Baywatch - Season 10 Episodes

Baywatch S10E1
Episode 1

Aloha, Baywatch

Mitch feels that he needs to "find himself", so he travels to Hawaii to have some time off. While on the beach in Hawaii, Mitch rescues a family in trouble, but he barely makes it. He then realizes that he would have saved them all much more effective if he knew more about the currents and these waters in general. He sets out to begin Baywatch Hawaii, an international training camp for lifeguards. He has to pick out the best of the best, and make a perfect team to start out with. Meanwhile, Jessie realizes that she has some competition for J.D. after he meets Kekoa.

Baywatch S10E2
Episode 2

Mahalo, Hawaii

The Baywatch team moves in and gets acquainted, and they're all introduced to the new training routine. Sean makes them jump off a huge cliff as a startup, but none of them gets scared. Later on they face some problems with the personal differences between the team members; J.D. is an organization freak while Kekoa and Jessie are already fighting. Mitch saves Hina, a former victim, from a secondary drowning. Later on, Mitch and Sean plans a team exercise that's going to put all the lifeguards' corporative skills to the test.

Baywatch S10E3
Episode 3

Weak Link

Dawn Masterton, a specialist in the human body, joins the team, but the other members aren't confident in her skills. When they start off with an exercise lead by Dawn herself, she blacks out, and the other team members have to rescue her. Dawn and J.D. later discuss how they should handle their little secret, that they know each other from before, and decides to keep it secret. Dawn manages to piss Jessie off with initiating that Jessie doesn't have a chance against her when it comes to J.D. Mitch and Tanner joins Allie on a helicopter ride, but it ends pretty soon when they notice a possible victim waving at them from shore nearby. Later on, Tanner meets a girl who wants to teach him to ride the waves on a board. He then discovers that she's really sick and wants to end her life. J.D. gets to ride the boat "America's Cup" and makes it to the team, but he turns them down. In the end, Sean wants to cut Dawn from the team, but Mitch refuses, so he gives her an underwater challenge she passes perfectly.

Baywatch S10E4
Episode 4

Shark Island

Mitch and Tanner visit Shark Island and a mysterious man who lost his son there appears in front of Tanner. Meanwhile, the lifeguard team performs a big mistake when assisting the Coast Guard in a rescue, which leads to a new kind of training for the team. Allie meets Nick Montgomery, a rescue swimmer working for the Coast Guard, and finds him fairly attractive. Kekoa flirts a lot with J.D., which pisses Jessie off completely. Later on, Sean tells Jessie about his attribution to nude swimming, and she decides to try it. After a while, a swimmer nearby gets in trouble, and Jessie has to save him. In the end, they get back to the new training involving the Coast Guard. Jason is chosen to wear blacked out swim goggles because Sean finds him to self-reliant. He then gets placed on a cliff without knowing where he is. By accident, Sean, who's hiding close to Jason to make sure that he's safe, gets a rock in his head and needs a Coast Guard rescue. Jason has to take of the swim goggles and help him, even though he knows that he might lose his job by doing so.

Baywatch S10E5
Episode 5

Strike Team

Baywatch teams up with the Coast Guard to search for a group of kids in the water. They all have to search in caves all they, but they still can't find all the kids. Allie is filming the caves with a camera with an infrared sensor to see what they have. When night falls, there's still two kids missing, but after watching over the film from their camera, they see what they think is a hand in one of the caves. They then decide to go out at night looking for the last ones, but soon discovers that the victims have been swept into another cave via an underwater channel.

Baywatch S10E6
Episode 6

Sunday in Kauai

The Baywatch team goes on a weekend getaway to the Waimea Valley. Jessie and Kekoa is still fighting for J.D., something he loves. After a while, they decide that they should stop being childish and start sorting out stuff, which they manage. When going paddling, Jessie and Kekoa has to save a man trapped in a waterfall by working together. Jason and J.D. are going to check out girls, but they don't have that much success. Meanwhile, Allie and Sean search for a treasure, but ends up in some kind of a graveyard.

