Castle - Season 2 Episodes

Castle - Season 2

As Season Two begins, Castle wrestles with how to repair his relationship with Beckett. But a mysterious murder forces the pair back together. Though their relationship remains rocky, their passion for cracking cases keeps their collaboration cooking.

Castle S2E1
Episode 1

“Deep in Death”

Flash, Flash. Castle's back and he's being photographed with some super hot, scantily-clad policewomen. We're pretty sure they're not real cops, as this is a promo shoot for the new Nikki Heat book. If you recall, Castle's newest fictional character is based on our favorite homicide detective, Kate Beckett.

Castle S2E2
Episode 2

“The Double Down”

When two separate murders pop up, Castle bets Ryan and Esposito that he and Beckett can close their case first. Who says catching killers can't be fun?

Castle S2E3
Episode 3

“Inventing the Girl”

It’s Fashion Week in New York City and model, Jenna McBoyd, is found dead in a fountain. Beckett and Castle head to designer Teddy Farrow’s fashion show. Jenna worked for Teddy, as does her friend and fellow model, Sierra Goodwin. Teddy says Jenna seemed agitated lately, which Sierra attributes to the fact that Jenna was about to be announced as the new face of the Teddy Farrow collection. That’s a pretty high-pressure gig.

Castle S2E4
Episode 4

“Fool Me Once...”

A chilling killing at the North Pole turns into a Manhattan murder mystery with more twists than the new Nikki Heat novel, which Beckett secretly reads behind Castle’s back.

Castle S2E5
Episode 5

“When the Bough Breaks”

Castle's book agent (Debi Mazar) approaches him with a career-changing opportunity, but accepting it would mean the end of his relationship with Beckett; an unidentified woman is found dead in a manhole.

Castle S2E6
Episode 6

“Vampire Weekend”

Halloween is near and Castle is thinking about dressing up as a space cowboy for his big costume party. Anyone else think Nathan Fillion could handle that role with a certain degree of serenity? But we digress, partially because we don’t want to plug another franchise, but primarily because there’s a mystery that needs solving.

Castle S2E7
Episode 7

“Famous Last Words”

Castle’s latest case hits close to home for Alexis when her favorite singer, Hayley Blue, is found dead of a broken neck in an alleyway. She was hanging upside down from a ladder. A former drug addict, Hayley got clean and left her old band The Blue Pill. She’d been staying with Ian and Bree Busch, the producers of her first solo album. When Hayley went missing, the Buschs feared she’d gotten back into drugs.

Castle S2E8
Episode 8

“Kill the Messenger”

While investigating the murder of a bike messenger, Castle and Beckett are forced to uncover the scandals and secrets of a prominent family.

Castle S2E9
Episode 9

“Love Me Dead”

Alexis has a secret. She knows she can tell her dad anything. Then why is she having a private chat with a certain homicide detective named Kate Beckett? We have no idea. Neither does Castle. He presses Beckett for details on his daughter’s dilemma, but she’s not talking. This drives him crazy. Fortunately, there’s nothing like a murder to take your mind off your problems.

Castle S2E10
Episode 10

“One Man's Treasure”

The body of a dead man flies down a garbage chute in an apartment building. The victim was Sam Parker, a suburbanite from Connecticut who wound up with a bullet hole in his chest. At the morgue, Beckett and Castle start to question the woman weeping over the victim’s body when another woman comes in claiming to be the dead guy’s wife. The first woman says she’s his fiancée. Uh oh.

Castle S2E11
Episode 11

“The Fifth Bullet”

As Castle pets a chocolate Lab outside the latest crime scene, Beckett arrives and they head into an art gallery where the owner, Victor Fink, has been shot dead. Fink’s assistant, Darius Langley, says the gallery was closed and there was no forced entry. Ryan notices there are two bullets in the body, two in the wall, but five shell casings on the ground. So where’s the fifth bullet?

Castle S2E12
Episode 12

“A Rose for Everafter”

At the Beaumont Hotel, bride-to-be Kyra Blaine (guest star Alyssa Milano) knocks on her tardy bridesmaid’s door. Sophie Rosnon isn’t answering, but that’s only because she’s dead in a closet. Sophie was choked from behind and one of her earrings is missing. When Castle arrives at the crime scene, we realize he’s a friend of the bride. Actually, they are way more friends. For Rick Castle, Kyra Blaine is the one that got away. Uh oh.

Castle S2E13
Episode 13

“Sucker Punch”

Jack Coonan, an enforcer for an Irish mafia group known as the Westies, is found dead in a pool of blood. Jack’s brother, Dick Coonan, runs a humanitarian foundation. He figures Jack was killed due to his involvement with the Westies. So, Beckett and Castle head over to the Irish Pub that serves as their headquarters. Westies leader Finn Rourke and his thugs give are less than forthcoming. But when Beckett hears deep groans from a private room, she finds a badly beaten man from a rival gang named Trucho.

