Casualty - Season 9 Episodes

Casualty S9E1
Episode 1

Blood's Thicker

Casualty S9E2
Episode 2

First Impressions

Casualty S9E3
Episode 3

Keeping It In The Family

Casualty S9E4
Episode 4

Chasing The Dragon

Casualty S9E5
Episode 5

Love and Affection

Casualty S9E6
Episode 6

Negative Equity

Casualty S9E7
Episode 7

A Breed Apart

Casualty S9E8
Episode 8

In The Black

Casualty S9E9
Episode 9

Crossing The Line

Casualty S9E10
Episode 10

Only The Lonely

Casualty S9E11
Episode 11

The Facts Of Life

Casualty S9E12
Episode 12

Under the Weather

Casualty S9E13
Episode 13

Talking Turkey

Casualty S9E14
Episode 14

End Of The Road

Casualty S9E15
Episode 15

Learning Curve

Casualty S9E16
Episode 16

Stitching the Surface

Casualty S9E17
Episode 17

Heartbreak Hotel

Casualty S9E18
Episode 18

Trials And Tribulations

Casualty S9E19
Episode 19

Out Of Time

Casualty S9E20
Episode 20


Casualty S9E21
Episode 21


Casualty S9E22
Episode 22

Nobody's Perfect

Casualty S9E23
Episode 23

Not Waving But Drowning

Casualty S9E24
Episode 24

Duty Of Care