Beverly Hills Teens

Beverly Hills Teens

Beverly Hills Teens - Season 1 Episodes

Beverly Hills Teens S1E1
Episode 1

Double-Surfing Double Cross

The double surfing contest is here, and all but Bianca are going to compete. Instead, Bianca decides to sit and sabotage the contest so that Larke and Troy won't win the competition, especially since Troy picked Larke over her to be his surfing partner. Her sabotage eventually works against her when she sets the wave maker to tidal wave frequency and gets washed away.

Pierce convinces Jett to be his surfing partner, but really wants to win the affection of Larke. He has Chester build a robotic shark to attack Larke and Troy so that he can be Larke's hero. However, the robotic shark is broken and Pierce ends up wrestling a real shark. Troy and Larke are neck and neck with Radley and Blaze, but it is Troy and Larke who win the double surfing contest.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E2
Episode 2

The Dog Ate My Homework

The Midnight Ball for the gang of Beverly Hills is near, but everyone's history essay must be done in order to go. Bianca shops for the perfect gown, only to discover Larke has already purchased it. Jealously, Bianca sends her dog Empress to destroy Larke's homework, which results in Larke having to re-do it in detention hall and miss the ball.

Chester finds a way to both restore Larke's homework and get her to the ball on time in his pumpkin shaped automobile that he invented. They arrive just in time for the crowning of the Midnight Ball Princess. Larke wins the title, and Bianca is the runner-up with one vote.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E3
Episode 3

The Make Over

They've just crowned Troy Jeffries as this year's homecoming king. Now it's time to pick the queen. At first, many girls are up to the challenge of being Troy's queen. But after a series of talent shows and questionnaires, it narrows down to two finalist: Bianca Dupree and Larke Tanner. The winner will be determined by the beauty contest.

Thinking that she has the upper hand, Bianca decides to spend a whole day at Fifi's beauty salon for a make-over. Initially, Larke thinks that getting a make-over is unfair, but changes her mind after her friends Blaze and Nikki convince her to go. At Fifi's, Bianca does everything to try and sabotage Larke's make-over, but takes it one step further by dying Larke's hair green and styling it like "The Bride of Frankenstein." Right before the judging for homecoming queen, Larke feels mortified by her new look. But to her surprise, everyone loves her new edgy look and Larke wins the crown for Homecoming Queen.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E4
Episode 4

My Fair Wilshire

After witnessing many occassions of Bianca walking all over Wilshire, Larke, Pierce, Radley, and Tara plan a scheme to make Bianca realize what a great man Wilshire really is. With the help of Switchboard, the news gets spread around that a hunky new guy (Wilshire) will be making an appearance at the teen club.

Meanwhile, Pierce and Radley take Wilshire to Fifi's for a cool make over and then to shop for new clothes. When Wilshire arrives at the Teen Club with his new look and attitude, he is quickly rejected by Bianca. But as Larke pretends to fall for Wilshire, Bianca gets jealous and begs Wilshire for a date. On the date, Wilshire realizes that he prefers the old Bianca, and resurfaces to his former self.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E5
Episode 5

Robot Romance

After Chester thinks he will not be able to get a real girl to go out with him to a dance, he creates an attractive human-like robot girl called Roberta to be his date.

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Beverly Hills Teens S1E6
Episode 6

Casting Call

Buck Huckster decides to produce the famous Shakespearean play "Romeo & Juliet". Troy is chosen to play Romeo, but a girl is needed to play Juliet.

Both Nikki and Bianca audition for the role of Juliet, but Nikki becomes disappointed during rehearsals because Troy only has eyes for Lark. His acting unprofessionalism causes Nikki to quit. Meanwhile, Bianca accidentally breaks her leg after another scheme of hers backfires. When both potential Juliets are out of the picture, Troy gets his wish and Lark steps up to play the part.

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Beverly Hills Teens S1E7
Episode 7

Down and Out in the Teen Club

Tara thinks that she and her family are broke and penniless after she hears someone has claimed their fortune. So she gets a job working at the Teen Club. Everyone feels bad for Tara, except for the selfish Bianca who now has one less girl to compete with as the wealthiest teen is Beverly Hills.

