Baywatch - Season 11 Episodes

Baywatch S11E0
Episode 0

Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding

Baywatch S11E1
Episode 1

Soul Survivor

A new group of recruits have arrived to be trained at the new Lifeguard Training Center. Making things worse is Jenna, who has returned to oversee the LTC, making life even more difficult for Sean. Adding to the problems is Sean's friend Cliff, who has troubles of his own.

Baywatch S11E2
Episode 2

A Knife in the Heart

Sean's relationship with JD begins to get more complicated as JD begins to feel resentful about being on the team. Making things even worse is Kekoa's ex-boyfriend, who has returned to win her back. Kekoa's life gets even more complicated when she's threatened with a lawsuit from the father of a teenager who endangered the life of a married couple who were swimming at a beach.

Baywatch S11E3
Episode 3

Bad Boyz

Leigh gets jealous when Sean becomes attracted to a new team sponsor.

Baywatch S11E4
Episode 4

Dangerous Games

Leigh falls for an adrenaline junkie who might put her life at risk.

Baywatch S11E5
Episode 5

Stone Cold

Maya Morgan is a pretty blonde volley ball player who happens to be a childhood friend of Carrie. Jason is immediately smitten with her and she, apparently, with him. While they are exchanging glances, off on the dock, young hooligans Danny and Mark are trying to rip off a car from Skipper, a local fisherman. Danny hops in the car and starts the engine but, unfortunately, catapults it off the edge of the dock. Mark runs to call for help. Sean and Jason come running. They dive into the water, Jason armed with a hammer which he uses to break the rear window of the car and pull Danny to safety. In the process of doing this, Jason gets caught and Sean must dive back and rescue him. Back on shore, Skipper wants to have the kids arrested, but since he has hired them be-fore, it is his word against theirs that the kids were trying to steal the car. Sean takes a liking to Danny, whom he feels he can reform. Leigh, though, knows of Danny's check-ered past and warns Sean against trusting him too

Baywatch S11E6
Episode 6

Broken Promises

Continuing her assault on Sean's team, Jenna calmly announces that she hopes to bring Leigh back to the North Shore Lifeguards. Sean keeps saying this won't happen, but Leigh knows how Jenna is when she gets her mind on something. Meanwhile, the Snowden family (Jim, his wife Gwen and young son Jamie) are having a good time on the beach. Unbeknownst to them, Danny and another of his nefarious buds, Vin, are planning on scamming them and robbing them. They go into their routine and are about to steal the Snowden's things when Gwen hears Jamie calling out: he's gotten into trouble in the water. Not wasting any time, Danny jumps into action and saves the boy. Later, because Jamie was saved, the Snowdens decide not to press charges. Sean offers Danny a chance to reform: join the training team and start a new life. Danny enthusiastically agrees. Leigh thinks Sean's making a big mistake.

Kekoa and her father have hit a new low. Under the impression that he was trying to make a reconciliation,

Baywatch S11E7
Episode 7

Dream Girl

Zack endangers JD and Kekoa during a rescue and is placed on suspension. Complicating matters is Jenna who shows up and takes possession of a Scarab and two Jet Skis. While Zack is on suspension, he meets a mysterious woman who has him on a new path. Finally, Kekoa, after realizing how close JD came to losing his life during Zack's rescue, starts to realize she's falling in love with JD.

Baywatch S11E8
Episode 8

The Cage

While watching over the Ironman Triathlon, J.D. and Sean must perform a rescue of two divers who have come face to face with a tiger shark. The reason the shark is so close in land is that Blake, a nefarious "shark tour" provider, had been dumping chum in the water. Sean, of course, is livid and becomes even more so when locals tell him not to interfere. Sean confronts Blake face to face, but Blake is not intimidated by Sean and even threatens him back. Unbeknownst to Sean, Kekoa and J.D. have continued their affair. They have, in fact, ramped it up to the next level, even though both know that what they are doing is dangerous and not in the best interests of the team.

