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Brothers & Sisters

Brothers & Sisters - Season 5 Episodes

Brothers & Sisters - Season 5

Brothers & Sisters - Season 5

Life brings its challenges, but family is always there for you. And now the Walkers need each other more than ever. It's been a year since the devastating car accident that killed Robert.

Brothers & Sisters S5E1
Episode 1


It’s been a year since the Walker family was torn apart by a tragic car accident, and in a very un-Walker like fashion, everyone has been avoiding everyone else. Truths and reality only start to set in when the family is forced to come together for Justin’s homecoming party: Nora tries to prepare for the party, but is not acting like the mother she used to be; Sarah is consumed with the Narrow Lake deal; Kevin has a new career as public defense attorney; Saul and Scotty are running their restaurant; and Kitty’s life has become a taboo subject for everyone. Time has changed the Walkers.

Brothers & Sisters S5E2
Episode 2

Brief Encounter

The Walkers attend a launch party for Luc's advertising campaign; Kevin must deal with a runaway juvenile delinquent; Nora receives a job offer.

Brothers & Sisters S5E3
Episode 3

Faking It

Kitty meets a handyman while staying in Ojai; the Walkers are in on a surprise celebration for Sarah's birthday, but they do not know she has been lying about her age to Luc.

Brothers & Sisters S5E4
Episode 4

A Righteous Kiss

Rebecca and Justin come to an impasse in their relationship; Holly breaks down; Saul tries to make a romantic connection with a friend (Stephen Collins).

Brothers & Sisters S5E5
Episode 5

Call Mom

A radio producer asks Nora to audition for a new show; Kitty gets back into the dating game.

Brothers & Sisters S5E6
Episode 6

An Ideal Husband

The Walkers try to help Kevin and Scotty reunite; Jack starts to pursue new ventures; Luc and Sarah share exciting news.

Brothers & Sisters S5E7
Episode 7


Kevin is upset with various members of his family because they have all been talking to Scotty behind his back. There’s still a lot of tension between these two. Kevin doesn’t want to be around Scotty, but is willing to suck it up when Paige asks for help from both of them with her debate project. It’s an awkward exercise with Kevin and Scotty taking a lot of not-so-subtle digs at each other. It gets bad enough to have Paige bail on the both of them.

Brothers & Sisters S5E8
Episode 8

The Rhapsody of the Flesh

Luc's mother (Sonia Braga) stirs up trouble when she meddles in Nora's romantic affairs.

Brothers & Sisters S5E9
Episode 9

Get A Room

Nora and Kitty make unexpected romantic connections; Kevin's nerves get the better of him; Sarah's plans for a last romantic night with Luc.

Brothers & Sisters S5E10
Episode 10

Cold Turkey

Nora takes a last-minute getaway with Karl; Saul has an encounter with a past love.

Brothers & Sisters S5E11
Episode 11


Nora's date night scandalizes the couples in the Walker family; Kitty's relationship with Seth is the subject of Internet gossip.

Brothers & Sisters S5E12
Episode 12

Thanks For The Memories

Nora and Holly make a shocking discovery about Nora's past; Justin becomes jealous; Saul tries to forgive Jonathan.

Brothers & Sisters S5E13
Episode 13

Safe at Home

Tommy's new girlfriend's interest in Walker history bothers the family.

Brothers & Sisters S5E14
Episode 14

One That Got Away

The Walkers' Valentine's Day plans go awry when Tommy reveals another of Nora's secrets; a visiting food critic spoils Saul and Jonathan's plans for a romantic evening.

Brothers & Sisters S5E15
Episode 15


Nora tries to put space between herself and Brody but can't help feeling something for him; Justin tries to help a homeless vet get back on his feet.

Brothers & Sisters S5E16
Episode 16

Home Is Where The Fort Is

Nora and Sarah use Evan's birthday as an excuse to fly out East and find out what is going on with Kitty; Olivia seems nervous about her new life with Kevin and Scotty.

Brothers & Sisters S5E17
Episode 17

Olivia's Choice

The family tries to determine what is best for Olivia when her brother tries to gain custody; Saul and Nora find out their mother has died.

Brothers & Sisters S5E18
Episode 18

Never Say Never

Saul and Nora find out their mother has died.

Brothers & Sisters S5E19
Episode 19

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Nora gives in to her feelings for Brody; Luc and Sarah consider expanding their family; Scotty runs into Michelle.

Brothers & Sisters S5E20
Episode 20

Father Unknown

Justin keeps a secret; Scotty makes a discovery that changes the Walker family.

Brothers & Sisters S5E21
Episode 21

For Better or For Worse

After confronting Brody, Sarah decides she doesn't want him to be a part of her life; Olivia struggles with a new addition to the family.

Brothers & Sisters S5E22
Episode 22

Walker Down the Aisle

As Sarah and Luc's wedding draws near, the Walker's learn the true meaning of family.

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