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Blue Heelers - Season 12 Episodes

Blue Heelers - Season 12

Blue Heelers - Season 12

The twelfth season of the Australian police-drama Blue Heelers premiered on the Seven Network on 2 February 2005 and aired on Wednesday nights at 8:30 PM. The 42-episode season concluded 26 November 2005.

Blue Heelers S12E1
Episode 1


Tom Croydon is suspended from duty pending a Coroner's Inquest into a murder he's suspected of committing, and Mark Jacobs has taken control of the station. Nick Schultz is back helping PJ with the murder investigation, but it seems young Kelly is the only person who truly believes in Tom's innocence.

Blue Heelers S12E2
Episode 2

Burden of Proof

Tom now finds himself the prime suspect for the murder of Ryan Dekker. PJ and Nick Schulz believe the key witness is lying, and set out to uncover her motives for doing so — despite Tom's unwillingness to cooperate. PJ and Nick uncover a tangled web of incompetence and betrayal.

Blue Heelers S12E3
Episode 3

My Way

Tom is back in charge of the Mt Thomas Police Station and is not happy with the new relaxed atmosphere fostered by Acting Sergeant Lindy Schroeder.

Blue Heelers S12E4
Episode 4

The Walking Wounded

Amy is suspicious when a woman's baby is found dead in his crib, apparently the result of SIDS. It is the second child the again-pregnant woman has lost in suspicious circumstances and comes only a week after another SIDS death in town — and the details are identical. Could this be a copycat case?

Blue Heelers S12E5
Episode 5

Chasing Smoke

PJ and Amy are called to a vicious home invasion at a mansion on the outskirts of Mt Thomas where a teenage boy has been cut with a knife in an effort to force his mother to open the safe. When they meet the father, Danny O'Keefe, both Tom and PJ recognize him as a likely gangster, and immediately assume his associates were responsible. At first PJ suspects another flashy "businessman" staying at the Imperial, but then evidence leads them to someone else. Tom's jaundiced view of Danny O'Keefe is confirmed when this suspect is found bashed and the flashy businessman is found murdered in Melbourne.

Blue Heelers S12E6
Episode 6

Everything a Girl Could Want

Kelly and Joss are trying to resurrect the Blue Light basketball team, but unexpectedly they find a kid selling heroin. Tom is convinced Danny O'Keefe is somehow behind it, but his efforts to bring him to justice are frustrated.

Blue Heelers S12E7
Episode 7

One Good Turn

When an excited first-time father disowns his newborn baby, Alex and Susie suspect the mother, a schoolteacher, has been having an affair with a young schoolboy. At first both parties deny a relationship, but when they run away together, the case is all but proved.

Blue Heelers S12E8
Episode 8

Sex Sells

Jonesy and Susie are questioning a shoplifting suspect in the Mini Mall when her five-year-old daughter runs off. Jonesy is searching for her when he discovers that at the same time a young sex offender on day release has also gone missing. Has he abducted the child, and if so, where have they gone?

Blue Heelers S12E9
Episode 9

One Sick Puppy

PJ, Amy, and Garth are investigating the brutal murder of a young woman when a second body is discovered, killed in a similar style — a serial killer is at work in Mt Thomas.

Blue Heelers S12E10
Episode 10

Killing Time

Amy, PJ, and Senior Detective Garth Henderson find a new link between the last two serial killer victims — their psychologist, Bill Lapscott, who runs a therapy group for victims of sexual abuse.

Blue Heelers S12E11
Episode 11

Mirror Image

The serial killer is still at large in Mt Thomas but examination of the latest murder victim reveals enough dissimilarity to indicate it was not the same killer. While PJ and Tom try to track down the copycat killer, both Amy and Garth return to their original suspects. However, Amy's suspect turns out to have an alibi. Such is the antagonism now between Garth and Amy that she is more determined than ever that psychologist Bill Lapscott is innocent. But is she right?

Blue Heelers S12E12
Episode 12

Blood and Bone

Amy regains consciousness after being attacked late at night to find Garth leaning over her. Amy freaks and turns to PJ, accusing Garth of trying to kill her — and further incriminating him as the key serial killer suspect.

Blue Heelers S12E13
Episode 13

Kicking Over the Traces

Susie goes to bat to save the reputation of a man whose depression has driven him to suicide. He is also under suspicion of leaving a bomb at the hospital the day of his death but as Susie unravels the case, she discovers that the targeted doctor at the hospital has more than one person with a grudge against her.

