Barter Kings

Barter Kings

Barter Kings - Season 1 Episodes

Barter Kings S1E1
Episode 1

No Cash, No Problem

Entrepreneurs carry out strings of cashless trades in order to obtain items of increasingly greater value. In the series opener, a speedboat is desired by a trader who starts out with Elvis memorabilia, and a used laptop computer is bartered in an attempt to obtain a pickup truck.

Barter Kings S1E2
Episode 2

Cart Before the Horse

Traders barter for a horse and a custom golf cart.

Barter Kings S1E3
Episode 3

Diamond in the Rough

Steve's 18-year anniversary of his first date with his wife is coming up, and he hopes to trade-up to an amazing diamond as a surprise. Antonio decides to barter-up to a pair of jet skis for some family fun on the lake.

Barter Kings S1E4
Episode 4

Rock and a Hard Place

Antonio wants to trade up for a car for his son, Antonio Jr., but he has to find a giant rock to do it. Steve wants something he can use to relax at work and decides to go for a pool table for the warehouse.

Barter Kings S1E5
Episode 5


Steve and Antonio compete head-to-head to see who can trade up to the coolest, most awesome item for their trade shop s four-year anniversary.

Barter Kings S1E6
Episode 6

Not-So-Easy Rider

Steve's wife Cindy is going let him get a motorcycle, but he has to trade up to get it. Antonio wants a way to relax at work, so he decides to barter up for a hot tub!

Barter Kings S1E7
Episode 7

Happy Camper

Steve and Antonio want to trade all the way up to a motorhome as a surprise for long time customer. Meanwhile, Antonio plans to trades sky-high and cash out big for the shop.

Barter Kings S1E8
Episode 8

Dune Buddies

Steve and Antonio work together as they attempt to trade up for a sandrail and enter a big race in the High Desert sand dunes.

Barter Kings S1E9
Episode 9

Four Wheeling and Dealing

Steve decides it s time his kids had their own all-terrain vehicles and sets his sights on trading up to a pair of kiddie quads.

Barter Kings S1E10
Episode 10

Divide and Conquer

Steve and Antonio have some big bills due soon, so they divide and conquer with individual trade strings hoping to maximize their profit by the end of the week.

Barter Kings S1E11
Episode 11

Shake Your Money Maker

Antonio breaks a large piece of equipment at the shop, and must quickly barter up to a replacement. Meanwhile Steve trades to a unique game machine that helps reveal Antonio s "exotic" past!

Barter Kings S1E12
Episode 12

Barter Up!

To help drum up business for the shop, Steve and Antonio trade up for advertising and sponsorship at the local baseball team s stadium. In the meantime, Steve will be making a big splash if he can trade up to his largest item yet.

Barter Kings S1E13
Episode 13

Winner Takes All

Barter Kings S1E14
Episode 14

Home is Where the Barter Is

Antonio and Steve go BIG when they attempt to trade up - to a HOUSE!(or vacation house)There s a thriving subculture of entrepreneurs who know how to get what they want without spending a dime.

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