Baywatch - Season 3 Episodes

Baywatch S3E1
Episode 1

River of No Return (1)

The episode starts with an old man on a river trying to get away from two bad guys. But the bad guys, Lonny and Drew, kills him and he ends up in Devil's Mouth. The old man turns out to be Mitch's eccentric uncle Alex. Mitch, Hobie, Eddie and Shauni go to his home in the mountains. Eddie and Shauni are having problems with their relationship. Eddie is going to spend a year in Australia and Shauni is convinced that it will jeopardize their relationship.

Baywatch S3E2
Episode 2

River of No Return (2)

Drew starts shooting at the raft and the gang take cover behind some cliffs. Then Lonny appears on some cliffs with Shauni. Drew tells them to bring Hobie to him. But instead C.J. goes with Mitch and Eddie behind the raft. Hobie is still behind the cliffs holding up Mitch's helmet. Mitch swims towards the cliffs and climbs up to Lonny and Shauni. Mitch beats Lonny, but he manages to pull Shauni down the cliffs first. Eddie sees this just when he has beaten Drew. The gang then manages to escape from the bad guys.

Baywatch S3E3
Episode 3

Tequila Bay

Mitch is happy to announce that he is going to work on the beach again, when a new lieutenant arrives to Baywatch. The new lieutenant turns out to be Mitch's old flame Stephanie Holden. Ben meets her first and suspects that Mitch isn't going to like this. When Mitch sees her, he becomes upset and calls Chief Thorpe.

Baywatch S3E4
Episode 4

Rookie of the Year

The episode starts with Mitch driving a lifeguard truck on the beach. Suddenly he sees something in the water and calls it in requesting all available units. But the victim turns out to be a paper bag. So about 20 lifeguards was sent to rescue a paper bag. Later when Mitch enters the shower, everybody is wearing a paper bag.

Baywatch S3E5
Episode 5

Pier Pressure

Slade is surfing under a pier and everybody adores him for it. Hobie who likes a girl named Heather tries to imitate Slade just so that he can impress her but Hobie's friend Landon tries to talk him out of it. But Hobie goes surfing anyway and falls under the pier. Mitch has to rescue him with Summer's help. When the rescue is completed, Summer's truck starts rolling down the beach and Mitch has to rescue a woman and gets a slap in the face as a thank you. Summer apologizes to Mitch and it turns out that she forgot the parking brake just because Slade was there.

Baywatch S3E6
Episode 6

Showdown at Malibu Beach High

The summer is over and school is about to begin. When Slade surfs in the water near the Bremmer's land, Courtney makes a move on him and offers him a sponsor. She spends a lot of time with him at school and Summer gets jealous. When Slade and Summer share a passionate kiss at Matt's beach party, Courtney interrupts them. But Slade has shown her where his feelings are.

Baywatch S3E7
Episode 7

Point Doom

When Matt is out driving his motorcycle on the cliffs above Malibu, a woman on a motorcycle drives by him. He follows as the mystery girl with flowing blonde hair and a knockout body, races down Point Dume Road. But Matt can't catch up with her and she leaves him in the dust. Now Matt is wondering who she is and where she comes from. Then back on the beach, he sees her again. This time, she asks a guy named Hudson if he wants to race her at Point Dume Road. The winner can keep both bikes. He accepts and then he drives away from her with his gang.

Baywatch S3E8
Episode 8

Princess of Tides

When Mitch and Newmie are in a boat race in Ben's scarab, C.J. comes into the race orbit and their opponents almost runs her over. Mitch and Newmie are forced to stop and see how she's doing. By that they only finish in fourth place. The winner James Lewiston is very happy and Mitch is angry and wants another race.

Baywatch S3E9
Episode 9


When the Baywatch gang has found Beverly Lowry, Gordon Lowry's wife, dead in the water, Stephanie is convinced that they are dealing with pirates, but Mitch and Garner doubt that. Then Mitch and Stephanie get a yacht from one of Stephanie's friends and acts as a newly wed rich couple named Trevor and Lilly van Tress.

Baywatch S3E10
Episode 10

Lifeguards Can't Jump

When Mitch and Stephanie are running on the beach, they see a dead man on some rocks. Garner identifies him as Tito Washburn who was once a promising basketball-player. In order to find some information about his death, Garner visits his old playground again. There he meets the old bookie Ozzie, an old friend of his. He will give Garner some information if he agrees to play some games.

