Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Breaking Point - Season 1 Episodes

Breaking Point S1E1
Episode 1

Solo for B-Flat Clarinet

Dr. Mac treats a disturbed young man and an unhappy actress.

Breaking Point S1E2
Episode 2

Last Summer We Didn't Go Away

High school teacher tries to hide the fact that he was once a mental patient.

Breaking Point S1E3
Episode 3

Fire and Ice

Wife loves every man but her husband.

Breaking Point S1E4
Episode 4

Bird and Snake

Bully disrupts group therapy sessions.

Breaking Point S1E5
Episode 5

There Are the Hip, and There Are the Square

Distraught beatnik tries to complete the suicide pact that killed her boyfriend.

Breaking Point S1E6
Episode 6

The Bull Roarer

Young man frets because he's not like his ultra-macho older brother.

Breaking Point S1E7
Episode 7

Crack in an Image

Wife of U.S. Senate candidate can't distinguish if she's married to a husband or an image.

Breaking Point S1E8
Episode 8

Pelican in the Wilderness

Rabbi loses faith in God.

Breaking Point S1E9
Episode 9

And James Was a Very Small Snail

Autistic boy learns to relate to his family.

Breaking Point S1E10
Episode 10

Whatsoever Things I Hear

When his patient is tried for assault, Dr. Thompson refuses to reveal the man's case history in court because it would violate the Hippocratic Oath.

Breaking Point S1E11
Episode 11

Who Is Mimi, What Is She?

Mousy woman is obsessed with flamboyant movie queen.

Breaking Point S1E12
Episode 12

Millions of Faces

Hospital attendant masquerades as a psychiatrist.

Breaking Point S1E13
Episode 13

The Gnu, Now Almost Extinct

Elderly actress refuses to accept her husband's death.

Breaking Point S1E14
Episode 14

Heart of Marble, Body of Stone

Model is dominated by her father.

Breaking Point S1E15
Episode 15

Don't Cry Baby, Don't Cry

Women prison inmates care for special-needs children.

Breaking Point S1E16
Episode 16

A Little Anger Is a Good Thing

Depressed senior citizen meets lonely widow and learns to enjoy life again.

Breaking Point S1E17
Episode 17

And If Thy Hand Offends Thee

Man's guilt paralyzes his hand.

Breaking Point S1E18
Episode 18

Better Than a Dead Lion

Famous author becomes self-destructive.

Breaking Point S1E19
Episode 19

A Land More Cruel

Fashion designer drifts from man to man.

Breaking Point S1E20
Episode 20

No Squares in My Family Circle

Criminal family ties cause a guilt-ridden man's headaches and endanger his girlfriend.

Breaking Point S1E21
Episode 21

So Many Pretty Girls, So Little Time

Married publisher kisses the girls and makes his wife cry.

Breaking Point S1E22
Episode 22

A Child of the Center Ring

Trapeze artist is paralyzed by her father's death.

Breaking Point S1E23
Episode 23

Tides of Darkness

Teenage girl becomes withdrawn after being assaulted.

Breaking Point S1E24
Episode 24

The Summer House

Expectant mother withdraws into a schizophrenic state.

Breaking Point S1E25
Episode 25

Shadow of a Starless Night

Young doctor must learn to cope with sudden blindness.

Breaking Point S1E26
Episode 26

Glass Flowers Never Drop Petals

Breaking Point S1E27
Episode 27

Never Trouble Trouble, 'Til Trouble Troubles You

Boxer is accused of throwing a fight.

Breaking Point S1E28
Episode 28

Confounding Her Astronomers

Gifted orphan has behavioral problems which keep her from being adopted.

Breaking Point S1E29
Episode 29

I, the Dancer

Newlywed dancer's career is jeopardized by fits of hysteria, which are triggered by her choreographer husband's bizarre view of marriage.

Breaking Point S1E30
Episode 30

My Hands Are Clean

Loan shark develops stigmata on his hands.

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