Later, as a way to teach Bianca a lesson, Tara and the other Teens decide to make Bianca think that she and her family is broke and penniles too. In the end, Tara finds out that she and her family are not broke and penniless after all because the person who was trying to claim their fortune was a fake. And Bianca is furious when she learns that she was the root of their joke.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E8
Episode 8

Chase of a Lifetime

The Sadie Hawkin's Dance is approaching. That means it's time for the girls to ask the guys out. But if you're a Beverly Hills Teen, the game is played differently. Instead of simply asking the boys, the girls must chase the boys. Which ever girl gets both hands on a guy first wins him as a date for the Sadie Hawkin's Dance. All the girls have their eyes and chase plans set on Troy, but Troy really wants Larke to catch him. However, Larke insist on playing a fair game. Bianca has other plans - she secretly places an electronic homing device in Troy's jeans so she will have the advantage of finding him.

The race is here. On foot, Troy, Pierce, Gig, & Wilshire are among some of the boys being chased. On wheels, Larke, Jett, Nikki, Shanelle, and Bianca speed up in hopes of nabbing Troy. Blaze is also among the girls, but she chooses to ride on horseback instead. The chase goes from the Teen Club, to the snow summits, to the beaches, and finally to the streets of Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E9
Episode 9

Downhill Racer

It's time for the winter carnival and both Larke and Bianca are competing to be this year's Snow Queen. There are three contests to determine the winner: (1) Ice Scupting, (2) Figure Skating, and (3) Downhill Skiing. Larke wins the ice sculpting contest by building a graceful ballerina. Bianca loses this contest when her ice replica of Empress is destroyed when the real Empress becomes jealous and attacks the statue. Bianca captures the title of figure skating when Empress runs out of control and drags both Wilshire and Larke down on ice rink. The downhill ski contest will determine the winner.

Bianca decides to take matters into her own hands when she tricks Chester into making an invention that can make the snow a little more slick to help Larke and her go faster and win the competition. After Bianca finishes her downhill ski run, she gets a hold of Chester's invention and sets it to super-slick right before beaming it on a huge section of the ski run. The noise of the inventi

Beverly Hills Teens S1E10
Episode 10

Radley Wipes Out

Beverly Hills Teens S1E11
Episode 11


All The Beverly Hills Teens are bored living the luxurious but repetitous life and long to do somthing different for a change. Jett tells them that they are all invited to an ocean cruise, and they accept in order to get away from all the boredom. But during the cruise, they get caught in a freak storm at sea, abandon ship, and find a deserted tropical island which they have become marooned on. Eventually, they find the cruise ship and the other side of the island.

Bianca tries to outbest the other girls by having more dresses than them until they become stranded on the island. Larke, Tara and Shanelle then trick Bianca into traded her dresses to the girls for some fish and fruits.

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Beverly Hills Teens S1E12
Episode 12

Halloween in the Hills

Beverly Hills Teens S1E13
Episode 13

Visit from a Prince

Blaze meets a new male, foreign exchange student at school who shares her feelings that life is not all about money and fame. They end up spending a lot of time together, especially on Blaze's ranch riding her horses. The two hit it off, and Blaze soons finds herself being swept off her feet. However, this young man is keeping secrets from Blaze. He is really a well-known prince. Blaze is upset over the lies, and soon has a broken-heart when the prince must return to his country to fulfill his duties. Lucky for her, she has the best friends that can help her get through this.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E14
Episode 14

Camp Camping

Beverly Hills Teens S1E15
Episode 15

Dream Date

Gig, Pierce, Radley and Chester are challenged to a contest to try and do something to impress Lark and appear with her on the cover of next month's Teen Magazine. Jealous, Bianca decides to sabotage each of their ways to impress Lark with the help of Wilshire. They succeed in ruining it for Gig, Pierce and Radley but not with Chester. In the end, Chester is the winner of that contest.

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Beverly Hills Teens S1E16
Episode 16

The Perfect Gift

Troy's Birthday is approaching and Bianca is determined to be the one who gives him the best birthday present. In order to succeed, Bianca follows her rival Larke around town to see what Larke is buying for Troy. Larke is seen giving a photograph to a painter at the mall, and Bianca concludes that Larke is having a self-portrait painted for Troy. Thinking she has the upper hand, Bianca hires the best painter in Beverly Hills to paint a giant portrait of herself to give to Troy.

