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Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers - Season 2 Episodes

Bob's Burgers - Season 2

Bob's Burgers - Season 2

Bob's Burgers is an animated series about a man, his family and a burger joint. A third-generation restaurateur, Bob Belcher runs Bob's Burgers with the help of his uptight wife and their three underachieving kids. This season, Bob and family test-drive the food truck industry, dive into the world of synchronized swimming, search for treasure in an abandoned taffy factory and get tied up with a very needy bank robber.

Bob's Burgers S2E1
Episode 1

The Belchies

The kids explore an abandoned taffy factory to find treasure, but it happens to be on the day of the demolition. Bob and Linda must rescue the kids before it's too late.

Bob's Burgers S2E2
Episode 2

Bob Day Afternoon

Bob decides to serve at a hostage situation at the bank across the street.

Bob's Burgers S2E3
Episode 3

Synchronized Swimming

The kids use a phony independent study about synchronized swimming to get out of gym class. Meanwhile, Bob decides to add soft-serve ice cream to his restaurant's menu.

Bob's Burgers S2E4
Episode 4


Bob becomes obsessed with a burger-flipping video game after Jimmy Pesto beats the high score and insults Bob on the leaderboard.

Bob's Burgers S2E5
Episode 5

Food Truckin'

Bob's family persuades him to buy a food truck and compete with the ones stealing his customers right outside the restaurant. When the Belchers bring their food truck to the "Lolla-Pa-Foods-A-Festival," the Belcher kids' mischief causes the foodies and other truck owners to riot against them.

Bob's Burgers S2E6
Episode 6

Dr. Yap

Linda's sister Gayle joins the family ski trip. But before she does so, she picks up a heavily medicated Bob from Dr. Yap, the family dentist. When Bob mistakes Gayle for Linda and kisses her, Gayle falls for Bob. So Bob turns to Dr. Yap for help.

Bob's Burgers S2E7
Episode 7

Moody Foodie

When the restaurant receives a bad review from a food critic, the Belchers fear that the negative press will keep customers away. When Bob shows up at the critic's house for a redo, his plan quickly spirals out of control when the kids and his fellow restaurant owners show up to support him.

Bob's Burgers S2E8
Episode 8

Bad Tina

Tina starts hanging out with bad girl Tammy (guest star Jenny Slate, "Saturday Night Live") in an effort to get closer to Jimmy Junior (H. Jon Benjamin).

Bob's Burgers S2E9
Episode 9


Bob appears in a cooking segment on a local news morning program, but Gene steals the show when he crashes the set with a sasquatch mask.

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