Bridezillas - Season 9 Episodes

Bridezillas S9E0
Episode 0

Where Are They Now?

Bridezillas S9E1
Episode 1

Shederyl & Marlene

Viewers are introduced to bride Marlene- a ‘zilla to the core. Never satisfied with her fiancé’s efforts to help her plan the wedding, Marlene isn’t afraid to scream or throw things to make her point. Also, she doesn’t think too highly of her sister Meldy’s very questionable and “adult” fashion sense, so she forces her to go dress shopping at a store that will ensure all of Meldy’s body parts are contained on her special day. While Marlene’s family might condone her behavior, others don’t easily excuse her. So when she battles with the wrong person, she loses a friend in the process. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Shederyl, is a belligerent southern belle who’s a living, breathing example of hypocrisy. As she controls her bridesmaids’ dietary habits, Shederyl indulges with chicken fried steak making it a little bit difficult to fit into her dress. This ‘zilla isn’t afraid to resort to physical violence to stop her girls from eating, but when she threatens to kick people out of the wedding, one bridesmaid decides she just might not show up on the day of the wedding.

Bridezillas S9E2
Episode 2

Marlene & Jeanine

Hot-tempered Bridezilla Jeanine is set off by anything and everyone. When Thomas, Jeanine’s fiancé, plans a surprise for her, she is less than excited because it involves two of her least favorite things: cold weather and her future father-in-law. But as Thomas’ dad soon learns, devious revenge will occur if you cross this ‘zilla.

Between the whining, slapping, threatening and yelling Thomas endures, it’s no wonder his family isn’t thrilled about the upcoming nuptials. When Jeanine learns this, she threatens that they need to be careful because SHE is his family now. Meanwhile, as her wedding day approaches, Bridezilla Marlene starts to unravel. While expecting a relaxing afternoon with a mani/pedi, things turn ugly. Marlene’s hair extensions encounter some wayward pizza sauce, which drives this ‘zilla to scream like a lunatic. When Jose, Marlene’s fiancé, goes to pick up his tux with Marlene and his future in-laws, it becomes obvious where Marlene picked up the psycho gene. When the wedding day finally arrives, it starts out a little rocky, but it doesn’t compare to how the night will end.

Bridezillas S9E3
Episode 3

Jeanine & Callie

Bridezilla Callie has mastered the art of tears the week of her wedding. This cryzilla is marrying her Dutch suitor, Jeroen, in a New Orleans destination wedding. A bit of a language barrier between Callie and her future in-laws creates an imaginary feud that upsets Callie throughout the week. In an attempt to please her future Dutch family, Callie has planned a few outings for her friends and family to enjoy while in New Orleans. But even this leaves her in tears when she misinterprets the tone as something more than just an accent. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Jeanine and her raging antics aren’t gaining any friends as the wedding day approaches. With last minute decisions to be made, Jeanine drags husband to be, Thomas, along with her to run errands. Only needing him to be a chauffeur, Jeanine has issues with Thomas as he breaks his silence to voice his opinion on wedding decisions. Thomas isn’t the only one receiving the wrath of Jeanine, as she starts a cupcake war of her own while picking out their wedding cake at a local bakery - a risky battle when options are limited with such a short turn around. Mixing up her priorities, Jeanine and Thomas are late for their rehearsal the night before the wedding, which his family doesn’t tolerate. Instead of apologizing for their tardiness, Jeanine starts a yelling match with Thomas’ family, which leads to an ultimatum for him: his bride or his family.

Bridezillas S9E4
Episode 4

Jeanine & Rochelle

Bridezilla Rochelle, a selfish teen wife-to-be, is marrying her Army beau after six short months. Her selfish demeanor leaves this babyzilla oblivious to other people’s feelings and schedules. This isn’t a concern for Rochelle until a fight with Nathan leaves her questioning if her groom will make it to the altar. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Jeanine’s wedding day has finally arrived and it’s one that will go down in Bridezilla history. Besides planning her wedding in five days, Jeanine’s biggest obstacle of the week has been keeping Thomas’ family from convincing him not to marry her, not that she’s done anything to prove herself worthy. After their rehearsal debacle, Jeanine and Thomas are moving forward with their wedding day plans and as per usual, Jeanine is running late. Her screaming does nothing to further endear her to her future in-laws, which becomes apparent as Jeanine walks down the aisle. Once the ceremony is over, it seems now would be the time for Jeanine to celebrate, but the tension only rises at the reception, leaving major rifts in this already troubled family.

