Bethenny Ever After

Bethenny Ever After

Bethenny Ever After - Season 3 Episodes

Bethenny Ever After - Season 3

Bethenny Ever After - Season 3

The sale of SkinnyGirl cocktails introduces some added luxuries into Bethenny Frankel's life: an incredible new apartment, trips to exotic locales, and a larger staff are all part of the perks. But that doesn't mean Frankel's sitting idle; the quick-witted New Yorker is still living life in the fast lane, juggling her many roles as wife, mother, and mogul in Bethenny Ever After.

Bethenny Ever After S3E1
Episode 1

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Bethenny shows no sign of slowing down. The new season kicks off with a party for the first new cocktail since the sale of Skinnygirl– friends old and new are in attendance, even TODAY show host, Hoda Kotb along with her boyfriend Jay. Bethenny takes life in the public eye in stride but Jason struggles with the constant attention. Parties and press interviews are only a fraction of the new parent’s hectic schedule - managing their second year of marriage, caring for their daughter Bryn and purchasing a new apartment are just some of the challenges ahead.

Bethenny Ever After S3E2
Episode 2

Alias Benjamin Frankelin

Bethenny decides to have a good old fashioned girl’s weekend in her favorite stomping ground – Montauk. With Bryn, Dawa and Cookie by her side, Bethenny turns off the world and takes a drive out to the beach. She lavishes her closest girlfriends with a summer weekend getaway and in turn they put pressure on her to have a second baby. The weekend is full of fun, sun, clambakes and a revelation that Bethenny after the success, she has trouble trusting anyone other than her oldest and closest friends.

Bethenny Ever After S3E3
Episode 3

The Damaged One

Bethenny decides to work on her matchmaking skills, her targets - Julie’s sister Jonie and her partner in Skinnygirl Daily Nutrition, Matt. The two hit it off, but the next day, Bethenny and Jason end up fighting about Bethenny’s “inappropriate” line of questioning. Back in the city, it’s time to get the apartment renovation underway and Jason reminds their stellar design team that he would like to be considered as they put the pieces together. In Bethenny’s weekly session with therapist, Dr. Amador he proposes a couple’s workshop on his boat for Bethenny and Jason to work on their issues.

Bethenny Ever After S3E4
Episode 4

Shrink Resistant

Marital tensions plague Bethenny and Jason just as their new apartment's design team also clash. The couple's marital discord culminates with an explosive argument right before their therapy boating trip. Meanwhile, friction mounts with assistant Julie.

Bethenny Ever After S3E5
Episode 5


Jason joins Bethenny for their therapy boating trip, but rough waters are ahead when Jason gets seasick and the onboard global-positioning system breaks down, rendering them lost at sea.

Bethenny Ever After S3E6
Episode 6

Maternal Instincts

Life is back to normal and Bethenny and Jason are going full steam ahead on the apartment remodel. Closet space is of the utmost importance to Bethenny so she meets with a closet designer. In order for Bethenny to get her dream closet Jason will have to sacrifice and give up his "man cave." Bethenny isn't comfortable asking Jason to give this up but the remodel crew seems to think it will be the best overall decision. The debate is settled while on a walk through with the entire renovation team and put it up to a vote with the closet coming out on top. Things are never calm for long in Bethenny's world, as news of her mother selling a story about her to a gossip magazine really gets her riled up. Later on Bethenny meets with Dr. Amador and breaks down admitting that hearing about her mother summons up painful memories.

Bethenny Ever After S3E7
Episode 7

All Da Boats

Bethenny is getting quite a lot of attention these days, but not all attention is good attention. One "scandal" after the next, Bethenny is making headlines. Bethenny realizes she never had this kind of trouble until she made her money, and maybe mo' money mo' problems is right! Life must go on so Dwayne, Bethenny's driver takes shopping with one of her interior designers for the new apartment. But, even shopping is not a good enough distraction as Bethenny can't stop thinking about everything that is going on in the press, she is not a "no comment" kind of girl. After much consideration, Bethenny decides to go on the TODAY show to clear her name in an interview with Matt Lauer. Bethenny also decides to fly to L.A. to be a guest on ELLEN and ending her week on a high.

Bethenny Ever After S3E8
Episode 8

Who Coordinates the Chaos

Bethenny takes a serious hit when her assistant, Julie, delivers big news. Bethenny is full of mixed emotions and it causes her to reflect on her extended family and how valuable they are to her. . .and what better way to celebrate her staff than to do a photo shoot of them all modeling the Skinnygirl Shapewear line. Despite her recent success, Bethenny has trouble letting go of her bargain hunting ways. A furniture shopping trip for her new apartment sends her into a tailspin when she realizes that every time her Upper East Side interior decorator opens her mouth, thousands of Bethenny's hard earned dollar's fall out.

Bethenny Ever After S3E9
Episode 9

My Bad Self

Bethenny gets busy building her brand empire and in typical Bethenny fashion has found a way to mix business with pleasure. With her staff in tow, the team heads to Jim Beam to discuss some exciting ideas that are brewing with Skinnygirl Cocktails. Things do not slow down for a moment as Bethenny learns the hard way that home renovations are no joke and begins to feel overwhelmed.

Bethenny Ever After S3E10
Episode 10

Paradise Found

Bethenny and Jason arrive at the one and only Pamilla resort in Los Cabos for their extended and much needed vacation. It's been a tough road up until now but with Bryn and Veronica in tow, they are hoping to relax. But paradise loses a little bit of its glimmer once Bethenny and Jason start talking about past wounds. Fortunately, the rollercoaster ride of their relationship bounces back with a good dose of humor on both their parts. Finally, it's time for Bethenny's birthday, a day that goes much better for her than in previous years.

Bethenny Ever After S3E11
Episode 11

Paradise Lost

A long vacation is just what the doctor ordered for Bethenny and Jason, but the ups and downs that come with it are not. On the second leg of their trip, Jason decides that he has waited long enough to break some news about their new apartment and where they may have to live before they can move in. Willing to put themselves out there again, literally, Jason and Bethenny find themselves on yet another boat ride from hell. Bethenny and Jason can't seem to escape from their own personal issues and a lengthy discussion about work, life, and love forces Jason to face his deepest fears.

Bethenny Ever After S3E12
Episode 12

Grab Your Balloons

Jason and Bethenny are back in NYC and very much back to the business at hand -- getting their apartment renovated and making sure they have a place to sleep. With Julie leaving, Bethenny wants Jason to come onboard, but every time she tries to push him to make a final decision, there always seems to be a reason not to. With the stress building day-by-day, Bethenny indulges in a little NYC R&R -- a night out with Jake and a yoga class with Nick that has her worried more than ever about his health.

Bethenny Ever After S3E13
Episode 13


Bethenny decides it's time to give Jason an early Christmas present, but the gift backfires when Jason decides he may not be ready for all that it holds. When Bethenny brings up her obstacles with Jason to Dr. Amador for the first time, she understands it's time to take a step back and listen. Soon after, Bethenny leaves for the launch of the Skinnygirl Cranberry Cosmo in Aspen.

Bethenny Ever After S3E14
Episode 14


Bethenny must once again face her past when she has dinner with Louis, one of her deceased father's dearest friends. Things heat up at dinner when she has to defend her truth about her childhood and make Louis understand she will not rewrite history.

Bethenny Ever After S3E15
Episode 15

Fair Thee Well Heeled

Christmas is in the air and the Skinnygirl gang gathers for a holiday party. Julie's departure from the team approaches, pushing Bethenny over the edge at a Glamour photo shoot. Just as Bethenny and Jason finally move into their new apartment after a hectic renovation, another big life change sends them packing once again.

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