Band of Gold

Band of Gold

Band of Gold - Season 2 Episodes

Band of Gold S2E1
Episode 1


The girls are back again and busy running their cleaning co-operative, but they are unable to break links with their previous life and are struggling to survive...

Band of Gold S2E2
Episode 2


Nobody knows what happened to Anita after she was run over. Rose has fallen out with Tracy and Colette and has problems to deal with at the leisure centre when it is revealed that the women used to be prostitutes...

Band of Gold S2E3
Episode 3


It is the morning after Curly's murder; trying times lie ahead for the women. Rose and Carol frantically try to get rid of any evidence, whilst Joyce, having slept with Steve, is getting ready to leave Blackpool.

Band of Gold S2E4
Episode 4


George has been murdered in exactly the same way as Curly and it appears that a serial killer is at large.

Meawhile, Rose is in Manchester looking for her daughter, whilst Curly'snephew Vinnie confronts Carol...

Band of Gold S2E5
Episode 5


Tracy's former pimp, Dez, is released from prison and she brings him back to her house and sleeps with him. Rose discovers that her daughter is not in Manchester after all, but in Sheffield and, to Rose's horror, on the game...

Band of Gold S2E6
Episode 6


Colette desparately tries to get tracy to realise what she has done but Tracy seems to be in another world. Colette has no choice but to tell Rose. There is a time bomb ticking and the climax to the series is both unexpected and shocking.

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