Californication - Season 4 Episodes

Californication - Season 4

Californication - Season 4

He couldn't be more screwed. David Duchovny is back in the smart, wild and sexy Showtime hit comedy series CALIFORNICATION - and it's going to be the most scandalicious season yet. A one-night misunderstanding has landed Hank Moody in serious hot water, but his troubles don't end there. It seems like it's the entire State of California vs. Hank Moody, and he's not going to get off easy.

Californication S4E1
Episode 1

Exile On Main St.

Season 4 picks up about 72 hours from where Season 3 left off –- with Hank Moody sitting in a jail cell – but the gossip blogs are already buzzing with news of the Hollywood’s latest Lolita literary sex scandal. Hank’s most damaging secret is a secret no more. When Charlie finally bails Hank out, he has to break the news that he’s been exiled from Karen and daughter Becca.

Hank has a meeting with alluring attorney Abby Rhoads (CARLA GUGINO), who against her better judgment agrees to represent Hank. Then it’s on to the UTK Agency to discuss turning the novel at the center of the scandal into a movie. In addition to a director (JONATHAN KASDAN) and veteran producer (STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY), the stolen Hank Moody novel has also attracted the attention of young Hollywood starlet Sasha Bingham (ADDISON TIMLIN), whose interest in playing the Mia role is soon intensified by her own interest in Hank Moody.

Californication S4E2
Episode 2

Suicide Solution

Houseguest Hank Moody is literally starting to make Marcy sick, especially after she wakes up in bed with him. Hank and the dirty black Porsche need a jumpstart from a less-than-thrilled Karen making him even later for his meeting with attorney Abby (CARLA GUGINO), who is already beginning to question Hank’s commitment to (and her involvement in) Hank’s case. Later, Hank and Becca’s trip to a guitar shop run by Zakk Wylde does little to bridge the father-daughter rift.

Charlie takes Hank to meet with starlet Sasha Bingham (ADDISON TIMLIN) and imbalanced Oscar-winning actor Eddie Nero (ROB LOWE), who might play the Hank role for the upcoming movie, but the meeting ends with Hank hiding in Sasha’s hotel bathroom. Back at Runkle Haus, Hank self-medicates and sets out to write an apology letter to Becca, but the sleeping pills and booze have a devastating effect and Hank never finishes the letter…

Californication S4E3
Episode 3

Home Sweet Home

Hank wakes up in the hospital after his accidental overdose. Not only is a cynical doctor (JOSH GAD) at his side, but Karen (who invites him home, making Hank wonder if he's really died and gone to heaven. Mia (MADELINE ZIMA) comes by the house to apologize to Hank where she is confronted first by Karen, and then Becca. After being robbed by four teenage misfits, led by Pearl (ZOË KRAVITZ), Becca is invited to join their band, The Queens of Dogtown. Meanwhile, Hank has realized that Karen is only acting so nice because she thinks he’s suicidal, but how long will Becca allow him to keep the truth from her mother?

Charlie tells Hank that he's got to get working on the F&P script, as Producer Stu Beggs (STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY) is getting antsy. So antsy, in fact, that he drives over to the Runkle Residence to confront Charlie, but instead meets Marcy, who is oddly intrigued by the man in the Maserati. After securing permission to pursue Marcy, Stu hooks Charlie up with promiscuous D-Girl Heather (CAMILLE CHEN), as Charlie embarks to sleep with 100 women.

Californication S4E4
Episode 4

Monkey Business

Hank Moody is notified by his attorney Abby (CARLA GUGINO) that he will be going to trial for statutory rape. But not before Hank hands the completed F&P script to Charlie, who promptly drags him to a meeting with the Director (JONATHAN KASDAN), producer Stu Beggs (STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY) and eccentric financier Zig Samitaur (FISHER STEVENS), setting off a chain of events that leads to Hank and Charlie having to explain why there’s a dead billionaire in the bathroom.

While Becca, Pearl (ZOË KRAVITZ), and the Queens of Dogtown rehearse at the Runkle House, Karen helps Marcy realize that she may actually be pregnant, and the two buy a pregnancy test to be sure. When they arrive back at the house, Karen hits it off with bohemian artist Ben (MICHAEL EALY), Pearl’s father, making the exiled Hank feel even further away from home.

Californication S4E5
Episode 5

Freeze Frame

While discussing the F&P script, the trial and the quest for more partners, Charlie consults Hank about grooming his “area,” which Hank encourages. Karen and Marcy are getting ready for Becca and the Queens of Dogtown’s first show at the Whisky, when Charlie interrupts them with a pretty serious “shaving accident.” Marcy takes him to the ER, where the doctor (JOSH GAD) informs them that both of Charlie’s vasectomies were botched. A look of fear comes to Marcy’s face as she realizes the baby in her belly might actually be a Runkle.

While discussing the F&P script, the trial and the quest for more partners, Charlie consults Hank about grooming his “area,” which Hank encourages. Karen and Marcy are getting ready for Becca and the Queens of Dogtown’s first show at the Whisky, when Charlie interrupts them with a pretty serious “shaving accident.” Marcy takes him to the ER, where the doctor (JOSH GAD) informs them that both of Charlie’s vasectomies were botched. A look of fear comes to Marcy’s face as she realizes the baby in her belly might actually be a Runkle.

