Bethenny Ever After

Bethenny Ever After

Bethenny Ever After - Season 2 Episodes

Bethenny Ever After S2E1
Episode 1

Hoppy Trails to You

Bethenny and Jason hit the road with their four-month old daughter, Bryn, to visit Jason's parents in his hometown in rural Pennsylvania. Bethenny experiences a culture shock as she and Jason stroll through the neighborhood and visit with some of Jason's old classmates. Things get tense over a dinner with Jason's parents as they voice how much they miss their granddaughter and how important it is for them to spend time with Bryn.

Bethenny Ever After S2E2
Episode 2

There Is No Normal

Bethenny's back in New York and in the fast lane as she attends a party honoring her as one of US weekly's most stylish people. The next day, Jason talks about visiting his parents again and although Bethenny tries to remain calm, she hits a nerve when she tries to stand her ground. Taking some time away from it all, Jason and Bethenny head out for a much needed date night.

Bethenny Ever After S2E3
Episode 3

Business as Usual

Business is booming for Bethenny but not quite fast enough when it comes to the growth of Skinnygirl Margarita. When Bethenny realizes that liquor stores are unable to replenish their supply quick enough, she enlists Jason to help to figure out the problem. But it's a precarious position for Jason, as he understands Bethenny's fiery nature and wants to make sure he doesn't get burned in the process.

Bethenny Ever After S2E4
Episode 4

It's My Baptism and I'll Cry if I Want To

It's faith overload when Gina takes Bethenny, Jason and Bryn to her Trinidadian church to give Bryn a "blessing." Once the ceremony is underway, Jason and Bethenny suddenly realize it seems much more like a baptism than just a simple blessing.

Bethenny Ever After S2E5
Episode 5

Ice Castles and Hassles

Bethenny's 40th birthday party is around the corner and everyone wants to celebrate. After some cajoling by Jason, friends and her former wedding planner Shawn, Bethenny goes against her best instincts and agrees to a party. But just as party plans get underway, Bethenny receives a call asking if she wants to compete on the new show "Skating with the Stars."

Bethenny Ever After S2E6
Episode 6

Fleeing From 40

Bethenny's birthday is here and nobody is more excited than Jason. Practice for "Skating with the Stars" has been a welcome distraction from party planning, but as the big day draws near, unable to articulate her feelings, Bethenny goes through the motions and hopes the night will be uneventful. Jason, however, has plenty of surprises in store.

Bethenny Ever After S2E7
Episode 7

The Mile High Club

With her Skating with the Stars debut right around the corner and Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, Bethenny couldn't be busier getting her ducks - and her triple axel - in a row. Adding to the mayhem is her long-awaited trip with Jason to the Skinny Girl bottling plant in Montreal, Canada. Although this will be the first time that both Bethenny and Jason will be away from baby Brynn, it's also a chance for the still newlyweds to have some much needed alone time.

Bethenny Ever After S2E8
Episode 8

I Need Some Lovin' From My Oven

Thanksgiving is just days away but Bethenny can't slow down and be thankful yet: her first performance on "Skating with the Stars" is right around the corner. Once in Los Angeles, Bethenny shows Jason around her old stomping ground and together they peruse some homes just in case a move is in order for the future. After the competition, the Hoppys head home for Thanksgiving and the cooking begins. But what happens next comes as a surprise to everyone.

Bethenny Ever After S2E9
Episode 9

Break 'Em Early

Good news is in the air as Bethenny's business continues to flourish. On top of that, Bethenny's lovable foodie friend Nick submits a most entertaining and colorful blog about their food crawl. Impressed and inspired, she decides to take Nick out for a congratulatory dinner and give him some much needed life advice in the process.

Bethenny Ever After S2E10
Episode 10

Thin Ice, Ugly Sweaters

Much to their surprise, Bethenny and Ethan have death spiraled their way into the finals for Skating With The Stars! But since she is the Queen of Mulit-tasking, Bethenny wants to make sure when Jason comes out to the warm Southern California December air, that they make the most of their family time in California. After the Skating With The Stars finals it's back to NYC and an awaiting huge tour bus...Bethenny is taking her show on the road.

Bethenny Ever After S2E11
Episode 11

Skinny on the Skinny

Having just finished Skating with the Stars, Bethenny and company have not slowed down for one minute and have now embarked on her Skinnygirl bus tour. Nothing is off limits and Bethenny is not afraid to share. For Bethenny's colorful "family" the bus tour comes with its own set of adventures including feedings, open discussions about work and a little bathroom humor thrown in for good measure.

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