Barnaby Jones - Season 8 Episodes

Episode 1

“Man on Fire”

Barnaby works with a claims adjuster in an arson-and-murder case.

Episode 2

“Nightmare in Hawaii (1)”

In Hawaii, J.R. is framed for murder and thrown in jail by a vengeful cop.

Episode 3

“Nightmare in Hawaii (2)”

Episode 4

“A Desperate Pursuit”

Betty's testimony in a trial puts herself in danger and gives her attention from an impressed reporter.

Episode 5

“Design for Madness”

Barnaby tries to help her emotionally disturbed niece when she's suspected of murdering her husband and his lawyer during memory lapses.

Episode 6

“Girl on the Road”

A runaway girl discovers that the glitter of the drug world has a deadly underside.

Episode 7

“Indoctrination in Evil”

While on the search for a missing girl, Betty uncovers a center for white slavers.

Episode 8

“Homecoming for a Dead Man”

Barnaby finds a man who vanished ten years ago - along with a fortune in stolen gold.

Episode 9

“False Witness”

Betty probes the rape of a friend who was in shock when she identified her attacker.

Episode 10

“School of Terror”

Drug dealers infiltrate a treatment center and murder J.R.'s counselor friend.

Episode 11

“Cry for Vengeance”

An ex-policeman, whose son was killed as a warning not to interfere with the local protection racket, leads a vigilante group in a barrio.

Episode 12

“Run to Death”

Betty's friend dies of an alleged heart attack during his constitutional.

Episode 13

“The Price of Anger”

A black cab driver runs from a murder scene on the grounds that circumstantial evidence - and racism - would make him the prime suspect.

Episode 14

“The Killing Point”

Barnaby looks for a millionaire's mistress, unaware that she's stolen a priceless objet d'art.

Episode 15

“Focus on Fear”

Thugs steal a photographer's negatives and blind her after she does an assignment at an air-freight terminal.

Episode 16

“Murder in the Key of C”

Barnaby is hired to find a composer's fiance who disappeared running away from unscrupulous music publishers.

Episode 17

“Killer Without a Name”

While on a cruise, Betty falls for a man who's being targeted by South American street police.

Episode 18

“Death Is the Punchline”

A comic is suspected of killing the nightclub owner who fired him after his act proved to be a flop.

Episode 19

“The Final Victim”

A columnist writing about prostitution focuses on a murdered girl whose reputation Barnaby is trying to save.

Episode 20

“The Silent Accuser”

Betty responds to an SOS from her teacher friend, only to find her dead.

Episode 21

“Deadline for Murder”

A pair of men pretending to be Barnaby and J.R. murder a writer employed by a publishing empire.

Episode 22

“The Killin' Cousin”

Betty is suspected of killing two members of her family by father and son detectives. This was intended to launch a spinoff called Tarkington (named after the father and son).