Bridezillas S9E5
Episode 5

Rochelle & Ashanti

Bridezilla Ashanti found planning her Southern California wedding from her home in Hawaii to be a little overwhelming. So what will happen when this disorganized bride goes over budget? Will she burn some bridges with some of her bridesmaids along the way?! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Rochelle, the teen bride, continues in her selfish ways with Nathan. When tears don’t work, this ’Zilla uses the art of manipulation, aka sex, to win him back. She can handle Nathan, but will her mom not take anymore of her daughter's Bridezilla ways? Is her Cinderella wedding still going to go on?

Bridezillas S9E6
Episode 6

Ashanti & Liza

Bridezilla Liza may be short on funds, but she is determined to have her fairy tale, under-the-sea, princess themed wedding. But will her tantrums get in the way of this dream?

Meanwhile, Bridezilla Ashanti continues to push everyone to the limit as her wedding day approaches. Will her constant threats to kick her bridesmaids out of the wedding make her fiance Geoff reconsider this marriage?

Bridezillas S9E7
Episode 7

Liza & Brittany

Bridezillas S9E8
Episode 8

Brittany & Michelle

Bridezilla Michelle simply can’t stand it when things don’t go perfectly. This prim and proper ‘Zilla pitches a fit when her maid of honor is late for her manicure, threatens to lock up her fiancé’s, er, manly bits if he has a bachelor party, and flatly demands a more floral font for her pink glitter ice sculpture. Michelle even insists on giving her groom a golden glow at the tanning salon. Sadly, Greg’s attempt at payback fails when he insists on a more intense baking session, and ends up looking more lobster than lifeguard. But when push comes to shove, this priss-zilla isn’t afraid to run to mommy and daddy when she fails to lock down her own caterer. But there’s only so much of this behavior her family and friends can take before they start pushing back. Meanwhile, as Bridezilla Brittany’s wedding day approaches, she continues to ride roughshod over her long-suffering friends. At her bachelorette party, this ‘Zilla greedily gobbles up their gifts, thanking her bridesmaids by treating them like backup dancers and shoving her way to center stage during their dance routine. And woe to the bridesmaid who dares question Brittany’s ceremonial set-up, or the groomsman who hints at a bachelor party complete with strippers! But when all else fails, this bride to be isn’t afraid to resort to tears. When her wedding day finally arrives it seems as though all might be forgiven, that is, until Brittany keeps her groom waiting at the altar just a little too long. When he calls to check on her whereabouts, Brittany goes ballistic in the way only a true Bridezilla can.

Bridezillas S9E9
Episode 9

Michelle & Tasha

Bridezilla Tasha dyes her fiance’s hair and predicts the end of her marriage. Michelle kicks out her father-in-law and wishes death upon the camera crew and producer.

Bridezillas S9E10
Episode 10

Tasha & Tracy

Bridezillas S9E11
Episode 11

Tasha & Remy

Bridezillas S9E12
Episode 12

Remy & Blanca

Bridezillas S9E13
Episode 13

Jennifer & Blanca

Bridezillas S9E14
Episode 14

Jennifer & Lance

Bridezillas S9E15
Episode 15

Christine & Minyon

Bridezillas S9E16
Episode 16

Tabby & Christine

Bridezillas S9E17
Episode 17

Davina & Tabby

Bridezillas S9E18
Episode 18

Cristal & Davina

Bridezilla Cristal punishes a tardy bridesmaid and loses her mind when her mother-in-law tries to “help” with the centerpieces. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Davina is left frenzied and fuming over her fiancé’s bachelor party.

Bridezillas S9E19
Episode 19

Janelle and James

Bridezillas S9E20
Episode 20

Natalie & Cristal

Bridezillas S9E21
Episode 21

Natalie & Danielle

Bridezillas S9E22
Episode 22

Natalie & Raquel

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