Boston Public

Boston Public

Boston Public - Season 1 Episodes

Boston Public S1E1
Episode 1

Chapter One

At Winslow High, located just outside Boston... Principal Harper grapples with seemingly nonstop dilemmas that spring up throughout the day.

Boston Public S1E2
Episode 2

Chapter Two

Harper’s headaches mount when girls throughout school protest Lipschultz’s remarks by displaying their brassieres.

Boston Public S1E3
Episode 3

Chapter Three

The school board considers Harper’s dismissal; tension erupts when the football team fears one of their own is gay; Harper pursues bullies on the school’s soccer team.

Boston Public S1E4
Episode 4

Chapter Four

Lauren catches two student government candidates in a compromising position; a soccer team member is devastated when Harper refuses to sign his Magna Club application; teachers are lampooned during a charity show.

Boston Public S1E5
Episode 5

Chapter Five

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches... a fourteen-year-old girl asks Lauren for advice on contraception, and Harper comes under fire for having taught a student self-defense maneuver.

Boston Public S1E6
Episode 6

Chapter Six

When a teacher suddenly drops dead, his widow claims he was having an affair with a student; a student faces expulsion after he spits on Lauren; a teacher uses a paddle to discipline her class.

Boston Public S1E7
Episode 7

Chapter Seven

A sixteen-year-old girl considers breast enhancement surgery; Lipschultz discovers an unflattering cartoon on Sheryl’s website; Senate acts as a faculty sponsor for a student chapter of the NRA; Guber’s brother sets Guber up on a blind date.

Boston Public S1E8
Episode 8

Chapter Eight

As Christmas approaches... Buttle has a torrid affair with a young woman he met in a coffee shop; a student spikes Lipschultz’s coffee; police recover a human foot from a locker; Senate intercedes when a student attempts to parent his siblings.

Boston Public S1E9
Episode 9

Chapter Nine

Police search in the school for a student who shot a man at a restaurant.

Boston Public S1E10
Episode 10

Chapter Ten

News of Buttle's relationship with a student hits school computers.

Boston Public S1E11
Episode 11

Chapter Eleven

Kevin wants to ask out Marilyn; Harper's shocked by a cheerleading routine.

Boston Public S1E12
Episode 12

Chapter Twelve

Harry rescues a student; Kevin and Guber have a confrontation; Lauren provides support to a student.

Boston Public S1E13
Episode 13

Chapter Thirteen

Kevin seeks legal help in the wake of a teacher-student affair.

Boston Public S1E14
Episode 14

Chapter Fourteen

Guber must find replacements quickly after six teachers quit.

Boston Public S1E15
Episode 15

Chapter Fifteen

Harper lands in another teacher-student scandal.

Boston Public S1E16
Episode 16

Chapter Sixteen

Lauren seethes over an event captured by a security camera.

Boston Public S1E17
Episode 17

Chapter Seventeen

Harper confronts Senate about his knowledge of Tyrone's gang life.

Boston Public S1E18
Episode 18

Chapter Eighteen

Marla shows her students what life might be like without an education.

Boston Public S1E19
Episode 19

Chapter Nineteen

A student who once drafted a kill list threatens a girl who turned him down for a prom date.

Boston Public S1E20
Episode 20

Chapter Twenty

The daughter of Harper's new girlfriend becomes rebellious at Winslow High.

Boston Public S1E21
Episode 21

Chapter Twenty-One

Marla has concerns about a prom date between a senior and a freshman.

Boston Public S1E22
Episode 22

Chapter Twenty-Two

A father wants his home-schooled son to go through Winslow High's graduation.

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