Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond - Season 2 Episodes

Batman Beyond S2E1
Episode 1


Terry goes undercover to expose a scientist who is using advanced gene manipulation--splicing--to give animal traits to humans in order to create the perfect gang of teenage henchmen.

Batman Beyond S2E2
Episode 2

Earth Mover

A monster capable of manipulating Earth appears in Gotham to reclaim his human daughter from the man responsible for turning him into a Mud-Creature.

Batman Beyond S2E3
Episode 3


Batman must stop a rampaging gang before they blow up Gotham.

Batman Beyond S2E4
Episode 4

Lost Soul

The "virtual" soul of a deceased communications mogul takes control of Terry's Batsuit. When the villain plans to download his virtual brain into the brain of his own grandchild, a powerless Terry has to fight his own suit to save the boy.

Batman Beyond S2E5
Episode 5

Hidden Agenda

Terry's fellow high school student Maxine "Max" Gibson learns that Terry is Batman, when he saves her from the threat of a vengeful Joker.

Batman Beyond S2E6
Episode 6


The Stalker, a cybernetically enhanced wild animal hunter, grows bored with big game and goes after the only challenge left in the world: Batman.

Batman Beyond S2E7
Episode 7

Once Burned

Terry's emotional resolve is tested when a former girlfriend, who also happens to be the notorious Ten of the Royal Flush Gang, reverts to a life of crime. The situation becomes further complicated when he learns that she is being forced to steal to save her family from kidnappers.

Batman Beyond S2E8
Episode 8

Hooked Up

Batman comes to Max's rescue when she becomes addicted to a virtual reality world that is controlled by Spellbinder.

Batman Beyond S2E9
Episode 9


Batman must protect Dana from a dangerous secret admirer, a lonely teenage outcast who lives underground with giant mutant rats as his only companions.

Batman Beyond S2E10
Episode 10

Mind Games

A young girl with eerie psychic powers mentally contacts Batman and begs him to save her from the nefarious clutches of a secret organization known as "The Brain Trust."

Batman Beyond S2E11
Episode 11


Terry's classmates think the high school is haunted.

Batman Beyond S2E12
Episode 12


Shriek returns and demands Batman's life as ransom for Gotham.

Batman Beyond S2E13
Episode 13

Terry's Friend Dates a Robot

Terry's friend Howard dates an out-of-control robot.

Batman Beyond S2E14
Episode 14


Spellbinder frames Batman for murder.

Batman Beyond S2E15
Episode 15

Final Cut

Curare threatens Gotham with a bomb.

Batman Beyond S2E16
Episode 16

The Last Resort

A number of Terry's classmates are sent to an innovative "tough love " boarding school. When Chelsea becomes one of them, Terry discovers the school is more like a medieval prison.

Batman Beyond S2E17
Episode 17


The father of one of Terry's friends creates a superpowered suit and uses it for crime.

Batman Beyond S2E18
Episode 18

Sneak Peek

A gossip reporter becomes incorporeal, learns Batman's identity, and threatens to reveal it on national television.

Batman Beyond S2E19
Episode 19

The Eggbaby

Because of an assignment in his family studies class, Batman must chase down a gang of thieves, Ma Mayhem and her sons, while caring for a computerized egg baby.

Batman Beyond S2E20
Episode 20


Batman helps a military robot that wants to stop killing.

Batman Beyond S2E21
Episode 21


Batman reluctantly joins forces with Stalker to hunt down a wily criminal.

Batman Beyond S2E22
Episode 22

April Moon

Batman must battle a gang of criminals who have been given bionic enhancements by a noted medical scientist.

Batman Beyond S2E23
Episode 23

Sentries of the Last Cosmos

Batman finds himself in a battle with characters who seem to have stepped straight out of a popular video game.

Batman Beyond S2E24
Episode 24


A new vigilante, who calls himself Payback, begins taking revenge on the tormentors of troubled teenagers.

Batman Beyond S2E25
Episode 25

Where's Terry?

Bruce must reluctantly team up with Max to find Terry when he is kidnapped by Shriek.

Batman Beyond S2E26
Episode 26

Ace in the Hole

Batman uncovers a connection between Ace's disappearance and an illegal underground mutant dog-fighting ring.

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