Big Rich Texas

Big Rich Texas

Big Rich Texas - Season 2 Episodes

Big Rich Texas S2E1
Episode 1

Texas Shootout

Everyone reconvenes after summer break at the Country Club Fall Cocktail Party, and secrets about Leslie are revealed and newcomer DeAynni starts to ruffle feathers. Bon stands by her friend’s side even when Whitney returns from Seattle with more dirt on Leslie. But when Pam tells Bon at the Annual Ladies’ Pheasant Hunt that Leslie did the unforgivable, Bon turns on Leslie for good. In a moment of desperation, Leslie fibs and announces that she’s taking Kalyn all the way to Miss America. She then has to convince an intimidated Kalyn to take on the challenge. First step: enroll in college!

Big Rich Texas S2E2
Episode 2

Not So Sweet 16

Connie and Melissa are planning a joint Sweet 16 party for Maddie and Grace, but Melissa gets frustrated when Connie’s crazy schedule makes it impossible for her to pull her weight. Following Pam’s advice, Melissa enlists the help of Connie’s new rival, DeAynni to help her pick up the slack. At the party, everyone’s competing agendas come to a boil when Melissa and Connie are blindsided by DeAynni’s over- the-top planning, Leslie and Bon hurl insults and Maddie’s father surprises her with a car, enraging Melissa and furthering the rift between her and her daughter. Whitney gets an internship with Dr. Adelglass and just when she starts to find her footing, the surprise return of Tyler sends her into an emotional tailspin and affects her performance at work. After a meltdown at the Sweet 16 Party and a reprimand from Dr. Adelglass, Whitney realizes she has to get it together and the next day shows up for work, ready to take this thing seriously, especially if she wants a free boob job!

Big Rich Texas S2E3
Episode 3

Country Clubbed

Leslie holds a mock pageant at the country club; Grace, Maddie and Shaye crash a college party.

Big Rich Texas S2E4
Episode 4

Bride & Doom

Bonnie and Jason plan a gothic ceremony to renew their vows; Pam cohosts a fashion event to help win a spot on the club board.

Big Rich Texas S2E5
Episode 5

Cheer Momster

Shaye joins Grace's cheer gym, but Connie is concerned that DeAynni bullied her daughter; Leslie seeks revenge against Pam and Melissa when she learns they advised Kalyn to quit the pageant business.

Big Rich Texas S2E6
Episode 6

Texas Millionaire Manhunt

The feud between Bonnie and Pam escalates when they learn that they will both be promoting their novels at the same time. Meanwhile, Kalyn questions life after pageants; and Melissa struggles to reconnect with Maddie.

Big Rich Texas S2E7
Episode 7

Siblings With Benefits

Leslie tries to humiliate Pam in front of the Fashionistas with plastic-surgery accusations; Connie and DeAynni fight over a club charity auction; Kalyn and Tyler conduct a secret affair.

Big Rich Texas S2E8
Episode 8

Miss Conception

Pam plans to launch her own perfume, but Connie questions her motives. Kalyn has a pregnancy scare. Whitney gets mad when Bonnie hides plans for a nose job.

Big Rich Texas S2E9
Episode 9


Whitney travels to Los Angeles after a fight with Bonnie. Leslie hosts a fashion event. Pam makes hostile accusations about Leslie.

Big Rich Texas S2E10
Episode 10

Join the Club

A clip show featuring the best moments from Season 2 and never-before-seen footage.

Big Rich Texas S2E11
Episode 11

Clash of the Texans

On the Season Finale, Pam plans a trip to Los Angeles to set Whitney and Hannah straight; Bonnie recovers from a nose job; the reopening of Connie's store is jeopardized.

Big Rich Texas S2E12
Episode 12

Big Rich Texas Tell-All

Highlights from the second season includes interviews with the cast members and their families.

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