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Brothers & Sisters - Season 4 Episodes

Brothers & Sisters - Season 4

Brothers & Sisters - Season 4

Life brings its challenges, but family is always there for you. And now the Walkers need each other more than ever. It's been a year since the devastating car accident that killed Robert.

Brothers & Sisters S4E1
Episode 1

The Road Ahead

Season 4 kicks off with Nora and Holly at odds (big surprise) over plans for Justin and Rebecca's engagement party. And someone in the family wants to have a baby...maybe.

Brothers & Sisters S4E2
Episode 2

Breaking the News

Kitty tries to tell Robert about her illness as he deals with an issue that could cost him the election. And on the Ojai Foods front, Holly and Saul must find a way to ditch a whole bunch of grapes.

Brothers & Sisters S4E3
Episode 3

Almost Normal

Kitty’s cancer has spread. There are two treatment options. One involves a six-month clinical trial in Boston. The other would allow her to be treated at home. There are pluses and minuses to both treatments, but Kitty must make a decision fast. Too bad she’s more interested in helping Rebecca find the perfect wedding dress.

Brothers & Sisters S4E4
Episode 4

From France With Love

Sarah distracts Kitty through chemo treatments with tales of her romance with a French artist; Justin, struggling with his first anatomy class, seeks advice from his professor about surviving the semester with his lab partner.

Brothers & Sisters S4E5
Episode 5

Last Tango in Pasadena

It’s been seven days since Luc surprised Sarah by jetting in from France. They plan to mark their one week anniversary in bed, as their time in Sarah’s boudoir (that’s French) will be limited. Her kids are coming home soon. And by soon, we mean now! Luc has to make a hasty exit when Sarah’s ex drops them off early.

Brothers & Sisters S4E6
Episode 6

Zen & the Art of Mole Making

Kitty and Nora hear a late night noise. Then Luc comes in saying he heard something as well. Someone is in the house. With French-like stealthiness, Luc makes his way into the kitchen and wrestles the intruder to the ground. But before Nora club him over the head with a broom he cries out, “Mom!” It’s Tommy! He’s back from Mexico and wants to know why there’s a half-naked foreign guy in the kitchen.

Brothers & Sisters S4E7
Episode 7

The Wig Party

Kitty is thinking about alternatives to chemotherapy. She believes that her driven, stressed out, Type-A personality may be behind her cancer. She feels that if she somehow gave cancer the opportunity to grow in her body then she has the responsibility to change. Sarah tries to show support, but when Kitty catches her arguing with Nora, she feels that neither of them is taking her seriously. She just wants to be left alone.

Brothers & Sisters S4E8
Episode 8

The Wine Festival

Jane, the chairperson of the board at Ojai, wants to do a taste test of the new, cheap wine. Surprisingly, Saul loves the blend and wants to enter it in a wine festival competition. Sarah, who has been worrying that Luc is becoming more of an au pair than a boyfriend, offers his artistic services to create the label.

Brothers & Sisters S4E9
Episode 9

Pregnant Pause

Kitty walks in on Nora and Simon…in the shower! Awkward, but funny. She spills this steamy tidbit to Sarah, who is still smarting from Luc’s departure. Sarah doesn’t trust Simon, so she does a Google search. She finds he was the defendant in couple of malpractice cases. When Sarah tries to tell her mom about the lawsuits, she’s surprised to hear that Nora already knows. Nora suggests that Sarah’s skepticism of Simon may be related to her broken heart over Luc.

Brothers & Sisters S4E10
Episode 10


A Hawaiian hurricane throws a monkey wrench into all wedding plans. Justin admits to Saul that he’s actually a little relieved they have to postpone the wedding. But Rebecca doesn’t want to change the date, just the location. She still wants a beach wedding, but now it’ll in Malibu. The family shifts into emergency party planning mode. Everyone is psyched to make this work. Everyone except the groom-to-be.

Brothers & Sisters S4E11
Episode 11

A Bone to Pick

Kitty’s collapse at the beach was caused by a clot in her lung. Medicine has cleared it, but there’s still the issue of her tumors. Her best option is a bone marrow transplant. There are many risks. But if all goes well, Kitty could be cancer-free. They just have to find a marrow match. It’s a good thing Nora had so many kids.

Brothers & Sisters S4E12
Episode 12

The Science Fair

As Paige prepares for a science fair, she coldly tells her mom to stay out of her business. But she's willing to let Kevin and Scotty give her a hand. The guys are currently basking in the news that they are getting ever-closer to becoming dads. Well, Kevin is basking a bit more than Scotty. It turns out that he has five healthy embryos, while Scotty only has three. But only one of Kevin's embryos makes it to the next stage, while all three of Scotty's remain in the game.

