Californication - Season 3 Episodes

Californication - Season 3

Californication - Season 3

Welcome to Temptation 101. David Duchovny returns as everyone's favorite hard-living, tell-it-like-it-is writer, Hank Moody, in a new season of the Showtime Original Comedy Series CALIFORNICATION. This season, Hank's found a way to turn his literary star power into a cushy college teaching job, but can he stay out of trouble while surrounded by endless temptations?

Californication S3E1
Episode 1

Wish You Were Here

Following Karen's move to New York, Hank Moody does his best to raise daughter Becca by himself. But being a single dad isn't easy, especially with Becca starting to question his authority more than ever. To make matters worse, Becca's new best friend Chelsea has a fondness for sex, drugs and trouble. After a run-in with Chelsea's straight-laced mother Felicia, a teacher at a local university, Hank reluctantly accepts a dinner invitation. Hank does his best to tolerate the various academics in attendance, including Felicia's stuffy hubby Stacy Koons, the Dean of the university. Things get a bit out of hand when Hank insists on having drinks with a teetotaling professor… Meanwhile, Charlie moves back in with soon-to-be-ex-wife Marcy as they sort out the details of their impending divorce. And on the employment front, Charlie sets up shop at a talent agency owned by fading super-agent Sue Collini.

Californication S3E2
Episode 2

The Land Of Rape And Honey

Newly anointed (and decidedly reluctant) professor Hank Moody grapples with teaching an undergrad creative writing course. A brutally honest assessment of a student's (ED WESTWICK) work lands Hank in hot water. In order to placate the Dean (PETER GALLAGHER) and maintain his position, Hank visits the student to make amends. Damage controlled, Hank ends up giving gorgeous and talented writing student Jackie (EVA AMURRI) a ride to her surprising place of employment. Meanwhile, Charlie overly concerns himself with roommate Marcy's dating life to disastrous results.

Californication S3E3
Episode 3

Verities & Balderdash

Hank and Becca attend the annual English Department Fall Mixer hosted by Dean Koons (PETER GALLAGHER) and wife Felicia (EMBETH DAVIDTZ). After flirtatious exchanges with student Jackie (EVA AMURRI) and Felicia, Hank finds himself consoling his jilted teacher's aide Jill (DIANE FARR) the best way he knows how. Meanwhile, Becca and Chelsea (ELLEN DAVIS WOGLOM) sneak out to discuss life, love, and the finer points of psychedelic mushrooms.

Charlie tries to coax Marcy into celebrating his first signing at the new agency, teen idol Rick Springfield. When Marcy passes, Charlie finds a modicum of comfort in the arms of his new boss, Sue Collini (KATHLEEN TURNER)

Californication S3E4
Episode 4


Becca drags Hank to a trendy shopping boutique to pick out some more grown-up attire. But Hank isn't so sure he likes the "new" Becca's makeover. At work, Hank juggles sexual encounters with teacher's aide Jill (DIANE FARR) and boss Felicia (EMBETH DAVIDTZ). And finally, in an attempt to figure out why talented writer Jackie (EVA AMURRI) is missing class, Hank drags Charlie to the strip club where she works. Unfortunately, temptation gets the better of Hank. Charlie and Marcy attempt to sell their house, but an unexpected surprise chases the buyers away.

Californication S3E5
Episode 5

Slow Happy Boys

Hank has the apartment all to his bad self when Becca visits Karen in New York for the weekend. Meanwhile, Hank's old buddy from Long Island, Mike Zlosowski (KEVIN CORRIGAN), pays a visit. Hank shows Zlos an epic time, inviting him to a swanky party hosted by Sue Collini (KATHLEEN TURNER) and her eccentric husband Dickie (STEPHEN ROOT). The weekend culminates in a night of debauchery where Hank and his talented pupil Jackie (EVA AMURRI) take their student / teacher relationship to the next level. Upon picking up Becca at LAX, Hank's surprised to see his daughter isn't traveling alone. Charlie and Marcy are finally hitting the sheets again, but it's coitus interruptus after Charlie reveals a dirty little secret involving ex-flame Daisy (CARLA GALLO).

Californication S3E6
Episode 6

Glass Houses

Back in L.A. for a short visit, Karen hatches a plan to move the family back to New York for good. Hank's mighty pleased, but Becca's crestfallen about leaving her new best friend, Chelsea (ELLEN DAVIS WOGLOM). After inviting herself to Hank's class, Karen meets the comely ladies of the university: T.A. Jill Robinson (DIANE FARR) and sexpot student Jackie (EVA AMURRI). Later on, tempers flare when Becca and Chelsea get into some serious trouble and Hank and Karen are forced to pay a tense visit to Chelsea's parents, Felicia and Stacy Koons (EMBETH DAVIDTZ, PETER GALLAGHER).