Castle S2E14
Episode 14

“The Third Man”

Castle is picked as one of New York’s most eligible bachelors. But a blurb in the paper suggests that he may soon be off the market, as he’s rumored to be involved with a certain homicide detective. When Castle’s phone rings, he says, “Okay, either Beckett’s calling because there’s a dead body or because she read the article.” As it turns out, there’s been a murder. How lucky can a guy get?!

Castle S2E15
Episode 15

“Suicide Squeeze”

Legendary pro baseball player Cano Vega is found dead at a Spanish Harlem field he built. Cause of death: a baseball bat to the head. Vega’s wife, Maggie, says he wasn’t the same after a recent trip to Cuba; his first time back since defecting. When he returned to America, locals in the neighborhood dubbed him a traitor, due to the unflattering editorials of newspaper publisher Alfredo Quintana

Castle S2E16
Episode 16

“The Mistress Always Spanks Twice”

A beautiful woman is found hanging in a park by leather cuffs while covered in caramel. Beckett notices that the cuffs are custom-made and may be easy to trace. Castle wants to know how she knows the bondage bracelets are custom-made. Frankly, we’re wondering the same thing. Sure enough, Barry from The Love Shackle (great name for a store) identifies the cuffs as his design. They were purchased by Tyler Benton and were made for his girlfriend, Jessica Margolis.

Castle S2E17
Episode 17

“Tick, Tick, Tick... (1)”

Beckett fields a call from a man who says he’s a “big fan” and claims to have committed a murder. The body of Alex Peterman, a personal injury attorney, is found at Grand Central Station. The five bullets dug out of his body are etched with letters that spell “Nikki.” Believe it or not, this murder has been dedicated to Nikki Heat.

Castle S2E18
Episode 18

“Boom! (2)”

Picking up where Tick, Tick, Tick… left off, Beckett’s apartment has been blown away. Castle breaks down the door, frantically calling her name. Amazingly, Beckett is alive! She survived the blast by jumping into her tub. And she happened to be naked. With her towels and bath robes in smolders, Castle covers her body with his coat (don’t worry, he didn’t look) and they escape the fiery ruins.

Castle S2E19
Episode 19

“Wrapped Up in Death”

A stone gargoyle falls from the roof of an apartment building crushing Will Medina, the associate curator at the New York History Museum. Medina’s boss, Stanford Raynes, says Will was the leader of an expedition that discovered the crypt of Kan-Xul, the Mayan king. Castle opens the sarcophagus of Kan-Xul, only to be scolded by Rachel Walters, the expedition’s mummification expert. When told of Medina’s death, she and Rupert Bentley, the financier, fear that what really killed Medina was not a gargoyle. It was the curse of the mummy.

Castle S2E20
Episode 20

“The Late Shaft”

When talk show host Bobby Mann (Tom Bergeron) mysteriously dies, Castle is convinced that there was foul play; a guest on Bobby Mann's show (Kelly Carlson) seduces Castle.

Castle S2E21
Episode 21

“Den of Thieves”

It’s no secret that Detective Kate Beckett pulls no punches when it comes to catching killers. She’s just as aggressive while pummeling a punching bag in the precinct gym. That’s obvious to the handsome stranger who offers to be her spotter. This guy seems to have caught Kate’s eye. But her phone rings before we can get the full scoop on this mystery man. Murder can be so inconvenient.

Castle S2E22
Episode 22

“Food to Die For”

Castle bounces into the precinct carrying two cups of coffee. One is for him; the other is for Beckett, who isn’t at her desk. That’s because she’s laughing her way down the hall, a hot cup of java already in hand and Detective Tom Demming at her side. Castle overhears them plan a dinner date. But before he has time to drown his sorrows in that extra cup of coffee, the phone rings. Sometimes murder can be such a nice little distraction.

Castle S2E23
Episode 23


Alexis doesn’t care for her dad’s new character. He’s a robbery detective named Schlemming. The guy comes across as a bit of a doofus. This brings a smile to Castle’s face. See, there’s this handsome real-life robbery detective name Demming who has been spending a lot of time with Beckett, professionally and personally. Castle needs a good murder to take his mind off his heartache.

Castle S2E24
Episode 24

“A Deadly Game”

Castle is having trouble finishing his latest book, “Naked Heat.” Catchy title, right? He’s been avoiding the phone calls of his publisher/ex-wife, Gina, like the plague. Castle is also bummed to learn that Alexis is bailing on their weekend plans in the Hamptons to start a summer program at Princeton. The fact that his little girl will be staying in a coed dorm certainly doesn’t cushion the blow.