Big Brother - Season 14 Episodes

Big Brother - Season 14

Now in its 14th season, BIG BROTHER follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day. Each week the Houseguests will vote someone out of the house. At the end, the last remaining Houseguest will receive the grand prize of $500,000.

Episode 1

“BB Season 14 contestants are introduced & HoH Comp #1”

Julie opens by telling viewers that this season there is a new group of players with four returning houseguests and a unique twist unlike any other summer.

Episode 2

“Episode 2 - Coaches Competion #1 & Nominations #1”

Willie settles into his role as HoH and must select two houseguests for nomination.

Episode 3

“Episode 3 - Veto Competition #1”

The house reels from Willie's unexpected but strategic nominations and the houseguests struggle to gather some 'Loose Change' for the Power of Veto.

Episode 4

“Episode 4 - Live Eviction #1 & HoH Comp #2”

The houseguests cast their vote to evict Frank or Kara followed by the HoH competition.

Big Brother S14E5
Episode 5

“Episode 5 - Coaches Competion #2”

The coaches compete in a competition and the results will have a lasting impact on the game.

Big Brother S14E6
Episode 6

“Episode 6 - Nominations #2 & Veto Competition #2”

The houseguests face off in a new veto competition and the HOH nominates a replacement nominee for eviction.

Big Brother S14E7
Episode 7

“Episode 7 - Live Eviction #2 & HoH Comp #3”

The houseguests cast their vote to evict Danielle or JoJo followed by the HoH competition.

Episode 8

“Episode 8 - Coaches Competion #3 & Nominations #3”

By a vote of 5 to1, Jo Jo is evicted from the Big Brother house. JoJo is not shocked that she was voted out and Danielle is excited to make it off the block.

Big Brother S14E9
Episode 9

“Episode 9 - Veto Competition #3”

After nominating Ashley and Joe for eviction, Shane explains his strategy for nominating only Janelle’s players.

Big Brother S14E10
Episode 10

“Episode 10 - HoH Comp #4”

Julie talks about the many big moves and power shifts that have taken place in the house to date.

Episode 11

“Episode 11 - Nominations #4”

As the HOH competition continues water is pouring on the players and the boat is rocking, everyone is fighting to win HOH now that the coaches are back in the game and everyone is playing as individuals.

Episode 12

“Episode 12 - Veto Competition #4”

After the nomination ceremony Wil remarks that Danielle has gone against her word, Danielle says that Frank was really her target in making these nominations and Frank is hoping to win the power of veto this week.

Episode 13

“Episode 13 - Live Eviction #4 & HoH Comp #5”

Julie reminds the audience that this is the first eviction since the game was reset with the coaches entering the game as players.

Episode 14

“Episode 14 - Nominations #5”

After making it through another week on the block, Frank says he feels like Superman when Janelle gets voted out instead of him this time. Meanwhile, Joe is feeling like he is on an island by himself after being the only person to vote to get Frank out of the house. Frank and Boogie enter the HOH room dancing and waving pom poms around in celebration.

Episode 15

“Episode 15 - Veto Competition #5”

After the nomination ceremony Wil remarks that he is not surprised he is on the block but cautions Frank to watch his back. Joe says that he will not be going down with out a fight this week and is planning to go to work.

Episode 16

“Episode 16 - Live Eviction #5 & HoH Comp #6”

After the veto ceremony Dan is relieved but still thinks that he could get backdoored at any time during the rest of the competition. Wil is still shocked that Frank didn’t decide to get rid of a bigger player but Frank remarks that he thought using the veto would have rocked the boat too much.

Episode 17

“Episode 17 - Nominations #6”

The houseguests are still carefully moving back and forth between their cup filling stations and the jugs in the HOH competition in hopes of becoming the next HOH or a recipient of a tempting prize. Meanwhile, in diary rooms Jenn and Ashley talk about it being tough for both of them to see Wil go out the door.

Episode 18

“Episode 18 - Veto Competition #6”

After being nominated for eviction Frank and Boogie make it their mission to find out who the mastermind behind the nominations really was as both prepare to battle for the Power of Veto.

Episode 19

“Episode 19 - Live "DOUBLE" Eviction #6, HoH Comp #7, Nominations #7, Veto Competition #7 & Eviction #7”

Boogie and Jenn are on the chopping block, but Julie surprises everyone when she reveals that tonight is a double eviction and a whole week of Big Brother will be played within the hour!

Episode 20

“Episode 20 - HoH Comp #8 & Nominations #8”

Frank fumes over the events of the last episode, a new HoH is crowned and nominations are made.

Episode 21

“Episode 21 - Veto Competition #8”

One houseguest will win a second PoV. Plus, an epic move that could change everything.

Episode 22

“Episode 22 - Live "DOUBLE" Eviction #8 & HoH Comp #9, Nominations #9, Veto Competition #9 & Eviction #9”

One house guest will be evicted. Plus, Ian and Frank go to battle in a war of words.

Episode 23

“Episode 23 - Nominations #10”

The results from the past HoH are in and Pandora's Box is back again.

Episode 24

“Episode 24 - Veto Competition #10”

Will Dan's web of lies be exposed? Plus, the veto is up for grabs. Can Frank win it for the fourth time this season and save himself again?

Episode 25

“Episode 25 - Live Eviction #10”

Will Frank be blindsided or save himself yet again? Plus a second houseguest will be walking out the door in this special double eviction episode.

Episode 26

“Episode 26 - HoH Comp #11 & Nominations #11”

The house guests compete to become the new HOH. Plus, the dramatic events you didn't see during the double eviction unfold. Dan's real target comes to light.

Episode 27

“Episode 27 - Veto Competition #11, Special LIVE Eviction #11 & HoH Comp #12”

The houseguests are hit with a surprise, early eviction meeting followed by an HOH competition that will crown a new head of household.

Episode 28

“Episode 28 - Nominations #12, Veto Competition #12 & Live Eviction #12”

By a vote of 2-0, Jen is evicted from the Big Brother house. The Quack Packers survived and only lost one along the way. Ian feels it is now up to "The Couple Alliance” vs. "The Renegades”. At the HOH competition, Danielle comes out victorious, guaranteeing her a spot in the final three. But it will all come down to the Power of Veto, and Shane feels confident since he is in a final three deal with Dan and Danielle.

Episode 29

“Episode 29 - Part 1 of the Final 3 competition”

Dan has evicted Shane from the Big Brother house and Danielle is completely shocked. In Diary Room, Danielle says Dan swore to her he’d keep Shane safe. Ian says it was an ugly display, but he is happy to still be in the house.

Episode 30

“Episode 30 - Part 2 of the Final 3 competition leaving only 2 & then The Winner is announced!”

After a summer of outrageous behavior, romance, heartbreak, and confrontation, who will become the final head of household and who will make it to the final two? 13 houseguests have departed and 7 must make a difficult decision. Who will be crowned the winner and walk away with the half million dollar prize and who did America vote as their favorite houseguest?