Castle Episodes

Castle - Season 8

Season 8

In the Season 7 finale, Castle revealed some of his backstory for becoming a mystery writer, while Beckett was faced with a choice about her future — will she choose to pursue a new challenge or stay where she is?

Castle - Season 7

Season 7

The wedding bells are ringing, but will Castle and Beckett really tie the knot? On the biggest day of his life, Castle is nowhere to be found, and it's not because he has cold feet. Now, in a season of brilliant twists and turns, Castle and Beckett take on New York City's most fascinating cases while they try to solve the mystery of their own relationship.

Castle - Season 6

Season 6

After Castle's stunning romantic proposal to Beckett, what happens next? The magnetic crime-fighting couple faces a whole new set of challenges as they juggle wedding plans and their most intriguing cases yet.

Beckett's new job with the Justice Department takes her away from the wisecracking love of her life. But Castle's devotion to his new fiancee - and her fascinating line of work - jeopardizes her career and creates a chain of events that might separate them forever. Back on the home front, Castle is none too pleased to discover his daughter has seemingly been captivated by, and now living with, her new, free-spirited boyfriend.

Castle - Season 5

Season 5

This Season Pass includes all current episodes and will include future episodes after broadcast date as they become available. Castle & Beckett face new questions about their relationship. The fun and conflict escalate as the crime-solving dynamic duo navigates a whole new chapter in their lives.

Castle - Season 4

Season 4

An all new season kicks off with exciting discoveries and challenging cases and a tough, new NYPD captain shaking things up.

Castle - Season 3

Season 3

Successful New York mystery author Richard 'Ricky' Castle get permission from the mayor, as a personal favor, to seek inspiration and factual documentation by tagging along with a detectives team.

Castle - Season 2

Season 2

As Season Two begins, Castle wrestles with how to repair his relationship with Beckett. But a mysterious murder forces the pair back together. Though their relationship remains rocky, their passion for cracking cases keeps their collaboration cooking.

Castle - Season 1

Season 1

Rick Castle, a famous crime novelist and rock star of the literary world, finds inspiration for a new character from an unlikely source - the smart, beautiful, no-nonsense Det. Kate Beckett - whether she likes it or not.

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