Bonanza - Season 7 Episodes

Bonanza S7E1
Episode 1

The Debt

Wiley and Annie Kane arrive at the Ponderosa to work off their father's debt to Ben. It seems as though the elder Kane once swindled the Cartwright patriarch.

Bonanza S7E2
Episode 2

The Dilemma

Ben helps a convict win a parole only to have the man later become the chief suspect in a bank robbery.

Bonanza S7E3
Episode 3

The Brass Box

Juan Ortega claims he has a land grant which gives him ownership of the entire Nevada Territory.

Bonanza S7E4
Episode 4

The Other Son

A mule skinner and his two sons are hired by Ben to transport nitroglycerin to California.

Bonanza S7E5
Episode 5

The Lonely Runner

Jim Acton owns a prize mare that he's determined to keep--even when a judge awards the animal to another man in settlement of a debt.

Bonanza S7E6
Episode 6

Devil on Her Shoulder

A religious sect, which has suffered through a series of misfortunes, accuses one its members of being possessed by the devil.

Bonanza S7E7
Episode 7

Found Child

The Cartwrights give shelter to the lone survivor of a stagecoach robbery/massacre--a young girl whose life is still in danger because the culprits think she can identify them.

Bonanza S7E8
Episode 8

The Meredith Smith

Jake Smith dies and leaves his estate to Meredith Smith. Then several claimants to the estate show up saying they are Meredith. It's up to Ben, the executor of the estate, to determine the true heir.

Bonanza S7E9
Episode 9

Mighty Is the Word

A gunfighter gets religion and becomes a preacher only to be confronted by a vengeful man whose brother he once killed.

Bonanza S7E10
Episode 10

The Strange One

The Ponderosa becomes a site of refuge for a woman suspected of being a witch.

Bonanza S7E11
Episode 11

The Reluctant Rebel

When the Cartwrights catch young Billy Penn trying to steal some of their cattle they try to set the young rustler on the straight and narrow.

Bonanza S7E12
Episode 12

Five Sundowns to Sunup

A family embarks upon a kidnapping spree in an attempt to halt an execution.

Bonanza S7E13
Episode 13

A Natural Wizard

A young man loves animals so much that he frees them from traps set by hunters--including his own father's.

Bonanza S7E14
Episode 14

All Ye His Saints

After his father becomes seriously ill, a young boy decides to climb a mountain and seek God's help.

Bonanza S7E15
Episode 15

A Dublin Lad

It's 12 Angry Men in the Old West when juror Joe becomes the lone hold-out for acquittal in a murder trial.

Bonanza S7E16
Episode 16

To Kill a Buffalo

A badly injured Native American rejects Hoss's attempts at helping him.

Bonanza S7E17
Episode 17

Ride the Wind (1)

The Pony Express sets up an office in Virginia City and Joe joins up as a rider.

Bonanza S7E18
Episode 18

Ride the Wind (2)

In the second of two parts, the Cartwrights provide much needed aid to the fledling Pony Express office in Virginia City.

Bonanza S7E19
Episode 19

Destiny's Child

Two strangers help Ben when his wagon gets bogged down in the mud. He later tries to return the favor by helping them find employment.

Bonanza S7E20
Episode 20

Peace Officer

When Sheriff Coffee takes a leave of absence, a ruthless, Dirty Harry type lawman is hired to take his place.

Bonanza S7E21
Episode 21

The Code

Joe Cartwright finds himself goaded into a duel where a lot of money is being bet against him.

Bonanza S7E22
Episode 22

Three Brides for Hoss

A woman from Kentucky arrives in Virginia City and announces that she's Hoss Cartwright's mail order bride. Needless to say, Hoss is stunned at this situation.

Bonanza S7E23
Episode 23

The Emperor Norton

A self-styled emperor arrives at the Ponderosa bringing his own private war along with him.

Bonanza S7E24
Episode 24

Her Brother's Keeper

Ben falls for Claire Amory but her invalid brother might end up tossing a monkey wrench into the romance.

Bonanza S7E25
Episode 25

The Trouble with Jamie

A visit by the Cartwrights' spoiled Eastern cousin disrupts life at the Ponderosa.

Bonanza S7E26
Episode 26

Shining in Spain

Joe falls for a girl whose filled with stories of her absent father and his many adventures.

Bonanza S7E27
Episode 27

The Genius

Hoss tries to help an alcoholic poet stay on the wagon.

Bonanza S7E28
Episode 28

The Unwritten Commandment

Ben tries to bring an estranged father and son back together.

Bonanza S7E29
Episode 29

Big Shadow on the Land

Immigrant winemakers decide to plant their grapes on Ponderosa land.

Bonanza S7E30
Episode 30

The Fighters

Hoss befriends a washed-up prizefighter who's having a hard time adjusting to life outside the squared circle.

Bonanza S7E31
Episode 31

Home from the Sea

Gilly Maples arrives at the Ponderosa claiming to be a friend of Adam's but in reality his intentions are to rob a shipment of gold.

Bonanza S7E32
Episode 32

The Last Mission

Ben and an Army colonel undertake a peace mission to the Paiute tribe.

Bonanza S7E33
Episode 33

A Dollar's Worth of Trouble

A fortune teller predicts that two people will soon enter and change Hoss's life: a hot blonde chick and a dangerous gunman.

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