Billy the Exterminator

Billy the Exterminator

Billy the Exterminator - Season 5 Episodes

Billy the Exterminator - Season 5

Billy the Exterminator - Season 5

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Billy the Exterminator S5E1
Episode 1

Python Power

It's all about snakes in this episode. Billy has to trap a deadly rattlesnake in a family's backyard and then finds himself wrestling with a 15-foot python that wraps itself around his neck.

Billy the Exterminator S5E2
Episode 2

Aggravated Assault

Aggressive bees that Billy suspects are Africanized sting him repeatedly while he's trying to remove a hive up high on a column in a New Orleans neighborhood. The homeowner is allergic but one of the tenants dresses up to make sure the bees are removed unharmed so Billy has his work cut out for him.

Billy the Exterminator S5E3
Episode 3

Mission Impossible

Billy is called to a homeless shelter in New Orleans with a massive rat infestation that nobody can solve. If Billy doesn't get to the bottom of it they will be forced to close. When his bait keeps disappearing Billy realizes that another disgusting pest has been sabotaging him and doubles his efforts to stamp them out.

Billy the Exterminator S5E4
Episode 4

Swarm of the Angry Bees

A desperate family asks Billy to help them with an aggressive bee colony that has taken over their entire house. Billy takes multiple stings and for the first time ever has to run from the bees to avoid being swarmed.

Billy the Exterminator S5E5
Episode 5

Giant Rats in the City

Billy is called out to Chicago to deal with a nasty rat infestation in a downtown apartment basement. Listen to them squeal when he catches some by hand trying to creep around him in the dark.

Billy the Exterminator S5E6
Episode 6

Predator in the Pond

A feisty gator proves to be a worthy opponent for Billy as he's learning how to hand capture gators. Later, he and Ricky help to rescue a 14-foot albino python that they come across in the middle of the road.

Billy the Exterminator S5E7
Episode 7

Backyard Swarm

Billy is called to save a family under siege from critters. With a raccoon that's behaving badly around the kids and a giant beehive next to the playhouse, the family backyard has become a nest of horrors--and it's up to Billy to save them.

Billy the Exterminator S5E8
Episode 8

Vampires and Serpents

Billy is in Baton Rouge battling a huge bat colony that has taken over a homeowner's attic. Then he gets an emergency call about a ten-foot reticulated python hanging out in a family's' pool. He jumps in to grab it and finds himself in an unexpected underwater struggle.

Billy the Exterminator S5E9
Episode 9

Night of the Living Possums

Billy and Ricky visit the most terrifying spot in New Orleans, and run into some nasty critters that have been terrorizing the demons and ghouls. It's a race against time as they strive to save the undead from the living!

Billy the Exterminator S5E10
Episode 10

Swamp Monster

Billy is called out to battle a giant alligator that's eating everything in a lake--and eyeing the family dog for desert! Later, Billy and Big Bill are called out to handle an emergency raccoon that's trapped at a local business.

Billy the Exterminator S5E11
Episode 11


Billy tears it up on the racecourse when he sets some traps for some unwanted speed bumps on the track. Big Bill takes a high speed spin but gets a sharp wake up call from Miss Donnie when his heart monitor goes off and Billy is shocked by what he finds in his trap.

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