At the party, Bianca's portrait does not come out the way she expected, and Larke's portrait was not of her, but of one of Troy's favorite types of Sports Cars.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E17
Episode 17

A Time to Remember

Beverly Hills Teens S1E18
Episode 18

Chester the Matchmaker

Chester's new invention is a match-making computer that he uses to help Gig find a perfect date for a contest. However, Gig is disappointed that the computer filtered out his favorites like Larke and Tara to match him up with Switchboard.

Not wanting to go out with Switchboard, Gig starts to tell all his favorite hopefuls that they each have won the contest before the winner is even revealed, but they all must keep it a secret. Now almost every girl at school thinks she has a date with Gig, and Gig is feeling quite lucky that he has more dates than he can handle. But the truth slips when all of Gig's hopefuls find out that they were all the winners of the contests. They decide to investigate, so they go to see Chester for the truth and find out that Switchboard actually won. To get even with Gig and be fair to their friend Switchboard, they devise a plan where Gig will secretly meet with Switchboard for their date.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E19
Episode 19

Who Wears the Pants?

Beverly Hills Teens S1E20
Episode 20

Open for Business

As part of class assignment, the gang is divided into two teams: boys vs. girls to run a business for a day on Rodeo Drive. The goal is to see which sex makes better business people. The girls: Larke, Jett, Switchboard, Shanelle, Bianca (even Wilshire) run an Ice Cream Parlor while the boys: Troy, Radley, Chester, Gig, and Pierce run a Chocolate shop. Coincidentally, the two shops are right across the street from each other.

Each team comes up with strategies to beat the other team, but ultimately it is Bianca who causes the most trouble when she uses sneakier tactics behind her teams back to win the contest. She sends Wilshire to destroy Chester's bonbon machine. The machine goes beserk and ends up firing bonbons at Mrs. Van Worthington, the most important woman in Beverly Hills. The boys think they are in trouble, but are surprised when Mrs. Van Worthington wants to buy the recipe from them. In the end, the girls are the winner.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E21
Episode 21

Operation Soap Opera

Beverly Hills Teens S1E22
Episode 22

Teen Club Carnival

Beverly Hills Teens S1E23
Episode 23

Potions of Love

Chester invents a love potion as a way to get girls to like him. When Bianca overhears this, she comes up with a plan to use it on Troy so that he will fall in love with her. But a big chaos of events causes all the wrong people to fall in love with each other. Instead of troy chasing Bianca, Bianca is now chasing Wilshire (who is not thrilled with this love-obsessed Bianca).

Beverly Hills Teens S1E24
Episode 24

The Teen Cup

Beverly Hills Teens S1E25
Episode 25

Ghost Story

High in the hills of the Beverly Hills Teen Club lies the castle where the teens often have their dances. But strange occurences have been taking place. Chester does some research and discovers that long ago, there was an evil man who lived in the castle. After he died, his ghost haunts the place to keep others away. The teens are determined to reclaim their castle, so they come up with a plan that will drive the ghost out.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E26
Episode 26

Fairy Tale Flake Out

As the teacher is giving all the Teens in class some lessons about fairytales, Bianca falls asleep and has a dream the she is an evil queen and all the other Teens are other fairytale characters. The fairytales in Bianca's dream include Robin Hood, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzal, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. In the end, after she is kissing Wilshire in her sleep, the teacher has her punished by being locked up in a tower that looks exactly the the one in her dream.

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Beverly Hills Teens S1E27
Episode 27

Nothing but Gossip

Beverly Hills teen gossip queen Switchboard is running out juicy of ideas for her tabloids. As a way to spice up the story lines, Switchboard invents false rumors about her friends and reports them in the papers. One of the rumors she creates is telling everyone that Nikki said that Blaze has been riding horses for so long that she is starting to look like one. This causes Blaze to break off her friendship with Nikki. At first, she is excited about all the new storylines, but soon regrets her actions after she is given a taste of her own medicine. Larke, Shanelle, and Chester do some investigating of their own and discover Switchboard's secret. They hold a meeting with the teens to let them know the truth. Apologies and forgiveness follows, especially between Nikki and Blaze. Finally, all the teens come up with a plan to give Switchboard a taste of her own medicine - false rumors about Switchboard. When Switchboard hears all these new rumors about her, she becomes hurt and feels that s

Beverly Hills Teens S1E28
Episode 28

Now We're Cooking

Beverly Hills Teens S1E29
Episode 29

Old at Heart

Beverly Hills Teens S1E30
Episode 30

Death Valley 500

As the gang prepares for a car race from Beverly Hills to Death Valley, they find that their cars have been sabotaged.

