Cannon - Season 1 Episodes

Cannon - Season 1

Cannon - Season 1

This is a list of episodes from the first season of Cannon.

Cannon S1E0
Episode 0


Cannon S1E1
Episode 1

The Salinas Jackpot

Cannon trails two men disguised as clowns who committed a murder at a rodeo.

Cannon S1E2
Episode 2

Death Chain

Cannon investigates the murder of a bank manager's mistress.

Cannon S1E3
Episode 3

Call Unicorn

Cannan goes after a group of killers who are hijacking trucks.

Cannon S1E4
Episode 4

Country Blues

Cannon investigates the death of a Western superstar.

Cannon S1E5
Episode 5

Scream of Silence

When the kidnapping of a rich man's son goes awry, Cannon must nab the culprit out to get the job done.

Cannon S1E6
Episode 6

Fool's Gold

While trying to retrieve stolen loot in a deserted town, Cannon uncovers a conspiracy.

Cannon S1E7
Episode 7

The Girl in the Electric Coffin

Cannon helps a mother look for her missing daughter - and discovers a plot involving a love triangle mixed with murder.

Cannon S1E8
Episode 8

Dead Pigeon

Cannon searches for the culprit who framed a cop for murder.

Cannon S1E9
Episode 9

A Lonely Place to Die

Cannon's investigation of a triple slaying leads him to a syndicate chieftain.

Cannon S1E10
Episode 10

No Pockets in a Shroud

Cannon investigates a case involving a reclusive millionaire and his missing heir.

Cannon S1E11
Episode 11

Stone Cold Dead

Cannon must vindicate a veteran accused of murder.

Cannon S1E12
Episode 12

Death Is a Double Cross

Cannon's job on a train costs a man his life.

Cannon S1E13
Episode 13

The Nowhere Man

An accountant decides to use nerve gas in order to teach society a lesson.

Cannon S1E14
Episode 14

Flight Plan

The man Cannon is chasing uses the very escape plan devised by the detective.

Cannon S1E15
Episode 15

Devil's Playground

An ex-cop enlists Cannon's help to catch the killer who assaulted him.

Cannon S1E16
Episode 16

Treasure of San Ignacio

A maimed ex-racecar driver starts a campaign against the world.

Cannon S1E17
Episode 17

Blood on the Vine

A beloved winegrower is targeted for murder.

Cannon S1E18
Episode 18

To Kill a Guinea Pig

A terrorized doctor gets involved in a sinister research project.

Cannon S1E19
Episode 19

The Island Caper

A reformed bank robber is pressed to do one last job.

Cannon S1E20
Episode 20

A Deadly Quiet Town

Cannon tangles with a satanic cult.

Cannon S1E21
Episode 21

A Flight of Hawks

Cannon suspects that mercenaries in an African revolution are up to something.

Cannon S1E22
Episode 22

The Torch

An insurance investigator commits a murder and probes it himself.

Cannon S1E23
Episode 23

Cain's Mark

An illicit-arms dealer is at war with his brother.

Cannon S1E24
Episode 24

Murder by Moonlight

A young convict serves an imprisoned gang boss.

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