lou's lament, Senior rewards Shaggy with a trip to see one of the greatest - and strangest - Washington Redskins collections in the world. Meanwhile, a Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves jersey forces to boys to be creative during negotiation with the owner, and things get personal when Junior is offered a chance to purchase a Magic Johnson signed basketball. In addition, Shaggy and Sweet Lou get into an argument about the recent All-Star baseball game.

Episode 5

“Stadium Dirt”

The boys come face to face with Mickey Mantle's Triple Crown and the first-ever Heisman trophy. Also, Sweet Lou tries to impress Senior by getting down and dirty with a questionable transaction, while Junior has a close encounter with one of the worst basketball teams in history.

Episode 6

“Place Your Bats”

The all-time hit king, Pete Rose, teaches Sweet Lou how to keep his eye on the ball; an eccentric Los Angeles Lakers fan sends the boys to the Holy Grail of sports memorabilia collections; and a customer brings in a bat he once took from Don Mattingly.

Episode 7

“High Flyers”

Sweet Lou's competence is tested after a 4-year-old girl puts him to shame. Meanwhile, a college kid tries selling a Bo Jackson jersey he found in the unlikeliest of places, and the boys track down a meaningful item for a passionate Philadelphia Flyers fan.

Episode 8

“The Book of Ruth”

Episode 9

“Don't Hassle the HOF”

Major League Football legend Jim Brown goes head to head with Senior in a game of old school football. Plus, it's Sweet Lou's birthday, and Junior surprises him with a private tour of the most exclusive artifacts in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame and then lets him negotiate a monster deal.

Episode 10

“The Greatest”

Episode 11

“The Art of the Sale”

NFL legend Art Donovan teaches Sweet Lou a lesson about the value of hard work. The boys have trouble closing a deal, causing Senior to worry about the shop's future. Tension mounts over a pair of baseballs signed by American presidents, and Junior unearths a basketball collection unlike anything he's ever seen.

Episode 12

“The Perfect Season”