The only cars that are still able to compete in the race are Larke's Ferrari, Bianca's Limo, and Radley's Beach Wagon. With Troy, Pierce, Tara, along with Chester's help via car computer, the gang race to win the title of Death Valley 500 along with the money needed for charitable causes.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E31
Episode 31

Star Split

Fed up with the cruel world of acting, Nikki Darling has a nervous break down and decides to go into seclusion. Now only her friends can bring the dramatic star back to the spotlight.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E32
Episode 32

Double Your Trouble

Beverly Hills Teens S1E33
Episode 33

Take My Hostage, Please!

After Tara's boat rows off a high water fall, Troy comes to her rescue and is appreciatively thanked. A Jealous Bianca then comes up with an idea to get the same attention from Troy.

Bianca hires a man to take her hostage while leaving clues for Troy to come to her rescue. However, the man she hired turns out to actually be a kidnapper who is holding her hostage.

Unknown to Bianca that this man is really dangerous, Bianca demands how things must be go in order for this to be the perfect kidnapping - rescue case. But in the end, the kidnapper loses patience with Bianca and turns himself in before she can be rescued.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E34
Episode 34

Trouble Times Three

Tara is asked to baby-sit her aunt's triplet sons: Barry, Harry and Larry. Tara also asks Larke, Shanelle, and the other teens to help her take care of the triplets until her comes back from getting her hair done.

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Beverly Hills Teens S1E35
Episode 35

Bianca's Dream

Beverly Hills Teens S1E36
Episode 36

Pierce's Hundred Dollars

Pierce is given a deal from a car salesman that if he can save at least $100 from his allowance for the week, Ultimo, the world's fastest and only voice-activated car (but also the world's most expensive car) will be his. The other Teens including Chester, Gig, Nikki, Tara and Blaze try to trick him into spending his last $100 so he will not be able to buy Ultimo.

After their attempts fail, they ask Bianca to con Pierce into taking her to the concert and make him spend his $100. After Pierce spends his last $100 on concert tickets, the other teens trick him into thinking that Bianca would rather ride with him in The Ultimo instead of going to the concert.

At the end, they let Pierce find out that they have set him up. Bianca goes with them in the Teen Mobile to the concert instead of going with him in The Ultimo.

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Beverly Hills Teens S1E37
Episode 37

Look Deep Into My Eyes

Beverly Hills Teens S1E38
Episode 38

The Commercial

Beverly Hills Teens S1E39
Episode 39

Hold the Anchovies

Beverly Hills Teens S1E40
Episode 40

From Rad to Worse

Radley's parents won't allow him to surf anymore until he finishes a mountain load of homework. According to Chester, it may take him anywhere from 12 hours to 30 years to finish. Chester decides to help by testing his latest invention - a machine that can allow others to borrow his own intelligence. The experiment is a success, and Radley becomes a genious and completes all his homework within minutes.

However, his new inherited intelligence has a side-effect. It turns Radley from a laid back dude to an ultra snooty intellect who thinks he is better than everyone else at the Teen Club. All his friends are fed up with the new Radley and decide they want their old friend back. They attempt to remind him of the stuff he used to enjoy like surfing, dancing, flying, and dating beautiful women. It all fails, and Radley concludes that no one around fits in with his uppity lifestyle, except for maybe Bianca who seems to understand the new Radley. Things return after Radley is hit by a

Beverly Hills Teens S1E41
Episode 41

Scene Stealer

Beverly Hills Teens S1E42
Episode 42

A Splitting Image

Beverly Hills Teens S1E43
Episode 43

Diet, Please

Tara is entering a teen beauty contest, and one of the requirements is that all contestants must weigh 110 pounds or less. Tara is sure that she weighs less than 110 pounds, so she continues to divulge in rich treats and desserts. But when she is weighed, much to her dismay, Tara ends up weighing 115 pounds.

With a limited time before the contest, all of her friends do what they can do help her shed those 5 pounds. All but Bianca who wants to win the contest herself. Bianca sets Tara up to a room filled with goodies right before the contest, to which a very hungry Tara devours everything in sight.

