Baretta - Season 2 Episodes

Baretta S2E1
Episode 1

The Good-Bye Orphan Annie Blues

Baretta fears his close friend, the owner of a music store, is not only a drug dealer but may be killing people with his pure heroine he is selling.

Baretta S2E2
Episode 2

The Glory Game

When a gun dealer who was selling his goods to kids is found dead, Baretta is framed for the murder and goes on the run.

Baretta S2E3
Episode 3

On the Road

Baretta must protect himself and a runaway girl as they enter a police car which he didn't realize was being driven by a couple of thieves.

Baretta S2E4
Episode 4

Nobody in a Nothing Place

A convention attendee is found dead and the only witness seems to be an uncooperative busboy who is afraid to become involved, but the murder is looking for him, also.

Baretta S2E5
Episode 5

The Fire Man

Baretta seeks assistance on an arson case by asking for help by a former investigator who was injured both mentally and physically in a fire.

Baretta S2E6
Episode 6

Double Image

A series of murders at the waterfront has Baretta on the case, but his cover may be blown when a waitress recognizes him as the cop who killed her boyfriend.

Baretta S2E7
Episode 7

Photography by John Doe

Baretta discovers a dirty judge while reopening a case of retired policeman who was killed in a mysterious fall.

Baretta S2E8
Episode 8

Set Up City

Baretta asks for assistance in capturing a jewel thief by questioning a safe-cracking expert who he once sent to prison.

Baretta S2E9
Episode 9

A Bite of the Apple

A girlfriend of a dying thief is wanted by both the cops and his former underworld acquaintances hoping to protect themselves from the detailed record she has been entrusted with which reveals all his jobs he had worked.

Baretta S2E10
Episode 10

When Dues Come Down

Baretta keeps his eye on a truck driver who he believes killed a man that injured his wife, hoping he will let his guilt slip.

Baretta S2E11
Episode 11

The Big Hand's on Trouble

While investigating the theft of diamonds from Mr. Nicholas, Baretta ends up lending his services to a store owner who is told to pay money for protection to the East Side Benevolent Society.

Baretta S2E12
Episode 12

Count the Days I'm Gone

Blind Bennie the hot dog vendor has been murdered, and Baretta needs to find a hooker's 7-year old sister who was a witness before the killers find her.

Baretta S2E13
Episode 13

Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth

Baretta's partner is charged with shooting a man in the back. He searches for the only witness, as does the real murderers.

Baretta S2E14
Episode 14

The Left Hand of the Devil

Baretta joins up with a motorcycle gang to keep his informant safe after his plea deal falls through.

Baretta S2E15
Episode 15

Murder for Me

When a boy dies at the hands of his doctor, the boy's father gets his revenge. Baretta must find him as well as round up the pusher's who sold the boy drugs in the first place.

Baretta S2E16
Episode 16

Pay or Die

A crimelord's arrest causes an uprising between rival gangs, making Baretta jeopardize the life of an undercover policewoman in order to ease the gang wars.

Baretta S2E17
Episode 17

The Blood Bond

A mobster takes Billy as a hostage in order to get Baretta to hand over the $500,000 in bonds which he believes Tony stole after stopping a robbery.

Baretta S2E18
Episode 18

The Dippers

Baretta gets himself into a gang which operates at the airport terminal in order to find the killer of Jonesy, a young pickpocket. But Tony is unaware that the murderer was a hired assassin whom the kid was trying to rob.

Baretta S2E19
Episode 19

Dead Man Out

Baretta risks his own life by going undercover as an inmate so he can find out why a pair of jewelry thieves were murdered.

Baretta S2E20
Episode 20

Death on the Run

While hunting for a gunrunner with spinal meningitis, Baretta becomes infected and has only 48 hours to catch the suspect and everyone he has had contact with before being put in quarantine.

Baretta S2E21
Episode 21


A mentally challenged worker at a local deli witnesses a murder committed by a narcotics officer, finds herself brainwashed into believing another man is the killer.

Baretta S2E22
Episode 22

And Down Will Come Baby

A woman comes to Baretta for help after deciding she wants her baby back she gave away, and helps him get close to the black marketers who traffic babies.

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