On his way to meet attorney Abby (CARLA GUGINO) for dinner, Hank runs into Mia (MADELINE ZIMA) and the actress who’ll be playing her in the upcoming movie, Sasha Bingham (ADDISON TIMLIN). Awkwardness abounds. Later, Hank and Abby’s business relationship is starting to get a little more personal when Hank gets a text invite to Becca’s show, where he meets Ben (MICHAEL EALY) for the first time. After Hank returns to the hotel that night, he gets word that Mia is acting strange on the balcony of Sasha’s room. He innocently coaxes her inside, but a discreet picture of Hank with his alleged victim and the teen starlet is about to hit the blogs and change everything…

Californication S4E6
Episode 6

Lawyers, Guns and Money

After seeing the compromising photo of Hank with the two young ladies, the DA calls off Hank’s plea bargain, causing attorney Abby (CARLA GUGINO) to dismiss Hank as a client. The photo scandal also causes Sasha Bingham (ADDISON TIMLIN) to drop out of the movie. Waxologist Marcy makes a house call for a bikini wax that turns out to be an act of courtship by Stu Beggs (STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY), and the pair eventually bond over body wax and bull-riding movies.

Hank and Charlie’s dinner meeting with offbeat actor Eddie Nero (ROB LOWE) is cut short when Becca and the Queens of Dogtown get into some trouble at a Venice tattoo parlor. The love Hank shows for Becca is enough to convince Nero that Hank is a character worth playing. Meanwhile, Karen goes to Abby’s office and tries to convince her to re-represent Hank, which leads Abby and Hank to reconcile over a drink and blur the lines of attorney-client privilege…

Californication S4E7
Episode 7

The Recused

Given the previous night’s surprising events, Abby (CARLA GUGINO) recuses herself as Hank’s attorney, and, over an afternoon of golf, tries to pair him with a senior partner (ALAN DALE) of her firm, with mixed results. Hank is further irked to discover that Karen and Ben (MICHAEL EALY) are hanging out more frequently, including at the concert for Becca and her band, Queens of Dogtown.

Charlie, still on his quest for 100 partners, beds Abby’s BBW secretary (JACQUIE BARNBROOK). Later on, Stu (STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY) and Marcy come to ask Charlie for his help pitching a show to Showtime. But when Marcy and Stu’s nerves get the better of them, will Charlie be able to step up and save the day?

Californication S4E8
Episode 8

Lights. Camera. Asshole.

Hank Moody takes a job rewriting dialogue for a new blockbuster zombie sequel Slowly We Rot 2, helmed by an increasingly frustrated director (TODD LOUISO) and starring Sasha Bingham (ADDISON TIMLIN). He leaves the set after receiving a tip from bandmate Pearl (ZOË KRAVITZ) that Becca has ditched school and is now drunk. At the hotel bar that night, Hank meets a sexy “age-appropriate” woman (CALLIE THORNE) who turns out to be even closer to Sasha than Hank, which may lead to Hank getting fired from his lucrative new gig…

Karen takes Marcy (to a clinic, where Marcy wrestles with whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. Marcy lets Stu Beggs know that she’s pregnant, but before she can explain whose baby it is, he cuts her off, overjoyed to learn that he’s going to be a father. Meanwhile, Charlie is caught in a compromising situation with real estate agent Peggy (MELISSA STEPHENS), who, as Charlie soon finds out, is quite “adventurous” in the bedroom.

Californication S4E9
Episode 9

Another Perfect Day

Evicted from his place, Hank moves back in with Karen and Becca.

Californication S4E10
Episode 10

The Trial

It’s the first day of the Moody trial and the otherwise cool Hank is visibly nervous, especially after an irksome encounter with Bill (DAMIAN YOUNG) outside the courthouse. Attorney Abby (CARLA GUGINO) tries to calm him down, but the Prosecutor (LARRY POINDEXTER) has enough evidence to make Hank’s outlook seem pretty grim.

Charlie is called to the stand and lets slip some incriminating anecdotes about Hank’s run-ins with director Todd Carr (CHRIS WILLIAMS) and his wife, unintentionally worsening what has become a total character assassination. Karen’s testimony reveals the childish, jealous nature of Hank, portrayed ever more desperately pathetic and drunk. Bill adds malice and motive, and drops a bomb that squashes Hank’s last bastion of innocent ignorance. By the time Mia (MADELINE ZIMA) takes the stand, Hank’s cause seems all but lost.

Californication S4E11
Episode 11

The Last Supper

The verdict is in. Hank Moody is guilty. While struggling to process, Hank keeps slipping into horrible daymares, even ending up back at the Church with a familiar (and very accommodating) nun (MICHELE NORDIN). Attorney Abby (CARLA GUGINO) gives her best effort to make up for not getting Hank off in the courtroom. Hank goes to Charlie’s house for solace, where he meets freaky realtor Peggy (MELISSA STEPHENS) and then meets up with old friend Trixie (JUDY GREER), but even her company isn’t enough…

Hank uses some of his zombie movie cash to buy a new, used Porsche. Back on the road, and with visions of driving to escape the trial’s outcome and LA in general, Hank receives a phone call that has Hank spending one last night surrounded by family as Charlie and Marcy, Karen and Becca, swap stories and relish in the nostalgia. The night ends with Marcy revealing to Charlie that her baby is likely his, as well. Meanwhile, Karen and Hank share one final night to remember.

Californication S4E12
Episode 12

...And Justice for All

Hank awaits sentencing and visits the set of his movie.

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