Blue Heelers S12E14
Episode 14


Joss finds himself in the middle of an armed stand-off on the football field when a feud between two members of his Blue Light Soccer Team gets out of control. One of the boys involved in the feud is Butch O'Keefe, the son of Melbourne mobster Danny O'Keefe whom Tom has sworn to drive out of Mt Thomas.

Blue Heelers S12E15
Episode 15

The Life

The Heelers' search for Danny O'Keefe's kidnapped son is complicated by the uncooperative father who is being blackmailed to come good on a murder-for-hire.

Blue Heelers S12E16
Episode 16

The Ticket Out

The Heelers' search for Danny O'Keefe's kidnapped son is complicated by the uncooperative father who is being blackmailed to come good on a murder-for-hire.

Blue Heelers S12E17
Episode 17

Playing by the Book

An alleged teenage rape introduces Amy to a young girl whom she begins to suspect is actually being abused by her grandfather. One of the young witnesses excitedly introduces herself as Amy's niece, Chloe. She invites Amy to her 13th birthday party, using as a drawcard the fact that her beloved grandpa will be there — Amy's Uncle John, the man who sexually abused her as a child. PJ watches Amy relive the pain of her teenage years.

Blue Heelers S12E18
Episode 18


Supported by PJ, Amy is determined to pursue her uncle John who abused her as a child. But face-to-face, he seems not to be the monster Amy has described.

Blue Heelers S12E19
Episode 19

Dangerous Animals

Tom must finally face the tragic events of one year ago when Barry Baxter escapes from jail during his trial. Baxter's reign of terror continues as he returns to Mt Thomas and kidnaps Tom's grandchildren. A teenager's dare results in a fatal mauling at the Widgeree WIldlife Park and the escaped lion causes havoc in the region. Jonsey finally proposes to Susie but how will he react when he learns the truth?

Blue Heelers S12E20
Episode 20


Having kidnapped Tom's grandchildren, Barry Baxter taunts him with a series of video emails depicting the children being buried alive in a large wooden box. After taking Joss hostage, Baxter sets up an armed siege at the Imperial Hotel, wanting to negotiate with Tom.

Blue Heelers S12E21
Episode 21

Car Wars

Jonesy is dismayed when Susie hits it off with Jason Tyler, the attractive victim of a car theft racket the Heelers are trying to crack. Feeling rejected by Susie, Jonesy risks his life in an attempt to salvage the lives of a young man and his pregnant sister. When he discovers they are desperate for money, he arrests the young man to keep him safe while he takes his place in a 'ute surfing' competition.

Blue Heelers S12E22
Episode 22

Night & Day

Out on a night-long patrol, Jonesy and Alex are called to a noisy private party. Arriving at the bash, the Heelers soon realize they've come to the home of Jason Tyler, the new boyfriend of Jonesy's ex-love and police colleague, Susie.

Blue Heelers S12E23
Episode 23

The Party's Over

Joss and Kelly's birthday celebrations are soured when one of the guests, a lifelong friend of Kelly's, is found dead — the victim of an apparent drug overdose. The preliminary autopsy report reveals that she'd had sex a short time before her death, but Kelly staunchly maintains that her engaged friend was neither promiscuous nor a drug user.

Blue Heelers S12E24
Episode 24

Crossing the Line

Three popular teenagers are killed in an horrific highway collision with a truck and there are conflicting stories about the final seconds before impact. The whole town wants to believe that the teenagers were murdered by a reckless truck driver, but Amy Fox has to deal with the fact that the truck driver is her cousin.

Blue Heelers S12E25
Episode 25

In Warm Blood

The man who killed Kelly's father 15 years ago has been released from prison and is in town to tend to his dying mother. A wall of sympathy and police solidarity is thrown up around Kelly. Tom takes steps to run the released killer out of town, but Alex earns the resentment of his colleagues by treating the man fairly.

Blue Heelers S12E26
Episode 26

Another Day at the Office (1)

Mark feels guilty and depressed when the lost teenage girl he handed back to her family is found murdered just hours later.

Blue Heelers S12E27
Episode 27

Another Day at the Office (2)

The paddock at the lonely Biden farm has revealed the remains of three more murder victims, all teenage girls. Charlie Biden has already admitted to killing one, and is clearly the murderer of the others. His wife Marie frustratingly takes the high moral ground, until Charlie dies violently in custody, obviously by means of Marie. Mark takes the blame for this death as well and spins further into despair.

Blue Heelers S12E28
Episode 28

Last Orders

An after-hours robbery of the Imperial Hotel is interrupted by the publican, Chris Riley. There is a struggle in the darkened bar, and Chris is left with a badly cut hand and a young female robber in a coma from a blow to the head.

