Billy the Exterminator

Billy the Exterminator

Billy the Exterminator - Season 2 Episodes

Billy the Exterminator S2E0
Episode 0

Billy Goes to The Gulf

Billy the Exterminator S2E1
Episode 1

Funeral Home Snake

The dead aren't resting peacefully at this funeral home because a rattlesnake is loose in the crematorium. Billy and Ricky search for the snake, but it finds them first--and it's a mean one! Later, Billy heads into a treacherous attic to deal with some bats, knowing that one false step could send him plunging through the floor.

Billy the Exterminator S2E2
Episode 2

Attack of the Trash Can Raccoon

It's Billy vs. the Raccoon when the feisty animal gets trapped in a dumpster--and Billy knows it won't give up without a big fight. Later, Billy's got another tough battle on his hands when he comes up against some Cicada Killer Wasps with their very painful stingers.

Billy the Exterminator S2E3
Episode 3

Snake Invader

Armadillos, and snakes, and roaches, oh, my. When Billy and Ricky get a call about an armadillo terrorizing a woman's garden, they arrive to discover that a poisonous snake may be on the loose, too. Later, Billy confronts one of the biggest roach infestations of his career in the home of a client with severe health issues. Meanwhile, back at the office, Mary's trying to give orders--and she doesn't even work there!

Billy the Exterminator S2E4
Episode 4

Backyard Gator

Billy, Ricky, and Gator Dave become gator baiters when they match wits with an alligator in a family's pond. But when Billy tries to wrestle the beast out of the pond, he nearly becomes the gator's lunch. Later, when Vexcon employee Sarah needs help with her family's wasp infestation, she`s surprised that's she's going to have to help with the job--and she's deathly afraid of wasps!

Billy the Exterminator S2E5
Episode 5

Nursery Room Raccoon

Billy must come to a baby's rescue when a raccoon is spotted in the infant's nursery. To make matters worse, the raccoon is sick, which can be very dangerous to the baby. Later, Billy rushes to an animal rescue shelter where rats are chewing the wires, creating a potentially major fire hazard.

Billy the Exterminator S2E6
Episode 6

Extreme Gator

It's dangerous, slithery, and long. That's the gator--over 10 feet long--that Billy and Gator Dave must deal with at Fox Creek Farms. It's the biggest gator Billy has ever seen in the wild. Later, Billy and Ricky rush over to a family's children's play area to protect the kids from an aggressive raccoon.

Billy the Exterminator S2E7
Episode 7

Snakes in the Swamp

Billy and Ricky tangle with some ornery water moccasins and wasps. Ricky gets stung in the face by the wasps--and he's allergic...and miles from help! And at another job, it's Billy vs. the Beaver when the critter wreaks havoc at Twin Lakes Camp. The beaver is building its dens by tearing down the levees that have kept the lakes in place for 30 years. Without the lakes, how can Twin Lakes Camp survive?

Billy the Exterminator S2E8
Episode 8

Bee Relocation

Billy's called to a home where he discovers a beehive with almost 13,000 bees lodged in the walls. He'll try to relocate them to a bee farm, but it's going to be very tricky business. Later, Billy gets a call about a skunk that's wandering around a backyard during the day. Skunks that come out in daylight are either sick or rabid and extremely dangerous. Can Billy catch this skunk without getting sprayed--or getting rabies?

Billy the Exterminator S2E9
Episode 9

Raccoon Rescue

There's a raccoon stuck in a tree with a peanut butter jar on its head! But it's no joke to the Vexcon crew because the confused critter could be harmed if it falls and the jar shatters.

Billy the Exterminator S2E10
Episode 10

Bobcat & Yellow Jacket

There's a raccoon stuck in a tree with a peanut butter jar on its head! But it's no joke to the Vexcon crew because the confused critter could be harmed if it falls and the jar shatters. Later, Billy climbs over 65 feet onto a rickety catwalk at a theater to catch some pigeons by hand--and he's deathly afraid of heights!

