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Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods - Season 1 Episodes

Blue Bloods - Season 1

Blue Bloods - Season 1

Blue Bloods is a drama about a multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement.

Blue Bloods S1E1
Episode 1


In the pilot of Blue Bloods we are introduced to a new kind of crime family the Reagan's just as Jamie is graduating from the Police Academy and joining the NYPD, after deciding not to pursue his career as a lawyer. Frank is questioned by the press over the trust that the Latino community of New York has of the police department. And when a young Hispanic girl goes missing Danny soon finds himself being questioned over his interrogation methods. First by his sister Erin who has strong opposing views to his methods and this soon leads to quite a heated discussion during a family dinner. Will justice prevail and will this tight-knit family be able to continue to function with their conflict of values, find out this fall.

Blue Bloods S1E2
Episode 2


Blue Bloods S1E3
Episode 3


Blue Bloods S1E4
Episode 4

Officer Down

When a diamond heist results in an off-duty police officer being killed, Frank and the entire NYPD are determined to catch this cop killer. After a few leads, Danny and his new partner Jackie Curatola find their main suspect is Ricky Russo, the son of a famous old-school mob boss nicknamed “Happy Jack.” Henry is surprised to learn of Happy Jack being involved as he was his advesary back in the day but believed him to be a “good” bad guy who would never associate himself with a cop killing. After Henry goes to see Happy Jack, the cops soon are able to track his son down and he confesses to them who pulled the trigger and is responsible for the cop’s murder. Meanwhile, Jamie and Renzulli deal with a couple who make their domestic dispute a regular activity. Erin must deal with the difficulty of raising her teenage daughter who is back from vacationing with her father and acting out as a result.

Blue Bloods S1E5
Episode 5

What You See

Blue Bloods S1E6
Episode 6

Smack Attack

Blue Bloods S1E7
Episode 7


Blue Bloods S1E8
Episode 8


Blue Bloods S1E9
Episode 9


Blue Bloods S1E10
Episode 10

After Hours

Blue Bloods S1E11
Episode 11

Little Fish

Danny and Jackie investigate the murder of a high-end escort found floating in the river. Meanwhile, Frank vows to bring a killer to justice when a missing boy's remains are found from a case that he was emotionally invested in 25 years ago.

Blue Bloods S1E12
Episode 12

Family Ties

Blue Bloods S1E13
Episode 13

Hall of Mirrors

Blue Bloods S1E14
Episode 14

My Funny Valentine

When a wealthy teenage girl is kidnapped, Danny and Jackie work with her divorced parents to help find her. The investigation quickly focuses on the girl’s blue collar boyfriend, of whom her father does not approve. Upon finding further evidence it appears that Chloe and her boyfriend staged the kidnapping in order to run away together. However, things turn when they find Drew dead and realize Chloe has been kidnapped for real by one of their accomplices. Eventually, they are able to track them down from details in the kidnapper’s ransom video and we learn that Chloe did all this in an attempt to reunite her parents. Meanwhile, Nicky attempts to play Cupid between her Mom and her Mom’s boss, the DA Charles Rosselini. Frank helps the cleaning woman at his office whose son has been wrongfully arrested.

Blue Bloods S1E15
Episode 15


Blue Bloods S1E16
Episode 16

Age of Innocence

Blue Bloods S1E17
Episode 17

Silver Star

Blue Bloods S1E18
Episode 18

To Tell the Truth

Blue Bloods S1E19
Episode 19

Model Behavior

When Linda's runway model niece and a reporter both collapse at a fashion show, Danny and Jackie immerse themselves in the cut-throat world of fashion to find the culprit who poisoned them.

Blue Bloods S1E20
Episode 20

All That Glitter

While an Iowan couple is vacationing in NYC, the husband is shot and killed outside of a Lower East Side restaurant. The press is all over the story and Danny and Jackie work to solve it quickly while Frank handles the PR end of things. A Haitian man (Pierre) becomes the lead suspect, but Danny, sensing this man isn’t the killer, continues to dig deeper. It turns out that the reason for the murder was the oldest story in the world…lovers killed the husband for his money.

Blue Bloods S1E21
Episode 21

Cellar Boy

The Clearys, lifelong neighbors of the Reagans, are found stabbed and murdered in their home. The three prime suspects are their adult children Al, Ann and Ronnie who all grew up with the Regans. Ronnie is the main suspect as he has no alibi, his footprints are found at the crime scene, has a history of substance addiction and abuse and also suffers from bipolar disorder. After interrogating Ronnie, who fully denies it and claims he blacked out, Danny begins to question if he is truly guilty. Danny and Jackie begin to focus on the siblings, who also had motive. After questioning them again, Al panics and unknowingly leads Danny to the buried murder weapon, the kitchen knife, forcing him to confess everything- that Al and Ann killed their parents for their insurance money and tried to frame Ronnie for it. Meanwhile Jamie is getting closer to uncovering the Blue Templar.

Blue Bloods S1E22
Episode 22

The Blue Templar

When a drug bust points to dirty cops, Frank decides not to involve Internal Affairs in the hopes of taking down and exposing the Blue Templar.

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