Bethenny Ever After

Bethenny Ever After

Bethenny Ever After - Season 1 Episodes

Bethenny Ever After - Season 1

Bethenny Ever After - Season 1

It's all about brides and babies as Bethenny Frankel prepares for two of life's biggest milestones - a wedding and a baby - simultaneously. Watch as she prepares for motherhood and marriage, all while juggling her burgeoning career as an author and chef.

Bethenny Ever After S1E1
Episode 1

Mi Casa, Su Casa

Bethenny launches the next chapter of her life - marriage and a baby. Bethenny is thrilled to be asked to walk in a fashion show as it gives her the opportunity to show the world her baby bump. Meanwhile, Bethenny's fiancé Jason wants to plan a housewarming party, but they soon realize they have two very different approaches to life. With her business burgeoning and a wedding to plan, Bethenny needs to hire someone to assist to her already beleaguered assistant Julie...but Jason has issues with job requirements. She also decides to start facing her past issues head on by beginning therapy.

Bethenny Ever After S1E2
Episode 2

In-laws We Trust

With her nuptials just around the corner, it's time for Bethenny to meet with her wedding planner and finally start solidifying plans. Jason's mom comes to town to help Bethenny shop for wedding dresses. Bethenny also has plenty of work to do promoting her Skinny girl books and developing her own skincare line. In the end, the one who needs the most help is her beloved dog Cookie, who has been behaving badly.

Bethenny Ever After S1E3
Episode 3

88% to a Million

Bethenny prepares to leave for her combined bachelor and bachelorette party in Atlantic City, but realizes that planning a wedding and keeping her business going is much more hectic and time consuming than she thought. With decisions needing to be made left and right, it all comes to a head when she breaks down while on the trip. Bethenny cheers up and manages to have a great time at her bachelorette party when she gets the news that the hotel she desperately wanted to have her wedding at is available.

Bethenny Ever After S1E4
Episode 4

Let Me Eat Cake!

Bethenny's wedding day is approaching and she has many details to take care of including attending her bridal shower hosted by fellow housewife Alex McCord. Panic sets in when Bethenny goes for her final wedding dress fitting and realizes it might be too small by the time she walks down the aisle. The stress is heightened by the fact that Jason doesn't want to participate in the planning process and that Bethenny won't have any of her own family members there on her big day. With the wedding just around the corner, it's suddenly time for the rehearsal brunch. Amid all the stress, Bethenny puts on a brave face and manages to find some peace and enjoy the day with Jason and her friends.

Bethenny Ever After S1E5
Episode 5

So Hoppy Together

Watch as Bethenny Frankel gets married.

Bethenny Ever After S1E6
Episode 6

The Honeymoon Is Over

With wedding behind them, it's time for Bethenny and Jason to relax and enjoy their honeymoon in St Bart's. Anxiety kicks in when the discussion leans towards the pending arrival of the baby. Bethenny promises to keep her hormones in check if Jason can remember to stay calm. The honeymoon is over too quickly and it is time for Bethenny and Jason to head home to New York City to prepare for the birth of their baby.

Bethenny Ever After S1E7
Episode 7

Baby Won't Wait

With only a few weeks until motherhood, Bethenny realizes she's not fully prepared for the baby's arrival. She completes a crash course in childcare with maternity guru Rosie Pope just as her water breaks - four weeks before her due date! Jason rushes Bethenny to the hospital and after 12 hours of labor, they are ready for the newest member of their family to enter the world.

Bethenny Ever After S1E8
Episode 8

Bryn Here, Done That

Bethenny and Jason are thrilled that their new little bundle of joy - Bryn - is happy and healthy. They quickly realize that their lives are about to change dramatically as feedings and diaper changes take priority over everything else.

Bethenny Ever After S1E9
Episode 9

Getting More Than Married

Since little Bryn decided to come one month early, Bethenny was never able to have a proper baby shower. With Bryn getting stronger by the day, the Hoppy family heads off to Montauk for a good old-fashioned summer weekend.

Bethenny Ever After S1E10
Episode 10

Lost Footage

In this special episode we get to see even more Bethenny as she juggles wedding, baby and career all at the same time.

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