Blue Murder

Blue Murder

Blue Murder - Season 2 Episodes

Blue Murder S2E1
Episode 1

Baby Point

The officers must investigate an assault on two women.

Blue Murder S2E2
Episode 2


A psychiatrist is found murdered at a criminally insane hospital.

Blue Murder S2E3
Episode 3

Inside Jobs

A failed bank heist brings low police morale to the surface.

Blue Murder S2E4
Episode 4

Family Man

When a politician and his wife are found dead, the squad initially suspects that it may be a murder/suicide.

Blue Murder S2E5
Episode 5

Missing Persons

The police investigate a crime-suspected adoption company.

Blue Murder S2E6
Episode 6


The homeless living on the streets are the target of a murderer.

Blue Murder S2E7
Episode 7

Collateral Damage

A connection is found between a biker's murder and a mobster's murder.

Blue Murder S2E8
Episode 8

Death and Taxes

Four accountants are murdered, and the investigation leads to a maze of possible murderers.

Blue Murder S2E9
Episode 9

Wrongful Convictions

Oosterhius is convicted of a murder.

Blue Murder S2E10
Episode 10


Castillo and Sweet try to track down some kidnappers that have given the team 36 hours before they rape the kidnapped child.

Blue Murder S2E11
Episode 11


Sweet and Castillo investigate the racially motive package bombs that kill Carlotta Alcantara and Martin Simpson, and find themselves dealing with a suspect who ignores Sweet because he's black and is equally dismissive of the Hispanic Castillo. It isn't long before they realise Carl Purdy's motive is connected to his ex-wife's new Cuban husband. Pogue and Oosterhuis investigate the death of political intern Tammy Moore, who was found hanged and dressed in bondage gear by an underpass. Their investigation leads them to the Club de Sade, whose owner sends them right back to the lawyer who had sworn Tammy was too freaky for him.

Blue Murder S2E12
Episode 12

Out-of-Towners: Part 1

Blue Murder S2E13
Episode 13

Out-of-Towners: Part 2

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