Meanwhile, Jason is having problems with tourist Al Raymond. Raymond is a good enough guy, but he wants so desperately to impress his son Noah that he keeps getting in Jason's way. To make things worse for Al, all of his attempts end in embarrassing failure. Al at first irritates Jason, but Max tells him how he misses hi

Baywatch S11E9
Episode 9


The days starts out beautifully, with Sean surfing with his good friend Mike, a seventeen year old who hopes to turn pro one day. Sean goes into shore to open the tower. When he looks out at the ocean again, Mike has disappeared. After a frantic search, Mike is found with his head lodged in a coral reef. Despite the best efforts of the team, Mike dies. His father, Peter, has known Sean for years and blames him for the death of his son. Sean blows up: he can't hang on to all the guilt and is tired of trying to orchestrate things like the Ocean Fest. He storms off. This gives Jenna a chance to take over the plans for the Ocean Fest. This is somewhat good news for Zack, who was going to be a bench warmer for most of the Fest owing to his position as a newbie. Jenna, however, keeps him an alternate. Carrie tries to warn Zack that he is not behaving very well politically, but he's too consumed with his own frustrations to hear her.

Sean goes out on his canoe to be alone. He is not aware tha

Baywatch S11E10
Episode 10

Ties That Bind

The training period is coming to an end, and all of the trainees are anxious to see who will get the valued A-1 classification. During this final "heat," everyone pushes themselves to the limit, including Zack and Carrie. Meanwhile, Barney Poe and his daughter Liv are on the beach. A thief sees her taking out a wad of bills and tries to steal them. Zack immediately jumps into action and chases the thief through the crowds in the water via jet ski. He collars the thief, but knows he is in trouble with Sean for acting so rashly. He wonders if it will impact his ability to get his qualifying certification. Zack and Liv are attracted to one another. As they look around the training center, Barney explains to Sean that he's been a widower for eight years. Sean, thinking of Ben, understands Barney's predicament and is sympathetic.

True to his worst fears, Zack does not get his certification. Zack, of course, is completely devastated-particularly when Carrie consoles him on washing out in fro

Baywatch S11E11
Episode 11

Black Widow

At the same time, Sean is stuck in traffic in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. He sees something that makes him catch his breath: a woman that resembles his ex-wife, Maggie. Just as they see each other, his Nextel starts chirping. Crazy Bob has found the body of the husband and dragged it to shore. Sean immediately rushes to the scene. Leigh tries her best to perform artificial respiration, but it's too late. The man is dead. Strangely, his windpipe has been crushed. Leigh runs off to find Sasha, and catches her in the midst of a torrid embrace with Sergio, a "friend of the family." Leigh is immediately suspicious of what she has just seen, but Sean reminds her that they are lifeguards, not policemen, and to leave the detective work to the pros. Arriving at the scene of the crime is Maggie. She tries to talk to Sean, but because of the investigation, he can't talk to her at that moment. Instead, they agree to meet at a bar later. Once again, Sean's work has taken precedence over h

Baywatch S11E12
Episode 12

The Ex-Files

Jenna is marching around the Training Center with Phil Price, a photographer getting publicity shots of her in action. Meanwhile, Zack is showing around Peggy, one of the trainees. They get a frantic call: a scuba tour group has lost some of its members near a reef. Seeing an opportunity for some photos in action, Jenna grabs Phil and directs Sean to bring him with them so he can get the shots. Zack will ride shotgun with Jenna. As they near the area the call came from, Sean notices that the channel marker is missing. He warns Jenna and Zack, but they are too intent on the rescue. The jet ski hits a reef and flips, tossing Jenna and Zack into the water. Zack breaks his ear drum, but suffers through the pain in order to get Jenna, who is trapped under the water. He and Sean rescue her.

It turns out that there never was a group of scuba divers: it was just another in an increasing series of pranks that have been played on the lifeguards. McKenna attempts to use what happened to Zack and

Baywatch S11E13
Episode 13

The Stalker

Two young and good looking spear fishermen, Ronnie and Eric, get into trouble when Eric accidentally shoots while Ronnie is in front of him. Ronnie's hand is pinned to the coral reef. Meanwhile, Sam (the adrenaline rushing pilot from Dangerous Games) has come back into Leigh's life. He has been sending her post cards and calling her. Carrie thinks Leigh's crazy for not going for him. Suddenly, Sam shows up behind them. He wants Leigh to date him again. Their reverie is interrupted by Eric's cries for help. The trio immediately spring into action. Eric has now been caught in the fishing line and is also in trouble. Using their best efforts and ingenuity, the trio is able to save Eric and Ronnie. Ronnie is taken to the hospital.

