Californication - Season 5 Episodes

Californication - Season 5

Californication - Season 5

Golden GlobeĀ® winner David Duchovny is back in a bangin' new season of CALIFORNICATION - and Hank Moody has become hip hop's most wanted. Rich and powerful rap mogul extraordinaire Samurai Apocalypse (Wu-Tang's RZA) is pimped-out famous - and hell bent on getting our bad boy writer into more trouble than he's ever known. With Charlie chasing strange and pining over Marcy, and an insufferable 20-year-old Hank wannabe dating his beloved daughter Becca, Hank's got more on his plate than ever in the town he hates to love. Don't miss the new season of the Showtime Original Series CALIFORNICATION, guest starring Meagan Good with RZA.

Californication S5E1
Episode 1


In the Season 5 premiere, a few years have passed and Hank is living in New York but looking for a ticket out of town after his latest breakup. He accepts an invitation from Charlie to come to Los Angeles for a job writing a film starring rapper/actor Samurai Apolcaypse, then reunites with Karen, her former professor and now-husband Richard, and his daughter Becca, who now has a boyfriend named Tyler that is the spitting image of Hank himself ... in the worst possible way.

Californication S5E2
Episode 2

The Way Of The Fist

Hank passes on writing Samurai Apocalypse's new movie but Sam won't take no for an answer and drags Hank to a meeting with director Peter Berg, where they discover that Hank and Peter have shared more than just a love of the written word. Sam takes it on himself to get rid of Tyler, which makes things worse between Hank and Becca. Co-parents Charlie, Marcy and Stu have their hands full when Little Stuart exposes himself to a preschool classmate, and Charlie takes it upon himself to mend fences with the offended girl's attractive mother.

Californication S5E3
Episode 3

Boys & Girls

Hank delivers a completed draft of "Santa Monica Cop" to Samurai Apocalypse but his attempts to leave town are once again thwarted when he's asked to show a night on the town to Kali, his "acquaintance" from the flight to Los Angles; Tyler crashes with Karen and Becca while he recovers from his injuries; things get unprofessional fast when Charlie is saved from a serious parental crisis by his son's nanny, Lizzie.

Californication S5E4
Episode 4

Waiting For The Miracle

Hank receives an unwelcome surprise in the form of Carrie, ex-girlfriend and arsonist that he's forced to invite along when Karen and Becca show up to invite him to a dinner party. Stu, Marcy and Bates' talk of sexual proclivities leaves the Moodys searching for the nearest exit, but the party gets even more out of control when Carrie has a realization about Hank. Meanwhile, Charlie goes on a blind date with Mary, a "nice girl" who's more than a little inexperienced.

Californication S5E5
Episode 5

The Ride-Along

Charlie's boyhood dream is realized and Hank's worst nightmare comes true when Samurai Apocalypse invites the boys on a ride-along with the Santa Monica Police Department and takes them on a joyride that goes sexually awry for Charlie; Richard hits the bottle at a crowded Venice restaurant but Hank and the boys arrive to save the day for Karen and Becca, and Tyler realizes he's seen Sam somewhere before.

Californication S5E6
Episode 6

Love Song

Samurai Apocalypse runs into a lyrical roadblock with his protege and turns to Hank for help. Hank joins up with Kali and writes a song that takes him back in time to a simpler time when he, Karen, and Charlie were happier. But Hank has to face reality when Karen shows up at his door, worried that she made a mistake.

Californication S5E7
Episode 7

Here I Go Again

Hank rescues Karen from an embarrassing situation with a drunk Richard, then covers for Richard by pretending that he is dating a stripper named Holly. Becca is upset when she finds out that Holly has taken a liking to Tyler. Meanwhile, Marcy fires Lizzie after an inappropriate encounter with Stu, and Lizzie turns to Charlie for help and allows their relationship to progress, only to have Marcy beg for her return.

Californication S5E8
Episode 8


Hank is forced to read Tyler's screenplay and is surprised by Tyler's talent, despite the fact that the script appears to be a frighteningly autobiographical account of Tyler's relationship with Becca. Charlie and Lizzie's love quadrangle with Stu and Marcy heats up, but when their bedroom games hit too close to home for Charlie, all four may be headed for therapy.

Californication S5E9
Episode 9

At the Movies

It's day one of production on Hank Moody's latest movie, Santa Monica Cop and Stu Beggs has brought back his Fu**ing & Punching director in hopes of creating another cinematic masterpiece.

Californication S5E10
Episode 10

Perverts & Whores

Hank, down an agent and best friend, finds reason to crash with his two favorite ladies -- Karen and Becca. There's still money to be made, so it's time for him to find new representation with Hollywood power agent Larry Levine.

Californication S5E11
Episode 11

The Party

Hank has finally overstayed his welcome at the house of Karen and Richard Bates, so it's time to hit the road. But not before one last stop at Malibar, where he runs into Lizzie, who uses her newly acquired acting chops to lure him back to the Runkle Manor. Once there, Hank is surprised by everyone he loves and loathes.

Californication S5E12
Episode 12

Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

Hank hits the local watering-hole, only something's amiss. Not only does Mr. Moody find himself surrounded by shadowy figures, but the bartender is an old, departed friend. Is Hank dreaming or has he finally made it to hell?

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