Cavalcade of America

Cavalcade of America

Cavalcade of America - Season 5 Episodes

Cavalcade of America S5E1
Episode 1

Monument to a Young Man

A Los Angeles police detective, school principal, and star athlete try to help a juvenile delinquent.

Cavalcade of America S5E2
Episode 2

A Bed of Roses

An engaged girl disagrees with her parents about the kind of wedding ceremony she should have. She wants an elaborate church wedding; her parents insist on a simple home ceremony.

Cavalcade of America S5E3
Episode 3

The People and General Glancy

The small community of Duluth, Ga., is desperately in need of a hospital, but refuses to accept a wealthy industrialist's check.

Cavalcade of America S5E4
Episode 4

Wild April

Portrays events in the later life of Johnny Appleseed, showing his influence on the pioneers who lived in a small community in the Ohio River Valley.

Cavalcade of America S5E5
Episode 5

The Hobo Kid

A truant-officer tracks down a kid who's not in school because he's watching his father drink himself to death.

Cavalcade of America S5E6
Episode 6

Date With a Stranger

An Austrian girl is desperate because she is about to be deported from the U.S. She prays to George Washington for help. This results in a mysterious encounter with a man named Casimir Pulaski.

Cavalcade of America S5E7
Episode 7

Innocent Bystander

A newspaper reporter that has lived his whole life believing in the biblical maxim of ?As Ye Sow, so Shall Ye Reap.? When he is seriously injured while investigating a juvenile gang fight, he begins to lose his faith.

Cavalcade of America S5E8
Episode 8

Woman's Work

An elderly man lets his son and the boy's bride live in the family home. His intentions are to turn the girl into a household slave, but she has a different idea.

Cavalcade of America S5E9
Episode 9

Return of Bombardier

During his imprisonment in a Japanese POW camp, an American flier finds that religion gives him the strength he needs to withstand hardship. He vows to return to Japan to preach the word of God if he is ever released.

Cavalcade of America S5E10
Episode 10

Pursuit of a Princess

Long-time partners in an antique business break up when one of them marries the other?s former girl friend. Each opens an antique store, keeping a wary eye on the other?s activities. When the married partner starts collecting cigar-store Indians, the other begins to thwart his every effort.

Cavalcade of America S5E11
Episode 11

Once a Hero

An ex-rodeo champion who feels he has failed as a father tries to gain respect in his son's eyes by going back to the rodeo where he was once successful.

Cavalcade of America S5E12
Episode 12

The Blessed Midnight

A youngster steals a cake from a bakery to give his aunt. With the help of a friend his own age, the boy tries to keep from being caught.

Cavalcade of America S5E13
Episode 13

Three Young Kings

As part of the Christmas festivities in a Latin-American village, youngster traditionally distribute gifts to other children whose parents purchased the presents. The gift-givers almost start a revolt one year by giving the gifts to the poor children instead.

Cavalcade of America S5E14
Episode 14

The Two Worlds of Nicolo

A teenage Italian boy comes to this country to attend high school as an exchange student. He is thrilled and happy with everything about his visit, until he learns his family in Italy is in trouble.

Cavalcade of America S5E15
Episode 15

The House of Empty Rooms

A widow worries about the years ahead. All the children are living far away, and her house seems increasingly empty and lonely each day.

Cavalcade of America S5E16
Episode 16

Leap to Heaven

Story of two-time Olympic champion Bob Richards in Polevaulting (1952-1956), who started off as a young football halfback, then after winning Olympic medals moving on to the ministry.

Cavalcade of America S5E17
Episode 17

Dowry for Ilona

A young Hungarian-American couple fall in love and plan to marry. They announce their intentions to their parents, and immediately a family rivalry emerges. Both fathers want to present impressive marriage gifts.

Cavalcade of America S5E18
Episode 18

The Man from St. Paul

Principal John Norton befriends a youngster who is accused of robbery, and obtains a parole for the boy. He even gets him a job as cashier in the school lunchroom. When money is stolen from the lunchroom, the boy becomes the number-one suspect, and Norton again comes to his assistance.

Cavalcade of America S5E19
Episode 19

Are Trees People?

An elderly Irishwoman is living alone in suburban home given to her by her married daughter. On a trip back to the Bronx to visit old friends, she discovers three orphan youngsters, and takes them home with her, without notifying the proper authorities.

Cavalcade of America S5E20
Episode 20

Decision for a Hero

Joe Loring, a college football player, doesn't know it, but Dewey Elton, a fellow student, has been writing letters home saying they are best friends. When Dewey dies unexpectedly, his parents arrive on campus and want to talk about him with Joe.

Cavalcade of America S5E21
Episode 21

The Frightened Witness

Joe Kohler happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He witnesses a mob hit when a car deliberately runs over a pedestrian. When mob lieutenant Craig tells Joe that he had best keep quiet and even stops home with him to see his family, Joe gets the point. But Joe doesn't like being intimidated and goes to the police to tell his story and do the right thing.

Cavalcade of America S5E22
Episode 22

The Man Who Asked No Favors

During a dry spell, members of a preacher's congregation demand that he ask the Lord to send them rain. He refuses, which enrages his followers.

Cavalcade of America S5E23
Episode 23

Don Marshall's Brat

Young Trudy Marshall is an 11-year old who dreams of ending the feud between her parents and maternal grandfather. When she saves the life of an elderly Mexican bandit, the Calaveras Kid, he decides to help her.

Cavalcade of America S5E24
Episode 24

The Widow is Willing

After an attempted takeover of her ranch the widow is smitten by her hostile opponent.

Cavalcade of America S5E25
Episode 25

The Last Signer

Citizen's of an American town are infuriated when a Czech immigrant signs his name to one of the historical copies of the Declaration of Independence.

Cavalcade of America S5E26
Episode 26

The Shark on the Mountain

Young Brian Beck is addicted to telling tall tales. After he sees a man killed he tells his best friend Noah, that he is in danger. But the old man thinks it's another of Brian's stories and ignores the boy's pleas for help. With the killer getting closer, Brian decides to go after the criminal himself.

Cavalcade of America S5E27
Episode 27

Chicago 2-1-2

A caller plays a cat and mouse game with his intended victim when the roles become reversed.

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