Charlie is crushed when Marcy loudly consummates her girlhood-crush on Rick Springfield (RICK SPRINGFIELD). But Sue Collini (KATHLEEN TURNER) thinks up a creative way to restore Charlie's confidence.

Californication S3E7
Episode 7

So Here's The Thing ...

Eager to set things right with Karen again, Hank tries to distance himself from the ladies of the university. But after Dean Koons (PETER GALLAGHER) catches Hank in an intimate moment with Jackie (EVA AMURRI), Hank finds himself more entangled than ever. Meanwhile, his attempts to cool things off with Felicia (EMBETH DAVIDTZ) and Jill (DIANE FARR) begin to backfire. Adding insult to injury, Becca calls Hank out on the awful example he's been setting for her.

Charlie fights to keep Sue Collini's (KATHLEEN TURNER) favorite client (PETER FONDA) from leaving the agency. Later, Sue asks Charlie for a most curious favor.

Californication S3E8
Episode 8

The Apartment

Hank's in for a hedonistic night to remember when Jackie (EVA AMURRI) and two stripper friends arrive at his doorstep, unannounced. The next morning, before Hank can escort his new friends from the apartment, Charlie shows up with a verbally abusive Rick Springfield (RICK SPRINGFIELD). Hank’s forced to hide the hung-over party girls all over the house after Jill (DIANE FARR) and Felicia (EMBETH DAVIDTZ) pay surprise visits. The charade reaches its boiling point when Dean Koons (PETER GALLAGHER) arrives on the scene, resulting in a messy catharsis by fire.

Californication S3E9
Episode 9

Mr. Bad Example

After Becca and Chelsea (ELLEN DAVIS WOGLOM) get into a brawl at school, Hank and Karen are called into the principal’s office along with Felicia (EMBETH DAVIDTZ) and Peter Koons (PETER GALLAGHER). Karen’s disgusted after the Dean offhandedly airs Hank and Felicia’s indiscretions. Later, Hank gets up close and personal with campus security when a distraught Charlie storms the college in search of cocaine for high-maintenance client Rick Springfield (RICK SPRINGFIELD). Felicia flexes her power to help save Hank from his own bad judgment. Meanwhile, Karen encourages Becca to make amends with Chelsea. As Marcy becomes increasingly infatuated with coke fiend Rick Springfield, Charlie valiantly tries to protect her from a relapse, jeopardizing his agent/client relationship in the process.

Californication S3E10
Episode 10


Hank takes Charlie out on the town to drown his sorrows after Sue Collini (KATHLEEN TURNER) fires him for causing client Rick Springfield (RICK SPRINGFIELD) to leave the agency. Meanwhile, Karen, still miffed by Hank's dalliance with Felicia (EMBETH DAVIDTZ), organizes a girls' night out with Becca and Marcy. Drunk and up to no good, Hank and Charlie have a near-death experience when they confront a couple of thieving hoodlums in a convenience store. The night ends with Charlie realizing he made a questionable body art decision and Hank having the breakfast of his life with the woman he loves.

Californication S3E11
Episode 11

Comings & Goings

Karen drags Hank to an end of the semester goodbye luncheon at Felicia’s (EMBETH DAVIDTZ). Hank realizes he’s walked into a hornet’s nest as Felicia, Jackie (EVA AMURRI) and Jill (DIANE FARR) all gang up on him. The Hank bashing is interrupted when Richard Bates (JASON BEGHE), the novelist / professor Hank replaced at the college, pays a surprise visit. Hank’s none too pleased to learn that Bates and Karen share some intimate history. Finally, a drunken Dean Koons (PETER GALLAGHER) storms the lunch in full Civil War re-enactment regalia, challenging Hank to a sloppy duel that ends in catharsis. Marcy and Charlie get an offer on their house the same day their divorce papers arrive. While hooking up once more for old time’s sake, Charlie has a nasty sex accident and Marcy discovers his new tramp stamp.

Californication S3E12
Episode 12

Mia Culpa

As the Moodys at last prepare to move to New York, Becca tells Hank about an intimate coming of age experience she had. Hank’s stunned when Mia (MADELINE ZIMA) shows up at the house unannounced, in town with her slimy boyfriend / manager PAUL (JAMES FRAIN) for a book signing. Hank fails to prevent Mia and Paul from hatching a devious publicity stunt, forcing Hank to finally share the long-buried heartbreaking secret with Karen.

Sue Collini (KATHLEEN TURNER) gives Charlie a career opportunity of a lifetime, but Charlie must confront the fact that he might be losing Marcy for good.

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