Bethenny Ever After

Bethenny Ever After

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Bethenny Ever After - Season 3

Season 3

The sale of SkinnyGirl cocktails introduces some added luxuries into Bethenny Frankel's life: an incredible new apartment, trips to exotic locales, and a larger staff are all part of the perks. But that doesn't mean Frankel's sitting idle; the quick-witted New Yorker is still living life in the fast lane, juggling her many roles as wife, mother, and mogul in Bethenny Ever After.

Bethenny Ever After - Season 1

Season 1

It's all about brides and babies as Bethenny Frankel prepares for two of life's biggest milestones - a wedding and a baby - simultaneously. Watch as she prepares for motherhood and marriage, all while juggling her burgeoning career as an author and chef.

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