Burn Notice

Burn Notice

Burn Notice - Season 4 Episodes

Burn Notice - Season 4

Burn Notice - Season 4

Burn Notice stars Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a blacklisted spy who finds himself stranded in sun-soaked Miami. The action-packed season four commences with a new counterintelligence expert, Jesse Garcia, played by Coby Bell ("Third Watch"), who loves to fight bad guys just as much as Michael does. Heating up the night with our hot undercover agent are Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), the beautiful ex-IRA operative and ex-girlfriend of Michael; Sam (Bruce Campbell), our favorite washed-up military intelligence muscle; and Michael's mother (Emmy(R) Award-winner Sharon Gless).

Burn Notice S4E1
Episode 1

Friends and Enemies

Upon returning to Miami for a long overdue reunion, Michael finds Sam and Fiona neck deep in a case that has spun out of control.

Burn Notice S4E2
Episode 2

Fast Friends

Michael tracks down Jesse Porter, the counter intelligence agent he accidentally burned, to see how Jesse's official investigation was connected to the worldwide destruction Michael is looking into with Vaughn. However, Michael quickly realizes he isn’t the only one looking for Jesse: Khan, a former Golden Triangle drug kingpin is also on the hunt, and ready to serve Jesse with years worth of pent up revenge. Michael must convince Khan they are working toward the same goal, in order gain his trust and put Khan away for good.

Burn Notice S4E3
Episode 3

Made Man

Michael's investigation into the world-wide wars for profit leads him to the port of Miami, searching for a ship that had recently passed through Algeria with a hefty weapons supply. While on stakeout, Jesse comes to the rescue of a dock security worker, Hank, and discovers that several dock workers are being shaken down by a ruthless Mafioso, Tony Caro. Persuaded by Jesse, Sam must convince Tony his bosses are planning on betraying him, forcing Tony into a desperate move that will end his mafia career, and keep the mob off the docks for good.

Burn Notice S4E4
Episode 4

Breach of Faith

Sam volunteers to help a friend, Josh Wagner, whose veteran’s charity is wiped clean by a smoothing talking investment broker. But when Josh decides to hold the broker and his assistant at gunpoint in order to get his money back, Michael and Sam find themselves in the middle of a dangerous hostage situation. Trying to keep the peace inside, Michael must also serve as negotiator to keep the police at bay, as he and Sam try to track down (and return) Josh’s stolen money before things go horribly wrong.

Burn Notice S4E5
Episode 5

Neighborhood Watch

A reluctant doctor turns to Michael for help when a group of vicious drug dealers terrorize his neighborhood clinic. Along the way, Michael is drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a sadistic killer.

Burn Notice S4E6
Episode 6

Entry Point

Michael and Jesse capture Kendra, the dangerous killer who has information on the man behind all the worldwide mayhem and destruction. Jesse must use every bit of his counter intelligence training to find out what she knows.

Burn Notice S4E7
Episode 7

Past & Future Tense

Michael and Jesse learn from Kendra that the person behind the global wars for profit hired a team to rip off a bank safe deposit box somewhere in Miami. When the team failed to complete the task, Kendra was sent to tie up all the loose ends. With no other leads to follow, Jesse decides to make contact with his former handler, Marv, at an intelligence conference that is taking place in Miami.

Burn Notice S4E8
Episode 8

Where There's Smoke

Michael and Jesse learn that the man behind the rash of global terrorism attempted to rob a safe deposit box at Dade Trust Bank in Miami. The only way to figure out what he was after, and perhaps discover a clue to the mystery man’s identity, is for Michael and Jesse to rob the bank themselves.

Burn Notice S4E9
Episode 9

Center of the Storm

As a hurricane makes landfall in Miami, Michael finds himself in possession of an old family bible that looks to contain a mysterious cipher. Michael soon realizes that finding out where the book decodes, means talking to the bible’s former owner: his nemesis, Simon (ep 316).

Burn Notice S4E10
Episode 10

Hard Time

Sam learns that a dangerous gang is targeting his old friend Juan, who is doing time in prison.

Burn Notice S4E11
Episode 11

Blind Spot

Michael finally tracks down the man behind the global wars for profit, revealing him to be John Barrett- the powerful CEO of a major communications conglomerate.

Burn Notice S4E12
Episode 12

Guilty As Charged

Fiona attempts to find Jesse and convince him to meet with Michael. Meanwhile, Michael helps a criminal defense attorney rescue his daughter after she is kidnapped by one of his clients.

Burn Notice S4E13
Episode 13

Eyes Open

Michael tries to stop a lawyer who is killing gang members out of revenge. With Jesse, Michael also tries to find a stolen document.

Burn Notice S4E14
Episode 14

Hot Property

Michael and one of his enemies ally to make sure chemical weapons don't fall into wrong hands.

Burn Notice S4E15
Episode 15

Brotherly Love

After being kicked out by his second wife Loretta, Nick Tortelli, Carla's ex-husband comes to Cheers asking Carla to take him back.

Burn Notice S4E16
Episode 16

Dead or Alive

When Sam's old friend goes missing and is branded a dirty cop, Michael and Sam spearhead an investigation in order to clear his name.

Burn Notice S4E17
Episode 17

Out of the Fire

Michael's ruthless enemy Brennan vows to release a valuable piece of data if Michael doesn't carry out a specific task: killing off government agents.

Burn Notice S4E18
Episode 18

Last Stand

Michael's world collapses when his actions force a tactical assault team to come after him and everyone he cares about. With his back against a corner, Michael will need to do everything in his power to hold them off.

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