“Come On Walter! Cheer Up! What's The Problem? Apart From The Fact You've Got Terminal Cancer, You've Had To Turn To Drug Dealing To Make Money For Your Family Which Is Actually Destroying Your Family Your Life Is Great!”

February 10th, 2011

Breaking Bad: Walter White is a chemistry teacher who has just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer (just to clear this up right now, he does not smoke) so now, his life has been cut incredibly short. But could the cancer be just the thing he needs? Throughout his life he has been one of those people who would let you walk all other them, a door mat if you're a fan of metaphors. (Funnily enough quite similar to the dad out of Malcolm in the middle) so basically, WARNING: IRONY ALERT: now that he's going to start dying, he's going to start living.

So he turns to drug dealing, ok bit of a mad decision, he's actually quite logical, he can make so much money to leave behind for his family and it might be a very dangerous business, you could end up spending the rest of your life in prison but for Walter, that really isn't too long.

What Walter didn't realise then is being a 'successful' drug dealer is harder than first thought, he comes to realise that the police aren't the main guys he should watch out for, for it is in fact, the other drug dealers are the most dangerous.

So what makes up the show? Great acting and a clever storyline, that's all this show needs. Others agree that the acting is top notch as both Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) were awarded Emmy's for their performance. Bryan Cranston I respect now a heck of a lot more after watching years of Malcolm in the middle and simply regarding him as an 'in it for the money part', I now realise that he is truly passionate about his characters as he is able to change his entire personality on so many levels.

It's early days for this American drama; well it is here in the UK. You lucky bastards in America get it 3 years before us! That's right! The pilot premiered a month ago, your soon starting your 4th season! A flight from the USA to Britain takes 6 hours; you could have a Breaking Bad episode on our screens in 6 hours, but no! You want to reduce your carbon footprint by flying less, curse you Al Gore! You've been nothing but trouble! Ok I'm getting a bit off the subject, back to the review.

So Walter means business, this isn't just an on the side hobby to him this is his other life, his family life, his chemistry teacher life and his drug dealing life have to stay separate but all the while work together without anyone knowing. But how long can he keep this up? Until he dies, that long? Can he make it that long? His family are already getting suspicious and we're only in the 4th episode! But if 4 seasons have been made then I guess he must be keeping it secret, kind of hard to believe when his brother in law is a cop!

Breaking Bad has got everything you want in a US drama, criminals, drugs, guns and chemistry. What more could you want? Admittedly I am slightly concerned about how the show has made it to its 4th season when the main guy has terminal cancer but I'm sure these smart drama writers have sorted something out. This is what the show does, what makes it so clever, so different, it leads you to believe one thing, and then it does something completely different. You just have to watch the pilot episodes prologue at the very start where you think Walters going to have a one man standoff between a gang of police cars, and then, something completely different happens.

A clever, gritty, dark drama about a man who may be doing something very illegal but only with his family in his heart, nice that he wants to leave some money for his family after he's gone, but maybe, the safest option would have been to buy a few lottery tickets a hope for the best. It's early days, the sun is only just rising on Breaking Bad but I wish the show the best for its future seasons.

Breaking Bad has earned 4.5 stoned stars.


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