Eric is very grateful to both Carrie and Leigh, but he seems to take an especial interest in Carrie. The two of them go out on a date. Carrie really likes him, and finds herself opening up to him in a way she hasn't before. The next day, he is on her front door s

Baywatch S11E14
Episode 14

Father Faust

It is a bad day at the beach. A man has lost his Rolex watch and is upset when all Sean offers to do is fill out a report-not investigate everyone at the beach. Mr. Tanaka is in the water, trying to learn how to swim properly. Being the rich and old man that he is, he is impatient with the other people at the beach and is completely unaware of the dangers of being in the water. Kekoa is keeping an eye on him. Suddenly, a loose catamaran starts careening towards him. Everyone shouts at Mr. Tanaka to get out of the way, but he feels that he is an important man who does not need to move. Sensing the danger brewing, fourteen year old Kala'i pulls Mr. Tanaka under the surface of the water. The catamaran glides over them, narrowly missing them. Sean, in a daring move, leaps on the catamaran and with the help of Kekoa is able to stop it. Mr. Tanaka, though, keeps accusing Kala'i of attempting to mug him. He refuses to listen to anyone who tells him otherwise.

The next day, Sean has decided to

Baywatch S11E15
Episode 15

A Good Man in a Storm

Hurricane Honu is headed towards the islands and everyone is on stage one alert. Zack is trying to save his precious computer discs, but Sean warns him that all available shelter space must be saved for food and supplies. In the midst of the chaos, Sean gets a call from Jenna: she's stuck at Kaena Point because of a landslide and she's in danger of being wind-swept over a cliff. Sean goes to rescue her, only to discover that she's not in danger at all-she just needed a ride on the scarab to bypass traffic to go to a city council meeting in Kaneohe. She feels that all the panic over the hurricane is over-stated and that the islands stand to lose money because of the hysteria. Just then, the storm starts to hit. She tries to help Sean, but steers the boat into a reef, shearing off its propellers. Then, while trying to make up for her mistake, she winds up getting her foot caught in the anchor line and goes hurtling over the edge of the boat. Sean must brave the choppy waters to save her

Baywatch S11E16
Episode 16

My Father the Hero

Sean and Jenna are on their way back from the other side of the island, where they have met some mucky mucks who might be helpful to her reelection campaign when suddenly, they hear shouting from out in the water. They meet Lyle Garrett, a young, good looking man whose friend has been injured in a surfing accident. Sean dives into the water and, even though it will ruin her dress, Jenna does as well. After the friend is taken to the hospital, Jenna has a chance to talk with Lyle. He's an investment banker who handles some very wealthy clients. Jenna's eyes immediately light up: not only does she need to learn to invest her own money better, but a contact with wealthy friends could be very helpful indeed. She feels that Lyle could benefit from her coterie of political contacts as well. Sean, though, is not quite so easily impressed by him: there's something about his behavior that bothers Sean. Jenna poo poos him, especially when Lyle, "as a favor," is able to turn her $5,000 into $10,0

Baywatch S11E17
Episode 17

Boiling Point

Sean and Brian have just completed the daring rescue of Matt, a twelve year old boy who had gotten a little too excited with his birthday present: a wind surfboard. The boy is impressed that he was rescued by "the" Brian Keaulana. Brian and Sean, meanwhile, are looking over the new computer system, designed by Zack and paid for by Harold Schuster, the center's biggest donor. Brian asks Sean how to use the banner ads at top. He tries to click on one. The system suddenly crashes. With Schuster coming later that afternoon, this is a major disaster.