Billy the Exterminator S2E11
Episode 11

Spider Invasion

If the nutria problem doesn't get you, the spider problem will. Billy gets a call about a nutria problem in his mother's neighbors' yard. After catching some of the beaver-like rodents, he discovers an aggressive water snake caught in an old trap--but when he tries to rescue the snake, it turns on him. Later, when Billy and Ricky tackle a summer cabin full of poisonous Brown Recluse spiders, one bites Billy on the forehead. Is he a goner?

Billy the Exterminator S2E12
Episode 12

Attack of the 15 Foot Snake

Billy answers a distress call from a local animal control officer after getting reports of a telephone-pole sized snake on the prowl! While Billy is dubious at first, when he encounters this 15-foot monster first hand, he has no choice but to take it very, very seriously! Meanwhile, Ricky brings home a new girlfriend, but there's trouble on the horizon for this budding relationship... Later, Billy is called to tackle a severe roach infestation threatening the health of three small children with respiratory problems. Billy arrives only to find himself outnumbered--can he get the upper hand or will the clients be forced to flee?

Billy the Exterminator S2E13
Episode 13

Squirrels in the Attic

Billy and Ricky are called to a home because of a serious wasp infestation. Once inside, Billy discovers one of the biggest wasps nests he's ever seen! Later, Billy gets a call about a squirrel causing havoc in the attic of another residence. But when Billy investigates he discovers a major fire hazard on his hands. Can Billy save the day before this house goes up in flames?

Billy the Exterminator S2E14
Episode 14

Rattlesnake Combat

Billy gets a call about a severe snake infestation at a family's lakeside property after it had been destroyed by a hurricane and a tornado. After setting a pile of rubble on fire, he discovers a rattlesnake over six feet long! Then Billy and Ricky get called to an elderly residence because of a severe red wasp problem. With Ricky's allergies, one sting could send him straight to the hospital. Will Ricky and Billy be able to take care of this eight-year infestation without having to go to the emergency room?

Billy the Exterminator S2E15
Episode 15

Bat Attack

Billy gets a call about a bat problem at a home. Once there he discovers hundreds of bats in the attic and so much guano and bat urine, it is starting to seep through the ceiling. Back at the office, Donnie gets a call from Big Bill and he sounds so terrible, Donnie fears he might being having another heart attack. Then Billy and Ricky get called to a hotel about a wasp infestation. These wasps are not only located above the front entrance and near the pool, but they are located 60 feet high. When their crane malfunctions, will Billy and Ricky get down without any injuries?

Billy the Exterminator S2E16
Episode 16

Deadly Snake on the Loose!

Southern Pride Miniature Horse Farms is plagued by a huge snake in their pond. While hunting it down Billy is surprised by a venomous copperhead that proves tough to catch. Next, Billy and Ricky get a call from a golf course being over run by a swarm of 20,000-30,000 bees. When they try to excavate the nest, Billy's equipment malfunctions, putting them at risk of being stung by thousands of angry bees.

Billy the Exterminator S2E17
Episode 17

9 Foot Gator!

Billy gets a call from Twin Lakes Summer camp where a giant gator on the loose is threatening children and pets. Billy hunts it down and discovers it's bigger than anyone thought. Next, Billy and Ricky get called about an armadillo ransacking a garden at a church. But will a wasp nest, fire ants and poison oak make this job more dangerous than they thought?

Billy the Exterminator S2E18
Episode 18

When Squirrels Attack!

Billy gets a call from a homeowner plagued by a terrible smell. While crawling around beneath her house he confronts the culprit head-on. Then Billy and Ricky are summoned to the Dickson residence where a frantic squirrel is trapped in the fireplace. But things don't go exactly as planned when they try to grab it from inside the house.

Billy the Exterminator S2E19
Episode 19

Sprayed by a Skunk!

Billy gets a call about an alligator living in a pond at the Old Oaks Golf Club. When Billy gets to the course he and Gator Dave wrestle with the reptile that turns out to be over nine feet long! Next, Billy gets a call about an aggressive skunk at the Hughes Residence that's been terrorizing and spraying the family dog. They worry their little daughter might be next. Can Billy catch the skunk without getting sprayed himself?

Billy the Exterminator S2E20
Episode 20

Python on the Prowl

Billy and Ricky get a call about a massive hornet's nest at the Heaberlin residence. But once they arrive, Billy discovers the largest yellow jacket nest he has ever seen.

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