Blue Heelers S12E29
Episode 29

Getting the Bullet

Alex continues a struggle with paranoia after receiving a bullet taped to a transfer application form. Things become more desperate when petty criminal Terry Swanson exploits Alex's situation by involving the police bureaucracy, further inflaming tensions inside the Mt Thomas station. Joss, the one person who can remedy all this, lacks the courage to confront Alex or confess to the boss.

Blue Heelers S12E30
Episode 30

Acid Test

Alex's belief that he is being victimized by his colleagues, and the media attention he is attracting, widens the trust gap felt by the police of Mt Thomas. Alex rejects offers of help and understanding from Jonesy, preferring to fight a losing battle against his idea of injustice. Joss is convinced he will be sacked for starting the whole thing, and drags his feet to avoid the inevitable confrontation with the boss.

Blue Heelers S12E31
Episode 31

One for the Road

Mark befriends a young boy with great artistic promise during a routine investigation into thefts in Widgeree. However, when Mark breaks a promise under duress from his family, the boy turns against him, with tragic consequences.

Blue Heelers S12E32
Episode 32

Two Laws

Mark agonizes over his actions after his pursuit of a suspect ends in the young offender's death. His failure to protect himself against a physical threat from another offender is noticed by Susie, who starts to have doubts about his ability to do his job.

Blue Heelers S12E33
Episode 33

Good Times

Tom confronts his past when an old army mate confesses to a 35-year-old homicide. As the horrific nature of the crime is discovered, Tom begins to question the truth of his friend's confession. Amy challenges Tom over his involvement in the murder investigation and discovers he had a close personal involvement with the victim.

Blue Heelers S12E34
Episode 34

Bad Fortune

Amy and Jonesy investigate when a recent lotto winner is found bashed and near death on a country road. They suspect his two gold-digging mates. What they don't expect is an admission that they were taking part in an assisted suicide. But what made the man with everything to live for, want to die?

Blue Heelers S12E35
Episode 35

Child's Play

On a Saturday morning, after the high school Formal, Amy and Jonesy investigate the death of a teenage girl, murdered, apparently by her friends.

Blue Heelers S12E36
Episode 36

Facing the Music

Matt's ruthless approach to truth and justice seems so black and white to Alex that even the victims of crime must have judgement brought upon them. But Matt's way of dealing with a young man who has attacked his teacher shows he may be equally as capable of dealing with an emotionally driven criminal situation as Alex.

Blue Heelers S12E37
Episode 37

Too Close

Matt's army service in East Timor complicates his dealings with a man who robs a video store. Amy follows up the latest sighting by a frantic mother still seeking the driver responsible for a fatal hit-and-run that killed her daughter. Kelly cannot ignore Estelle White, the young woman who is obsessed with her.

Blue Heelers S12E38
Episode 38

Promises, Promises

As Amy and Jonesy investigate a grisly murder, Matt forges ahead with his own line of inquiry. The growing suspicion surrounding the new constable appears justified when Matt's chief suspect is mysteriously murdered. Amy is faced with the prospect that one of the Heelers has crossed the line.

Blue Heelers S12E39
Episode 39

Slaying the Demons

Matt's military past is revealed as he is investigated by his peers in relation to a murder, while Amy grudgingly notes Jonesy's potential as a detective. Meanwhile, suffering from post-traumatic stress, Kelly makes a serious error in judgement which leads to a harrowing showdown with her number one fan.

Blue Heelers S12E40
Episode 40

Keeping Up Appearances

Matt finds a seriously battered man in the boot of a stolen car after a high speed chase. Mt Thomas CI investigates, but with Jonesy away at detective's training school, Amy finds good help hard to find. She strongly disapproves of Matt's aggressive approach to questioning witnesses, but who can she turn to? Kelly is too messy, Susie too nice, and Joss — well...

Blue Heelers S12E41
Episode 41

Season Finale (1)

On his first day on the job Jonesy discovers that being a detective is harder, and more expensive, than he thought. When a woman alleges she was raped while under general anesthetic, Jonesy fails to make any headway in the case forcing Amy to get involved to show him how it's done. Pushed out of the rape investigation, Jonesy focuses on solving a burglary at the home of a psychiatrist.

Blue Heelers S12E42
Episode 42

Season Finale (2)

Amy initiates a deadly game of cat and mouse with the accused doctor. Despite Jonesy's warnings, she accepts a lunch invitation only to discover the he has a son with Downs Syndrome and doesn't appear to be quite the monster she had imagined. Amy traces the boy's mother and uncovers the doctor's first victim, but just as she is about to put the doctor away, he again turns the table on her.

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