Beverly Hills Teens

Beverly Hills Teens

Beverly Hills Teens Synopsis

"Come live your fantasy in Beverly Hills."

"Come on and make your dreams come true."

Those are the first line to the show's infamous theme song. The teens of Beverly Hills showed us what it is like to live the life of the "pampered priviledged." But don't let the money fool you. These are typical everyday teens that are fun-loving, very social, and they actually do homework. They just happened to be very rich!

The show's main focus seems to be around Bianca, the mischeivious brunette vixen of the teens. Many episodes center around her schemes that she attempts to attract fame, gain popularity, win contests, and ultimately nab Troy (the male hearthrob) who has his heart on Larke (the good girl and nemesis to Bianca).

Other characters include Gig & Jett (the musical prodigies that love to rock n' roll), Radley (the kick-back surfer guy), Tara (the beautiful southern belle), Shanelle (the reliable & responsible teacher's pet), Pierce (the vain sly dog), Bla

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