Bleach - Season 2 Episodes

Bleach - Season 2

The Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc is the second season of the Bleach anime series, containing 21 episodes. The episodes are directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu, and Studio Pierrot. In the English release by Viz Media, the title is translated as The Entry. The episodes are based on Tite Kubo's Bleach manga series. The episodes' plot centers around Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends' journey to Soul Society in order to save Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki from her impending execution.

The arc initially ran from March to July 2005 in Japan on TV Tokyo. The first English airing of the series lasted from February to July 2007. It was shown on both YTV's Bionix and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming blocks.

The episodes use five pieces of theme music: two opening themes and three ending themes. The opening theme for the first five episodes is Orange Range's single "Asterisk"; the rest use "D-tecnoLife" by Uverworld. The initial ending theme is "Thank You!!" by Home Made Kazoku, switching at episode 26 to Younha's "Houkiboshi" and again at episode 39 to "HappyPeople" by Skoop on Somebody.

Episode 1

“Formation! The Worst Tag”

Episode 2

“Release the Death Blow!”

Episode 3

“Orihime Targeted”

Episode 4

“Breakthrough! The Shinigami's Encompassing Net”

Episode 5

“Renji's Confrontation”

Episode 6

“The Resolution to Kill”

Episode 7

“Stars and the Stray”

Episode 8

“Miracle! The Mysterious New Hero”

Episode 9

“Tragedy of Dawn”

Episode 10

“Aizen Assassinated! The Darkness which Approaches”

Episode 11

“Zaraki Kenpachi Approaches!”

Episode 12

“Motive of the Fist”

Episode 13

“Desperation! The Broken Zangetsu”

Episode 14

“The Immortal Man”

Episode 15

“The Shinigami whom Ganju Met”

Episode 16

“Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia”

Episode 17

“Yoruichi, Goddess of Flash, Dances!”

Episode 18

“The Despicable Shinigami”

Episode 19

“Ishida's Ultimate Power!”

Episode 20

“Overcome Your Limits!”

Episode 21

“Authentic Records! School of Shinigami”

Episode 22

“The Avengers”

Episode 23

“Hitsugaya Howls!”

Episode 24

“Rukia's Nightmare”

Episode 25

“The Reviving Lion”

Bleach S2E26
Episode 26

“Morning of the Sentence”

On their flight into the Seireitei, Ichigo and the others are separated.

Bleach S2E27
Episode 27

“Bleach 27”

Within the Seireitei, a full-fledged search for the intruders--the "ryoka"--is put into action. Rukia is transferred to the Repentance Cell to await her execution...

Bleach S2E28
Episode 28

“Bleach 28”

Forced to stay alert and on their toes, Ichigo and his fellow ryoka continue to be hunted by Soul Reapers.

Bleach S2E29
Episode 29

“Bleach 29”

News of the intruders' surprising strength spreads among the Soul Reapers, and the captains are eager for information.

Bleach S2E30
Episode 30

“Bleach 30”

Hanataro leads Ichigo and Ganju toward the Repentance Cell where Rukia is being held...

Bleach S2E31
Episode 31

“Bleach 31”

Renji and Ichigo engage in battle...

Bleach S2E32
Episode 32

“Bleach 32”

Renji faces defeat, and in his last moments recalls his childhood with Rukia in the Rukongai district of the Soul Society.

Bleach S2E33
Episode 33

“Bleach 33”

In the world of the living, Ichigo's sisters Karin and Yuzu are recruited by television personality Don Kanonji to learn how to fight bad spirits...

Bleach S2E34
Episode 34

“Bleach 34”

Word of Renji's defeat spreads, and all-out war is declared against the ryoka...

Bleach S2E35
Episode 35

“Bleach 35”

A prominent captain of the Soul Reapers is found dead, and Soul Reapers turn against one another in a flurry of suspicion and accusation.

Bleach S2E36
Episode 36

“Bleach 36”

Ichigo, Ganju and Hanataro climb the great staircase of the Senzaikyu--the White Tower--only to sense an unprecedented amount of spirit energy.

Bleach S2E37
Episode 37

“Bleach 37”

Chad's journey to the Senzaikyu is interrupted by the captain of Squad 8?

Bleach S2E38
Episode 38

“Bleach 38”

Ichigo, still battling Captain Zaraki, senses a loss of Chad's spirit energy and fears the worst?

Bleach S2E39
Episode 39

“Bleach 39”

Lying weak with sword wounds on the ground, Ichigo is greeted by a vision of an embodied version of his zanpaku-to?

Bleach S2E40
Episode 40

“Bleach 40”

Ganju and Hanataro continue toward the Senzaikyu to save Rukia?

Bleach S2E41
Episode 41

“Bleach 41”

Sensing great spirit energy near the Repentance Cell, Ichigo defies Yoruichi's orders and flees to assist Ganju and Hanataro.

Episode 42

“Yoruichi, God of Flash, Dances!”

Episode 43

“The Despicable Shinigami”

Episode 44

“Ishida, Power of Limits!”

Episode 45

“Overcome the Limits!”

Episode 46

“Authentication! The School of Shinigami”

Episode 47

“The Avengers”

Episode 48

“Hitsugaya Roars!”

Episode 49

“Rukia's Nightmare”

Episode 50

“The Awakening Lion”

Episode 51

“Morning of the Sentence”