Baywatch S3E11
Episode 11

Dead of Summer

Governor Neil Dickson is going to hold a speech on the pier. Sam Dietz handles the security and he doesn't want to have anyone close to the pier. Meanwhile, three bad guys are planning to blow the pier into little pieces and they plan to do it with a boat. They are going to do it by placing a transmitter on the pier and then drive a boat towards the pier. One of the bad guys will steer it there.

Baywatch S3E12
Episode 12

A Matter of Life and Death

Mitch's parents Al and Irene Buchannon, come to visit. Al has never approved of Mitch abandoning is architectural degree. Al wanted Mitch to stay in the family business, but instead, Mitch chose to become a full-time lifeguard. Mitch finds out from his mother that Al is dying of Lymphoma.

Baywatch S3E13
Episode 13

Island of Romance

C.J. and Stephanie go to Catalina for their women-only-weekend. On their way there, they have to rescue a family from a burning boat. The Coast Guard assist them and asks if they can join them in Catalina. C.J. is very positive about it, but Stephanie points out that they have a women-only-weekend.

Baywatch S3E14
Episode 14

Strangers Among Us

While Slade is winning a surfing competition in Australia, a diamond-smuggler named Dirk puts some diamonds in a surfboard that looks identical to Slade's. He marks one of the fens, so he can find the right surfboard. When Slade is receiving his trophy, Dirk switches the surfboards and when Slade comes back to California, Dirk and his partner Lila follow him to the beach.

Baywatch S3E15
Episode 15

Vacation (1)

One day, Mitch is surprised to see Guido in his tower. Guido tells him that he has started a new business called "Windows by Guido". Then Guido sees a paraglider in trouble and the paraglider crash-land into the water. Mitch, Stephanie, Matt, Summer and C.J. rescue her.

Baywatch S3E16
Episode 16

Vacation (2)

Stephanie and Mitch are in the water the whole night struggling to stay afloat. In the morning, Mitch sees a bird and hopes that an island is nearby and fortunately for them, they are lucky and find an island. Then they see a shark in the water. But Mitch kicks the shark and it swims away. When the shark has disappeared, Mitch swims Stephanie to shore.

Baywatch S3E17
Episode 17

The Tower

A psychopath murderer named Jacob Kilmer escapes from prison and his hurried departure finds him on the Will Rogers Beach, close to Baywatch headquarters. The police close the beach and everyone is cleared from the beach. Lieutenant Sloan from the Police Department, is in charge. When almost everyone has cleared the beach, Kilmer hides himself in Stephanie's lifeguard truck.

Baywatch S3E18
Episode 18

Stakeout at Surfrider Beach

During a routine-patrol, Mitch saves an Italian actress named Lena Fiori from the water. When she leaves the beach, two robbers named Sturgis and Dorsch follow her home and robs her. She calls the police and then Garner calls Mitch about it. He invites her home for dinner where Hobie has cooked a delicious meal. Later, he sends her away to a motel.

Baywatch S3E19
Episode 19

Shattered (1)

When three teenagers are trapped on some cliffs with huge waves surrounding them, a policeman notices them and calls it in. Mitch, Stephanie, Newmie and Barnett go there to rescue the teenagers. When two of them are rescued, the third one refuses to leave the cliffs. Then she finally gives in and follows Mitch to the shore.

Baywatch S3E20
Episode 20

Shattered (2)

Mitch goes through a tough rehabilitation program. One day when Hobie comes to visit, he wants Mitch to move a can but Mitch can't do it and yells at Hobie. Hobie storms out of the room crying, and Mitch is forced to go after him. Hobie forgives Mitch for yelling at him and they join some other wheel-chair bound guys in a friendly game of basketball.

Baywatch S3E21
Episode 21


Matt is competing in kickboxing. Mitch, a former champion kick boxer himself, is his coach. Matt easily beats his opponents during the first rounds. His next opponent is an aggressive young fighter named Steve Thorn. During the fight, Steve uses an illegal elbow strike and Matt is knocked unconscious.

Baywatch S3E22
Episode 22

Fatal Exchange

Kaye has returned to Los Angeles again. She has traveled a lot after the closing of her newspaper. An exchange-lifeguard from Australia named Wiley Brown is working at Baywatch. Mitch doesn't like his methods because he captures a dog in trouble with his lasso. Stephanie says he doesn't like him, just because they are exact copies of each other. But Mitch tells her there is something else.

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