Zack, meanwhile, is with Jason, JD and Kekoa. They are with Schuster's spoiled daughter, Brit, taking her on a hiking trip to the Waimea Valley on Kauai. Both Zack and Jason are hot for Brit, and she makes sure she plays with the two of them. She is also extremely well equipped, carrying with her a handheld GPS (global positioning satellite) system. They decide to hike to the top of a local peak. JD and Kekoa will stay behind. As the day wears

Baywatch S11E18
Episode 18

The Return of Jessie

Sean, J.D. and Kekoa have arrived on the Big Island to help with the extra work caused by the Ironman Triathlon. They are met at the airport by Russ, a native Hawaiian with a good sense of island lore and humor. Unbeknownst to them, also on the Big Island is Jessie. Determined to win the Triathlon this time, Jessie has brought her newborn son, Luke, with her. As she is practicing, she hears a woman, Sarah, screaming because her husband, John, a body boarder, has disappeared. Jessie immediately springs into action and, with the help of Kekoa (who is naturally surprised to see her) helps rescue John and bring him to shore. Unfortunately, it looks as if he broke his neck and might be paralyzed for good. Over the next few days, this diagnosis is con-firmed and John will probably remain a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. Rather than face that fate, John refuses to have a life saving operation done. Kekoa and Jessie are at a loss at how they can convince him to go on. This takes on par

Baywatch S11E19
Episode 19


Sean and Leigh are in the scarab off of Maui investigating a new man-made reef that is being put in to lure additional tourists. Neither of them is happy with this new development because it has caused a shift in the rip patterns. Nick, a surfer, is also concerned and, for some reason, isn't feeling quite well. His brother Joe is surfing and tombstones. Sean and Leigh quickly jump into action and bring Joe to the beach. He is unconscious and Nick is nearly hysterical. Sean and Leigh try to get him to wait for the ambulance, but he's too caught up in trying to save his brother. The ambulance arrives and Nick hops in to go to the hospital.

In the hospital, Joe is fine but Nick turns out to have pneumonia. Sean and Leigh begin to suspect that there is something wrong with the materials that are being used to create the new reef. To complicate matters, Sam Parks has come back. Sean definitely does not trust Sam, and Leigh is loathe to tell him the truth about Sam's status as a Navy Intell

Baywatch S11E20
Episode 20

Dead Reckoning

Sean, Jason and Zack are headed to the Big Island to participate in the Showdown 2001, a 12 mile course of natural obstacles. Leigh will be taking over supervisory duties while Sean is away. J.D. is tending to Kekoa, who has come down with the flu. Fortunately, J.D. has an iron constitution, despite the fact that he didn't have his annual flu shot. Jason has always wanted to participate in the Showdown 2001, and this looks to be his big chance. However, as part of their sponsorship by Trail Tracker magazine, they need to take along a reporter who will participate. It turns out to be none other than Jessie. This is her big chance to change her career and make something of herself. Sean reminds her that the team will still be playing by all the rules, and there will be no exceptions made to help sell her story. Jessie is agreeable to these terms. She, though, has already chosen who her partner will be: Jason. He is not happy with this, since he still holds a grudge based on the way she b

Baywatch S11E21
Episode 21

Makapu'u Lighthouse

Sean rescues a local TV celebrity who is in trouble with his kayak. This brings the team a lot of media attention, and because Sean turns down the offer of a TV interview, he is offered a week at the Hilton, comp'd, because of what he did. Sean, though, does not like to take freebies either so he declines. But he has a different issue: he is about to go on his required annual leave for a week. Being the dedicated and at times obsessive guy that he is, Sean is having a difficult time letting go. Zack tries to interest Sean in joining a canoe race that he and Jason are doing for a competition. But Sean is not interested at this time. Brian has a solution: one of his friends, Jimmy Confair, a Hawaiian, is having difficulty with his boat-and also with getting over the death of his wife. He needs help repairing it and making it whole again. Brian suggests that Sean go to visit Jimmy and help. Sean reluctantly agrees. When he arrives at Jimmy's house, he is surprised to see that the boat tha

Baywatch S11E22
Episode 22

Rescue Me

Sean faces the decision to leave for Australia or stay with Baywatch, while Leigh has agreed to marry Sean.

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