Boston Public

Boston Public

Boston Public - Season 4 Episodes

Boston Public S4E1
Episode 1

Chapter Sixty-Seven

Ronnie witnesses an attempted rape and presses for legal action; a student faces expulsion.

Boston Public S4E2
Episode 2

Chapter Sixty-Nine

A student's mother is accused of attacking a cheerleader.

Boston Public S4E3
Episode 3

Chapter Sixty-Eight

A female student makes a serious accusation against Danny; A debate endangers a student's life.

Boston Public S4E4
Episode 4

Chapter Seventy

student slaps Marla's face in front of the class, and Marla slaps her back.

Boston Public S4E5
Episode 5

Chapter Seventy-One

Convicted of fraud, an investment banker must teach math at the high school.

Boston Public S4E6
Episode 6

Chapter Seventy-Two

A student threatens to reveal Harper and Marilyn's romance to the school board.

Boston Public S4E7
Episode 7

Chapter Seventy-Three

Charlie Bixby takes an unconventional approach when volunteering for a teen hot line.

Boston Public S4E8
Episode 8

Chapter Seventy-Four

A student accesses a terrorist recruitment Web site.

Boston Public S4E9
Episode 9

Chapter Seventy-Five

Rumors of hazing lead Guber to discover that the school drum line is abusing freshmen.

Boston Public S4E10
Episode 10

Chapter Seventy-Six

A student believes he is Jesus and uses school funds to feed the homeless.

Boston Public S4E11
Episode 11

Chapter Seventy-Seven

A student sues the school when she has to share presidency with a black student in a wheelchair.

Boston Public S4E12
Episode 12

Chapter Seventy-Eight

Views on affirmative action create tension among the students.

Boston Public S4E13
Episode 13

Chapter Seventy-Nine

Claire is reluctant to relinquish custody of Joannie's daughter.

Boston Public S4E14
Episode 14

Chapter Eighty

When a former student is killed in Iraq, Harper remembers taking the troubled boy under his wing.

Boston Public S4E15
Episode 15

Chapter Eighty-One

Hanson starts teaching driver education and he realizes how controlling he can be.

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