Banged Up Abroad

Banged Up Abroad

Banged Up Abroad - Season 3 Episodes

Banged Up Abroad S3E0
Episode 0

Kidnapped Abroad: Malaysia

Banged Up Abroad S3E0
Episode 0

Kidnapped Abroad: Philippines: Fatal Mission/Kidnapped by Terrorists

Banged Up Abroad S3E0
Episode 0

Kidnapped Abroad: India/Hostage to Terror

Banged Up Abroad S3E0
Episode 0

Kidnapped Abroad: Uganda/Death in the Jungle

Banged Up Abroad S3E0
Episode 0

Kidnapped Abroad: Chechnya/Nightmare in Chechnya

Banged Up Abroad S3E1
Episode 1

Kuwait (Scott's Story)

Banged Up Abroad S3E2
Episode 2

Peru 2/Lima

Banged Up Abroad S3E3
Episode 3


Americans Martin and Gracia live as missionaries in the Philippines for 15 years with their three children. For their anniversary, the couple book the trip of a lifetime to Dos Palmas resort a vacation turn nightmare when militants kidnap them from their hotel room. Martin, Gracia and 18 other hostages are captured by the Islamic extremist group Abu Sayyaf. For months, the hostages are forced to hike through the thick jungle with little food. During 200 days in captivity, most of the hostages are freed for ransom money or escape, but three are beheaded. The terrorists continue to hold Martin and Gracia for over a year, demanding $1 million for their release. After a gun battle with the Philippine army, Martin is killed, while Gracia escapes. She reunites with her children and returns two years later to testify against the surviving captors.

Banged Up Abroad S3E4
Episode 4


British journalist Amardeep Bassey travels to Afghanistan on assignment, but ends up jailed in Pakistan on spying charges.

Banged Up Abroad S3E5
Episode 5

Peru 3/Cuzco

Through drinking, drugs and partying, Sarah racks up a debt she can’t cover. Too embarrassed to go to her family, she turns to a loan shark for money. But her inability to repay leaves her at his mercy. His solution: bring back two suitcases of cocaine from Peru and her debt will be forgiven. To avoid suspicion while traveling, she invites along Simon, an innocent-looking man with a clean record whom she met at a bar. But she never tells him her true intentions. They spend a few days enjoying Peru, but on the last day, Sarah is given two new suitcases to carry home. While curious, Simon dismisses the luggage. Everything goes smoothly until Sarah is detained by Peruvian law enforcement when they discover the drugs. Both she and Simon are thrown in prison for months. Sarah accepts full responsibility and Simon maintains his innocence. After nearly a year in jail, he is finally released but still stuck in Peru while courts decide the case. Sarah is still in jail with a 7-year sentence.

Banged Up Abroad S3E6
Episode 6


McGill was a South African diplomat enjoying his posting in Taiwan with his wife, two daughters and foster baby when their happy family unit was targeted by Taiwans most wanted criminal, Chen Chin-hsing. This ruthless kidnapper broke into the house, tied the Alexander family up at gunpoint and used them as pawns in his negotiations with the authorities. The response of the police was also terrifying - eager to catch their prey, they launched a violent assault, firing indiscriminately into the house. The Alexander family found themselves in the middle of a horrendous gun battle during which the desperate Chen Chin-hsing used them as human shields. The intense gun fight continued for two hours until McGill and his daughter Melanie were caught in the crossfire.

Banged Up Abroad S3E7
Episode 7


Down, out and broke in Miami, Daniel Van De Zande decided to make a run for a drug smuggler that had cash-infused his pockets in the past. Daniels task to smuggle cocaine from Ecuador to Europe. But he and his partners are busted and Daniel is eventually sent to one of Ecuadors most notorious maximum security prisons. Depressed by his life and the choices that had led him to jail, Daniel turned to drugs. He was released from prison after serving three years, and is currently in rehab, trying to rebuild his life.

Banged Up Abroad S3E8
Episode 8

South Korea

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