Blue Gender

Blue Gender

Blue Gender - Season 1 Episodes

Blue Gender S1E1
Episode 1

One Day

It is the year 2031. Humankind has been replaced as the dominant species on Earth by a race of monstrous insect-like creatures known as the Blue.

Blue Gender S1E2
Episode 2


Yuji learns the horrible truth about the Blue. Their infestation of the planet has forced the human race to seek refuge in outer space.

Blue Gender S1E3
Episode 3


Tired of feeling helpless in this hostile new world, Yuji pleads to be trained as part of the team.

Blue Gender S1E4
Episode 4


Yuji disobeys Marlene?s orders by saving a little girl?s life, and discovers a group of survivors hidden among the ruins of the city.

Blue Gender S1E5
Episode 5


The surviving members of the Sleeper Recovery Team must enter an abandoned communications tower that is now a Blue nest in a desperate attempt to contact Second Earth.

Blue Gender S1E6
Episode 6


Marlene and Yuji now travel on foot towards Baikonur Space Base. The tensions between the two come to a head, as Yuji confronts the demons that now haunt him in this nightmarish new world.

Blue Gender S1E7
Episode 7


Still en route to Baikonur, Marlene and Yuji cross paths with a rough-mannered stranger named Dice.

Blue Gender S1E8
Episode 8


Yuji is separated from Marlene and Dice amidst the confusion of a sandstorm. He is rescued from the desert by a band of nomads, and is befriended by Elena, a young nomad girl.

Blue Gender S1E9
Episode 9


Marlene and Dice are reunited with Yuji outside the nomad camp. Marlene presses Yuji to continue the journey to Second Earth, but Yuji refuses.

Blue Gender S1E10
Episode 10


Marlene and Yuji arrive at Baikonur, only to find the space base in a state of chaos. The facility is crawling with Blue, and the computer defense systems have turned on their human counterparts.

Blue Gender S1E11
Episode 11

Go Mad

The lives of the remaining recovery squad members are thrown into jeopardy when a renegade officer attempts to hijack the shuttle and escape on his own.

Blue Gender S1E12
Episode 12


Yuji is rushed to intensive care after being attacked by a Blue aboard the shuttle to Second Earth.

Blue Gender S1E13
Episode 13


When Yuji disappears from the Medical Station, Marlene defies orders and decides to find him on her own.

Blue Gender S1E14
Episode 14


Marlene?s attempt s to free Yuji from the laboratory in which he is being held are thwarted.

Blue Gender S1E15
Episode 15


After beginning an intensive combat training program with the newly formed Sleeper Brigade, Yuji finds himself the object of another young Sleeper?s attention.

Blue Gender S1E16
Episode 16

A Sign

A large attack force is sent to Earth, the first wave in a new campaign to reclaim the planet from the Blue.

Blue Gender S1E17
Episode 17


Marlene notices that Yuji?s behavior is getting stranger and stranger.

Blue Gender S1E18
Episode 18


Director Miyagi reveals to Marlene the true cause of Yuji?s accelerated rate of achievement ? an infestation of ?B cells? that have begun to eat away at his mind.

Blue Gender S1E19
Episode 19


The Sleeper Brigades launch yet another offensive against the Blue, and Yuji?s lust for battle grows out of control as his B cells begin to take hold of his sanity.

Blue Gender S1E20
Episode 20


The second airborne operation meets with disaster when the Blue counterattack outnumbers Second Earth forces five-to-one.

Blue Gender S1E21
Episode 21


While Marlene flies a distraught Yuji back to Second Earth, Tony uses his Sleeper skills to infiltrate the High Council.

Blue Gender S1E22
Episode 22


Yuji and Marlene infiltrate the Blue infested Medical Station and are soon reunited with Rick and Soo.

Blue Gender S1E23
Episode 23


With Rick injured too severely to continue, Marlene and Yuji continue through the Medical Station alone.

Blue Gender S1E24
Episode 24


The remaining survivors aboard Second Earth begin to rebuild after Tony?s devastating attack.

Blue Gender S1E25
Episode 25


Satellite images of the Earth reveal a mass Blue migration in South America, and Yuji volunteers to investigate.

Blue Gender S1E26
Episode 26

Let Me

A monstrous Blue has emerged in the heart of the South American nest, the only thing standing between Yuji and the answers he so desperately seeks.

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