Baywatch S10E7
Episode 7

Risk to Death

The new training center is finally done and ready to be boarded. Jason's individuality becomes a problem as he performs a way to risky jet ski pickup, so Sean want to dismiss him from the team. After talking to the other lifeguards, Sean decides that he'll try to learn Jason0.1 some risk management; basically the skill of preventing accidents - on the sand. Jason learns and does his job perfectly, but three guys won't listen to him, and one of them breaks his neck. Meanwhile, Dawn is annoying the girls on the team as she always seems to have her reasons to ruin for the other girls in some weird way, this time joining Nick and Allie in their private helicopter ride. All of a sudden they find a boat with no crew, and later finds out that a pregnant woman goes into labor after falling overboard.

Baywatch S10E8
Episode 8

Father of the Groom

Hobie is suddenly getting married and Mitch needs to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Sean notices that Kekoa hesitates a lot like she's afraid to commit to the team, and demands that she finds out why before she gets someone killed. She thinks it's because she's so afraid of failure, something she's been for a long time. Mr. Tanaka, her father, wanted a son, but he got her instead, so she's always tried to be the best athlete - and she's made it. That is until she joined Baywatch were all the people are top trained, which leads to her decision of leaving Baywatch since she doesn't think she can change something that goes this deep. Before everything is settled with Kekoa deciding to leave the team, the lifeguards have to make a difficult rescue to a victim trapped in an underwater cave. Kekoa hasn't left the team yet, so she helps out as best as she can. When performing CRP she breaks down completely before the victim wakes up, and realizes just how much of a difference they've done this day. In the end, this means that Kekoa overcomes her fear of failure.

Baywatch S10E9
Episode 9

The Hunt

Jessie and Jason notice a shark coming way to close to shore on their watch. When they're unable to scare it away with the jet ski, they dive down to see that the shark fins has been cut straight off. Both of them find themselves emotionally affected by this, and Jessie sets out on a personal mission to stop a shark hunting boat in the area. Jason feels that he has an emotional connection to the shark, so he decides to visit one of the true Hawaiian men to figure out what he's experiencing. When Jessie tries to stop the people hunting sharks, they throw a whole lot of shark bait on her after ruining her jet ski. The lifeguard team comes to save Jessie and Jason proves himself as a true kama'aina - a person belonging in the Hawaiian family.

Baywatch S10E10
Episode 10

Gold from the Deep

The team becomes obsessed with money-lust for a sunken treasure. Their argument about who the unfound treasure belongs to sets Sean off; he thinks they're destroying the team. Jason convinces Sean to permit their treasure hunt by referring to it as a scuba diving exercise and succeeds. The Coast Guard rescue swimmer Nick helps Allie find the areas it's more likely that they'll find a ship, but warns her that it's very unlikely that they'll be able to locate anything. Sean confronts Dawn with her lack of engagement to the team, and express his wish for her to step out of the sideline and into the game. Later on they are able to locate the sunken ship and dive down to it, but the search becomes dangerous when Jason causes a torpedo to shake loose at the site.

Baywatch S10E11
Episode 11


An experimental submarine and its passengers ends up in a devastating tragedy for Allie, who finds & loses love all too quickly. She finally learns to trust Nick, a rescue swimmer working at the U.S. Coast Guard; a man she's been into for two weeks. Nick takes some huge risks when trying to save the passengers in the submarine, which unfortunately leads to him getting a severe case of the bends. He never wakes up, and Allie is devastated. Mitch arranges a lifeguard memorial service for Nick. Mitch tells her "Nick wasn't a lifeguard, but he died being one."