Right before getting weighed at the contest, a reluctant and guilt stricken Tara fears that her binge will disqualify her from the contest. Upon stepping on the scale, she is happy to see that her weight is 108 pounds. While Bianca wonders how that could possibly be, Chester then reveals that he has invented a new type of food ingredient that will not cause any weight gain no matter how m

Beverly Hills Teens S1E44
Episode 44

Jillian's Lesson

When the Thorndyke adults leave for somewhere without leaving a sitter for Jillian, Pierce is forced to take her along to a dance on the Teen Club Yacht. With a makeover courtesy of Tara, Jett, and Bianca, Jillian tries to snare Troy for herself by following advice from the three girls and with Chester's help. When Chester begins using his weather-making machine (global setting still pending), all heck breaks loose onboard. Fortunately, everything returns to normal, and after admitting that Chester's "rather cute," Jillian ends up dancing with him along with the other couples under a rainbow created by the machine.

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Beverly Hills Teens S1E45
Episode 45

What the Hex Happening?

The gang is fed up with Bianca's selfishness, so when they learn of a rich aunt of Bianca's that will be visiting, they demise a perfect plan to teach Bianca a lesson in selflessness.

Nikki, the actress is called to play the part of Bianca's rich aunt. She orders Bianca do to selfless deeds, including giving up the famous BHT-1 license plates.

But when Bianca figures it all out, the gang is in for a surprise of their own.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E46
Episode 46

Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover-Girl

Bianca thinks of a plan to get rid of Lark, so she can be with Troy. So she has Lark along with the Teen Magazine photgrapher sent to the wrong address having them end up in a high-crime area. They end up being confronted by a three-member motorcycle gang. But those gang members turn out to be friendly to Lark and the photographer decides to have them included in the photo session. Troy and the other Teens are concerned for Lark and they decide to come to her rescue even though she is not really in any danger. In the end, Bianca ends up having to be given a ride home by that motorcycle gang.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E47
Episode 47

Private Club - Ghosts Only

Beverly Hills Teens S1E48
Episode 48

Poll Climbers

Shanelle Spencer and Pierce Thorndyke III compete against each other for a chance to be elected class president.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E49
Episode 49


The Teens are planning a benefit circus at the Teen Club to raise money for charity. Everyone is included in the act, except for Chester who is automatically assigned to work the control rooms for releasing the animal cages. But Chester decides to make the best of it and introduces a new timing mechanism that will make the cages open and close accordingly to each circus act. His hard work is thanked when he is offered a position with the circus.

But Chester's excitement gets the best of him when he returns to the control room covered with cotton candy. Some of the candy falls onto the cage controls and causes a short circuit. The cages suddenly open and the animals run amok around the Teen Club, including a ferocious gorilla who later kidnaps Bianca. Now it's up to Larke, Troy, Radley, Blaze, Chester, and Wilshire to capture the animals and save Bianca before they destroy the Teen Club and Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E50
Episode 50

That Winning Smile

Beverly Hills Teens S1E51
Episode 51

Eye of the Tigress

Beverly Hills Teens S1E52
Episode 52

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

A good, old fashioned baseball game soon turns into the battle of the sexes. The girls vs. the guys. The stake is that the losing team has to wash the cars of the winning team.

Before starting the game, the guys already have declared victory knowing that guys can always beat girls at baseball. The guys decide to dirty their cars by throwing dirt and grime on it.

However, at the game, the girls unleash their surprise secret weapon: Switchboard who scores the winning bat. Now the guys have both their cars and the girls's cars to wash.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E53
Episode 53

The Slumber Party

Larke's parents are going away for the weekend, but have given Larke permission to invite her girlfriend's over for a weekend slumber party. The guys over hear this and decide to crash the party and play pranks to scare the girls.

But a much bigger surprise is in store for all of them. There is a power outage, Larke's mysterious new maid may be keeping a deadly secret from the gang, and an unexpected visitor arrives to turn the fun party into a bone chiller.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E54
Episode 54

Roughing It

As a part of class ecology assignment, the teens are to observe nature in their natural habitat and do a report about what they see. While the gang is deciding where to go, Troy tells Larke that they should go visit his favorite nature spot - Silver Valley. Bianca overhears this, and invites herself along so she could have her chance at nabbing Troy. However, the hike is too much for Bianca, who then decides to have Wilshire carry her back to her limo. Bianca later phones Pierce about Silver Valley and the news spreads to the rest of the gang about what a beautiful place it is... to party that is. So Pierce choppers himself, Bianca, Wilshire, Buck, Radley, Nikki, and Tara to Silver Valley and they set up camp in their own Beverly Hills way: air conditioners and everything.

