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Big Brother - Season 13 Episodes

Big Brother - Season 13

Big Brother - Season 13

Now in its 13th season, Big Brother follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day. Each week the Houseguests will vote someone out of the house. At the end, the last remaining Houseguest will receive the grand prize of $500,000.

Big Brother S13E1
Episode 1

BB Season 13 contestants are introduced & HoH Comp #1

Big Brother welcomes eight new Houseguests, plus the return of some of the most notorious "duos" from past seasons.

Big Brother S13E2
Episode 2

Episode 2 - Nominations #1

Now partnered up, the houseguests formulate their strategies and HoH winner Rachel must decide on her two nominations. How will the twist of the 'Golden Key' affect her decision?

Big Brother S13E3
Episode 3

Episode 3 - Veto Competition #1

As the players prepare for their first veto competition, one houseguest unexpectedly leaves the game.

Big Brother S13E4
Episode 4

Episode 4 - Live Eviction #1 & HoH Comp #2

The houseguests discuss Evil Dick's sudden departure from the Big Brother house, the first eviction of the season occurs and a new HOH is crowned.

Big Brother S13E5
Episode 5

Episode 5 - Nominations #2

With the first eviction, the alliances turn from a team mentality into individual game play and a houseguest is injured during a competition.

Big Brother S13E6
Episode 6

Episode 6 - Veto Competition #2

Dominic swears to dig, claw and scratch his way to safety this week as he and Adam prepare for the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother S13E7
Episode 7

Episode 7 - Live Eviction #2 & HoH Comp #3

Alliances shift and come under strain as the houseguests try to lengthen their stay in the Big Brother house. And as one houseguest is eliminated by a unanimous vote, another houseguest gets a second shot at being HoH.

Big Brother S13E8
Episode 8

Episode 8 - Nominations #3

A celebrity pays a visit to the house for a luxury competition, but it only creates more drama within the veteran alliance.

Big Brother S13E9
Episode 9

Episode 9 - Veto Competition #3

The Houseguests compete for the power of veto and the power couples start to suspect some foul play.

Big Brother S13E10
Episode 10

Episode 10 - Live Eviction #3 & HoH Comp #4

The Big Brother house dissolves into a sea of angry words and flared tempers as the houseguest try to outmaneuver each other and despite his best efforts another houseguest is eliminated.

Big Brother S13E11
Episode 11

Episode 11 - Nominations #4

The Golden Key twist is over and a new HoH is crowned, filling the house with paranoia.

Big Brother S13E12
Episode 12

Episode 12 - Veto Competition #4

Brendon and Rachel fight to win the power of veto.

Big Brother S13E13
Episode 13

Episode 13 - Live Eviction #4 & HoH Comp #5

A veteran is evicted eliminating one half of a power couple. A new twist is introduced and a newbie is crowned HoH.

Big Brother S13E14
Episode 14

Episode 14 - Nominations #5

On nomination day, HoH Kalia must decide whether to listen to advice from others or make a bold decision herself keeping in mind that the evicted houseguest may ultimately come back into the game. The houseguests play for Have/Have Not's.

Big Brother S13E15
Episode 15

Episode 15 - Veto Competition #5

With the intent of going after Kalia, Jeff vows to win the Power of Veto and take himself off the block.

Big Brother S13E16
Episode 16

Episode 16 - Live Eviction #5 & HoH Comp #6

Treachery reaches an all-time high as the houseguests seek the best strategy to remain in the game. A gross miscalculation leads to an unexpected eviction and a former evictee returns to the Big Brother house.

Big Brother S13E17
Episode 17

Episode 17 - Nominations #6

The twist throws a huge wrench in one houseguest's plans and the new HoH has one of the most difficult game choices to make.

Big Brother S13E18
Episode 18

Episode 18 - Veto Competition #6

The houseguests get the chance to win prizes during the PoV competition and Brendon and Rachel scramble to stay in the house.

Big Brother S13E19
Episode 19

Episode 19 - Live Eviction #6 & HoH Comp #7

As Rachel tries to find a way to save Brendon from eviction, the other houseguests weigh the consequences of aligning with her, and a new HoH competition gets underway.

Big Brother S13E20
Episode 20

Episode 20 - Nominations #7

When a new HoH is crowned, one houseguest learns the hard way the consequences of their actions.

Big Brother S13E21
Episode 21

Episode 21 - Veto Competition #7

The Houseguests are hit with some real zingers from the Zingbot before they battle it out in the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother S13E22
Episode 22

Episode 22 - Live "DOUBLE" Eviction #7 & #8, HoH Comp #8, Nominations #8 & Veto Competition #8

The house explodes when an unexpected double eviction is announced, a new HoH is crowned and a live veto competition takes place.

Big Brother S13E23
Episode 23

Episode 23 - HoH Comp #9 & Pandora's Box is opened!

Jordan takes her anger out on a former alliance member and all the veterans fight for their lives.

Big Brother S13E24
Episode 24

Episode 24 - Nominations #9 & Veto Competition #9

After Pandora's box was opened and the duo twist was unleashed on the house for the second time Rachel and Jordan get a potential new lease on life as they prepare to fight for the PoV. Plus, Jordan gives Shelly the cold shoulder.

Big Brother S13E25
Episode 25

Episode 25 - Live Eviction #9 & HoH Comp #10

Shelly makes some surprising promises to Rachel and Jordan if they vote to evict Adam.

Big Brother S13E26
Episode 26

Episode 26 - Nominations #10 & a Special Celebrity Pandora's Box

After the HoH competition, it is a no holds barred game play and the new HoH has to decide whether or not to open Pandora's box.

Big Brother S13E27
Episode 27

Episode 27 - Veto Competition #10, Special Eviction Episode #10 & HoH Comp #11

On a special eviction episode Kalia and Porsche fight for their lives. In the jury house Jeff has some choice words for Shelly.

Big Brother S13E28
Episode 28

Episode 28 - Nominations #11, Veto Competition #11 & Final Live Eviction #11

The four remaining houseguests try to secure a place in the final three and the race is on for the newest and most powerful HoH.

Big Brother S13E29
Episode 29

Episode 29 - The last 3 compete leaving only 2 & then The Winner is announced!

Two of the three remaining houseguests battle for the final HoH. The winner of the Big Brother is announced and America chooses its favorite houseguest.

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