Baywatch S10E12
Episode 12

Path of Least Resistance

Jason experiences success during a training exercise with the often lifeguards, able to find "the path of least resistance" - being underwater instead of swimming with his head over water. J.D.'s inventions pay off, as he performs a daring underwater rescue. Jessie and Allie become parents for a day after they come across a boy who has lost his mommy. Also, Dawn deals with a painful memory of a life and death choice from her past, as a lawsuit comes her way. Sean promises to fix the mess she's in, and he's able to do so pretty easy. They all get to know that J.D. and Dawn knew each other from the past, which makes the relationship between J.D. and Jessie even more complicated.

Baywatch S10E13
Episode 13

Liquid Visions

Dawn rescues a man, underwater for over 20 minutes, and tries to learn his magical secret. The doctors said his body "shunted", something Dawn knows a bit about from before. Meanwhile, Jessie, Kekoa and Allie spend a girls' night out after spending the day shopping - all because they feel that they all need to cheer up. Kekoa can't seem to find the right guy, Allie is missing Nick (who died in S10E11, "Bent"), and Jessie needs a day off. None of them would expect that it all ends up with a rescue off the side of a cruise ship while they're all in their underwear. Later on, Sean shows interest in the secret of the man who survived 20 minutes underwater, and Dawn decides to show him a special emerger technique she learned in India, giving them a weird underwater experience Sean finds quite frightening. In a rescue at the end of the episode, Dawn gets trapped underwater, and tries to make her own body shunt. After several minutes underwater, Sean is able to get her out and make her heart going again after performing CPR.

Baywatch S10E14
Episode 14

Lines in the Sand

Sean and Jason encounter Jenna for the first time, in flirtation and innocence as Sean spills a lot of shave ice on her breasts. They then realize that Jenna's plans for the team will actually make life on the station more difficult. Later on, environmental activists starts a protest against the radioactivity in the air, craving attention from the public authorities. Jessie and J.D. finds themselves alone on a beach they're supposed to watch for the whole day, seeing this as an opportunity to discuss their personal issues with each other. After they have finished their watch, J.D. is set to be the judge for a beauty contest - to Jessie's disdain.

Baywatch S10E15
Episode 15

The Hero

The rescues the team makes make them forget about their personal troubles. Sean and Kekoa begin a romantic flirtation, which leads to a confrontation between Sean and the female lifeguards. While all this is happening, Jason accidentally makes his way into a movie cast and finds that the main actress is pretty attractive.

Baywatch S10E16
Episode 16

Thunder Tide

Jason returns to a beach where lifeguards have lost their lives, and fights the memories that haunt him. An underwater maze leaves Jessie fighting for her life.

Baywatch S10E17
Episode 17

Breath of Life

Sean sends Jason to pick up a canoe from some friends of him. It turns out that Sean wanted Jason to build a canoe of koa wood, so Jason learns an ancient Hawaiian tradition from a wise old man and his granddaughter. In the beginning, his granddaughter detests Jason, but as Jason learns to respect their old traditions, the mood changes, and they begin a romantic flirtation. While all this is going on, Sean's dating Jenna, ending with a dinner. In the middle of it, Jenna starts talking Sean into giving her more rights when it comes to the training center, which makes Sean run off angry.

Baywatch S10E18
Episode 18

Big Island Heat

Sean and Jenna, even after working together in a daring rescue, are still fighting for control of the team. Allie and Jason make a double rescue.

Baywatch S10E19
Episode 19

Maui Xterra

With Dawn's help, Jessie prepares herself mentally and physically for the competition of a lifetime.

Baywatch S10E20
Episode 20

Baywatch O'Hana

Sean and Jenna plan a romantic getaway in Maui, but end up in a rescue that puts Jenna's life at risk.

Baywatch S10E21
Episode 21

Last Rescue

Jessie exhibits a psychic bond with her grandfather, but the emotional understanding between him and Mitch saves him from ending his life.

Baywatch S10E22
Episode 22

Killing Machine

Mitch faces off with an old Navy Seal vet who is planning to bomb in the name of eco-terrorrism. While Mitch is diving he is supposedly killed by a bombing attack but then survives.

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