Brothers & Sisters S4E13
Episode 13

Run Baby Run

When Nora volunteers to fix an error Saul made with the taxes, she’s feeling all aflutter to be doing something productive. That is until her big brother takes offense at the fact that she’s sitting at “his” desk doing “his” job.

Brothers & Sisters S4E14
Episode 14

The Pasadena Primary

Kitty breaks the news that she’s running for Robert’s senate seat. First up on the campaign trail: The Pasadena Primary. What’s the Pasadena Primary, you ask? Well, that’s when the entire Walker clan takes an anonymous vote to determine if Kitty should do this thing. The results indicate a resounding “yes,” but not a unanimous one. Any guesses as to who cast the dissenting vote?

Brothers & Sisters S4E15
Episode 15

A Valued Family

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, everyone wonders what they should give that special someone. At an art show, Justin tells Scotty that he’s not sure what to get Rebecca. Sarah doesn’t know what to get Roy either. They have different tastes, as evidenced by the fact that Roy can’t see the beauty in a painting that Sarah loves. She may also love the artist because, believe it or not, it’s Luc! He’s back! Too bad Sarah’s with Roy, right?

Brothers & Sisters S4E16
Episode 16

Leap of Faith

We all know that Luc is back and Sarah couldn’t be happier. In fact, all the Walkers are jazzed. They’ve been filling up his dance card with activities. There’s barely enough time for him to do anything with Sarah. In truth, there’s less time than you may think. Luc’s visa is up in just four weeks. His art dealer, Jeannie, has been offering to marry him for awhile now as a business arrangement to get a green card. That’s news to Sarah.

Brothers & Sisters S4E17
Episode 17

In just three weeks, Luc will be forced to leave the country unless he gets a new visa. Just in the nick of time, a letter arrives from the State Department. Luc is legal! Feel free to let out a big old “whoo hoo” right about now. We did! Gotta love the government! Well, in this instance, at least.

Brothers & Sisters S4E18
Episode 18

Time After Time (1)

Flashbacks reveal that Tommy Walker was in a car accident when he was a teenager. There was a lot going on that night, not just with Tommy, but with the other Walker kids, too. More on that later. In present day, Nora calls a family meeting. Everyone is surprised to see Tommy, who came down from Seattle to support his mom as she tries to convince everyone to sell their shares in Ojai. As you may have guessed, this particular family meeting does not go well.

Brothers & Sisters S4E19
Episode 19

Time After Time (2)

Flashbacks reveal that Tommy Walker was in a car accident when he was a teenager. There was a lot going on that night, not just with Tommy, but with the other Walker kids, too. More on that later. In present day, Nora calls a family meeting. Everyone is surprised to see Tommy, who came down from Seattle to support his mom as she tries to convince everyone to sell their shares in Ojai. As you may have guessed, this particular family meeting does not go well.

Brothers & Sisters S4E20
Episode 20

If You Bake It, He Will Come

Kevin can’t bring himself to forgive Nora for not telling him that his actions caused an accident that paralyzed a boy named Aaron 25 years ago. He’s made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want to see or talk to his mother. That doesn’t stop Nora from planning a big party to celebrate Kevin’s 39th birthday. We’re not sure how happy of a birthday bash it’ll be if the guest of honor is a no-show.

Brothers & Sisters S4E21
Episode 21

Where There's Smoke…

Nora and Saul meet at the hospital where their mom, Ida (guest star Marion Ross), is recovering from an ankle accident. Ida’s been disoriented lately. The doctor says that she must be kept under 24-hour care. Nora asks her mom to come live with her, but Ida says she’d rather live in a nursing home. Nora says, “Well, yes, I’m sorry that you feel that way. But you’re coming home with me.” This should be interesting.

Brothers & Sisters S4E22
Episode 22

Love All

Sarah, Luc and Cooper are crashing at Nora’s place for a few days while their house is being painted. Paige is away on a camping weekend. That’s probably for the best. Sarah and Luc have their hands full with Cooper, who has been acting up lately. Sarah has been treating him with kid gloves, but Luc and Nora agree that he needs to be disciplined with some consequences. This leads to a little friction between Sarah and Luc.

Brothers & Sisters S4E23
Episode 23

Lights Out

New opportunities and secret alliances develop as the Walkers prepare to close Ojai Foods for good.

Brothers & Sisters S4E24
Episode 24

On the Road Again

All aboard! The Kitty Walker-McCallister tour bus is hitting the campaign trail. Robert has to bail on the trip, so he suggests Kitty invite her rabidly-Democratic mother along for the ride. Nora is jazzed for the road trip and brings with her an Ojai-depressed Sarah, who has been languishing of the sofa watching soap operas and eating cold pizza. The fresh, circulated air of a tour bus will do her good.

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