Better with You

Better with You

Better with You - Season 1 Episodes

Better with You S1E1
Episode 1


There’s Maddie, a lawyer, and Ben, a hotel manager, two career-oriented people who are head-over-heels in love. Both in their 30s, they’ve been together for nine years but never felt the need to get married. Then there’s Mia, Maddie’s younger sister, a free spirit and creator of a paperless web invitation company who is in a very passionate seven-and-a-half-week-old relationship with Casey, a musician in an avant-garde metal band. Last but not least, there are the girls’ parents, Vicky and Joel, who’ve been married for 35 years. Like Mia, they’ve adopted a carpe diem sort of philosophy, and at this stage in their lives don’t feel the need to take things too seriously.

Better with You S1E2
Episode 2

Better with Firehouse

With a new baby on the way, Mia and Casey begin to realize they may need to find a bigger place to live, even though babies are "notoriously small" according to Casey. The parents-to-be will need room for things like the crib, stroller, changing table, etc. Casey's totally up for a move. He'd like to find a cool place like a big loft or a barge. Do you even need to give a security deposit to live on a flat-bottomed boat?

Better with You S1E3
Episode 3

Better with Ben

Ben is secretly hurt when he is left out of the Putney family's Christmas card photo; Mia and Casey ask Maddie and Ben to be the people who say ``no'' to their future child.

Better with You S1E4
Episode 4

Better with Fighting

Casey implements a plan to avoid fights with Mia; Maddie inadvertently exposes a fault in her relationship with Ben.

Better with You S1E5
Episode 5

Better with Little Buddy

Mia and Casey are having a boy!

Better with You S1E6
Episode 6

Better with Halloween

Mia and Casey offer to give Maddie a Halloween-free party for her birthday, which falls on the same day as the holiday; Mia finds a mysterious videotape among Casey's things.

Better with You S1E7
Episode 7

Better with Road Joel

Casey's mom is coming to town for Mia's baby shower.

Better with You S1E8
Episode 8

Better with Flirting

A high-end wedding planner tries to upstage Mia's pending nuptials.

Better with You S1E9
Episode 9

Better with Thanksgiving

Vicky's oven is on the fritz. That means she won't be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner. This is joyous news for those who have survived all her experimental holiday meals of years past.

Better with You S1E10
Episode 10

Better with Christmas Crap

Casey is excited about spending Christmas with the Putneys. His family was all about sustainable living, so he typically got things like seeds and rocks as gifts. This year will be different though. Casey's psyched to get all kinds of Christmas crap as they spend the holidays at the family lake house.

Better with You S1E11
Episode 11

Better with Skinny Jeans

Ben breaks the news to Mia that she needs maternity pantsBen breaks the news to Mia that she needs maternity pants; Joel decides to get himself into shape when he learns that he ranks last in the fantasy husband draft; Maddie tries to impress Casey.

Better with You S1E12
Episode 12

Better with a Cat

After Mia and Casey adopt a stray cat, the pediatrician tells them they shouldn't have the animal around the baby.

Better with You S1E13
Episode 13

Better with Valentine's Day

Casey's Valentine's Day plans for Mia inspire Ben and Joel to break their rule of never buying expensive gifts for their ladies.

Better with You S1E14
Episode 14

Better with a Leather Jacket

Before a job interview, Casey borrows a leather jacket that has a history of bringing the wearer bad luck.

Better with You S1E15
Episode 15

Better with a Shamrock

Ben learns the new owner of his favorite bar is New York Yankee Nick Swisher, whom Ben once prevented from catching a fly ball; Maddie and Mia resist accompanying Vicky to a charity event.

Better with You S1E16
Episode 16

Better with A Couch

Casey's ex-girlfriend wants the couch she loaned him when they were still together; Maddie updates Vicky and Joel's wills.

Better with You S1E17
Episode 17

Better with a Job

Maddie lies about getting laid off from the law firm; Mia and Casey suspect there is a hidden message in the children's books Vicky donated to them.

Better with You S1E18
Episode 18

Better with Lying

Maddie gets a feeling that the story Mia tells about how she and Casey met is not true.

Better with You S1E19
Episode 19

Better with Dancing

After discovering Mia can't dance very well, Casey tries to conceal his skills; Ben runs into Larry King and asks him for relationship advice.

Better with You S1E20
Episode 20

Better with Crying

Mia and Casey try to reschedule their wedding until after their baby is born; Ben learns that Joel is worried about crying during his wedding toast.

Better with You S1E21
Episode 21

Better with a Bargain

Joel tries to use his bargaining skills to get Mia the baby stroller of her dreams; Maddie worries she's losing her passion to be a lawyer.

Better with You S1E22
Episode 22

Better with the Baby

Mia and Casey decide to wed before the baby is born, but with Mia already in labor, it takes everyone's help to pull it off.

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