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Bedlam Heights, the stylish new apartment building, has sexy tenants and gorgeous decor. But little do the new residents suspect that behind the luxury fittings lay unimaginable horrors. This is a place tainted by abuse, suffering and death - and the ghosts of its dark and violent past are out for revenge. As the direct descendent of those who ran the asylum, Kate (Charlotte Salt, The Tudors) - who both lives and works there - is a prime target. She is surprised by the unexpected arrival of Jed (James) - her adopted cousin. Jed is unique. With a history of mental illness, he's a troubled man who sees ghosts and visions of the past. Recent messages to 'Save Kate,' propel him back into Kate's life. Can he really 'Save Kate?' And from whom, or what, does she need saving?

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Doctor Who and Bedlam Invade Comic-Con 2011

Doctor Who and Bedlam Invade Comic-Con 2011

Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan make their Comic-Con debut, while BBC America will air the pilot of Bedlam during the San Diego event.
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