When Troy and Larke finally hike their way to the valley, they are disappointed to see what their friends are doing, but they make the best of it by going their own way to observe nature. They start by observin

Beverly Hills Teens S1E55
Episode 55

The Buck Stops Here

Beverly Hills Teens S1E56
Episode 56

The Kindest Cut of All

Beverly Hills Teens S1E57
Episode 57

Bianca's Diary

Beverly Hills Teens S1E58
Episode 58

Go With the Flu

Beverly Hills Teens S1E59
Episode 59

Nikki's Big Break

Nikki and Pierce are putting on a play but Nikki's practical-joking oil rancher cousin, Wayne Duke comes to spoil everything for them. Lark and Troy try to intercept Wayne Duke for Nikki so he does not ruin the play when she and Pierce put on the play before a captive aduience but instead they end up intercepting Wayne Duke's friend who comes dressed just like him.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E60
Episode 60

McTech, P.I.

After Larke is accused of stealing the Star of Rodeo diamond from Bianca, Chester puts it upon himself to find the real thief.

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Beverly Hills Teens S1E61
Episode 61

The Tortoise and the Dare

It's time for the Silver Spoon Olympics. This year, the Beverly Hills Teen Club will be hosting the event. Many rich teens from other countries (including: Great Britain, India, Arabia, France, Japan, and Germany) have come together in the spirit of sportmanship and a chance to win the Silver Spoon.

Switchboard reports every moment of the event and intends to interview every competitor, but has a difficult time trying to get one with India's hopeful (who refuses to speak to reporters of any kind).

At the opening ceremony concert, Gig & Jett have a falling out when they are both caught in compromising situations with other musicians from the Great Britain team, who were only using Gig and Jett as bait to make each other jealous.

Chester is in charge of picking the US Golf team by means of a random picking machine. Bianca decides that random picking won't do, so she rigs the machine to pair her number with Troy's, but it backfires. Her partner ends up being Radley, followed by the pa

Beverly Hills Teens S1E62
Episode 62

Greens With Envy

It's Day Two of the Silver Spoon Olympics. The events are golf and polo. Switchboard continues her reporting of the event, and still hopes to nab an interview with India's hopeful. But Switchboard takes a break from her interviews to play a friend to Gig & Jett (who are still not speaking to each other. She manages to get them to start talking by arranging a meeting with a record producer who may sign them.

Troy, Larke, Radley, and Bianca compete in their 18 hole golf game with the other teams. Bianca has bought Troy solid gold golf clubs as a way to win his affection, but Troy claims that he'd rather use his instead (plus, gold won't hit golf bars very far). However, Bianca's hit with the gold golf clubs eventually scores the winning hole for the Beverly Hills Teens.

Blaze, Shanelle, Gig, and Pierce compete in the polo game. But it is Blaze and Shanelle who should be given most credit for their participation because both Gig & Pierce have their minds set on girls. While Pierce

Beverly Hills Teens S1E63
Episode 63

Troy Triathalon

It's the final day of the Silver Spoon Olympics. Both guys and girls are going to compete in a triathalon starting on skates, to skis, on foot, and finally by water.

Pierce decides he will win by cheating. Instead of going through the entire triathalon, he shoots (himself cannonball style) ahead of the race, but his plan backfires and Pierce ends up in a cave, covered in mud.

Bianca observes the event, and is rooting for Troy to win and Larke to lose. While she is observing, Wilshire gets himself caught in a mini-snow storm and gets covered from head to toe in snow. All the teens can't find him, and assume that the snowy figure by the ice is a snowman (when it is actually a frozen Wilshire).

During the final hours of the Olympics, Switchboard still has not managed to get an interview with India's hopeful, Troy and Larke win the title for the Triathalon. Great Britian's hopeful and Blaze come in second, while Pierce finishes third in a the girl's triathalon.

The day ends with the c

Beverly Hills Teens S1E64
Episode 64

Miracle at the Teen Club (Part One)

Buck becomes ultimately greedy and stingy during the holidays. When he sleeps that night, he is visited by three spirits who show him his past, present, and the possible future if he continues on this path.

Beverly Hills Teens S1E65
Episode 65

Miracle at the Teen Club (Part Two)

Buck becomes ultimately greedy and stingy during the holidays. When he sleeps that night, he is visited by three spirits who show him his past, present, and the possible future if he continues on this path.

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