Century City

Century City

Century City - Season 1 Episodes

Century City S1E1
Episode 1

The Face is Familiar (Pilot)

The firm takes on a case of a distraught father who, in an attempt to save his son's life, imported a genetic embryo clone and now faces federal prosecution. Additionally, a boy band that takes drugs to maintain their youth hires the firm to sue the one

Century City S1E2
Episode 2

To Know Her

Lukas and Lee may find themselves on a groundbreaking case when they are asked to represent a woman who has been virtually raped through the use of nanotechnology. Darwin takes on the plight of a child star that wants the right to stunt his own growth in

Century City S1E3
Episode 3

Love & Games

Lukas and Marty take on the case of a talented baseball player who is overlooked by the League because he has a bionic eye. Meanwhile, with the help of Lee May, Darwin argues his clients right to take in his parents without being guilty of violating his

Century City S1E4
Episode 4

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Lose

Hannah and Lee May take of a man who has been cured of retardation, but may now be killed by the very procedure that cured him. Lukas takes on the case of a woman who is being sued for not revealing that she has a penis.

Century City S1E5
Episode 5

Sweet Child of Mine

Hannah, Marty and Tom represent a fertility specialist who, with the help of science, provides couples the opportunity to choose their child

Century City S1E6
Episode 6

Without a Tracer

When a little girl with a ChildSafe tracer implant is abducted and the system fails, her parents seek Lukas and Marty's help to sue the manufacturers. Meanwhile, a couple comes to Darwin asking to amend their prenuptial agreement to state that neither par

Century City S1E7
Episode 7

The Face Was Familiar

Marty and Hannah fight for a father's right to give his son a mind altering antibiotic in order to rid the child of abusive and disturbing memories of his mother. Meanwhile, Lukas finds himself defending a married couple that took advantage of their time

Century City S1E8
Episode 8

The Haunting

Marty takes on the case of a woman fighting for possession of her dead husband's computerized likeness. Lee May and Darwin find themselves defending a son whose mother is sabotaging his dating life in order not to lose him.

Century City S1E9
Episode 9

Only You

When Mr. Bayer's wife is found shot dad by her husband's DNA recognition gun, it seems clear that he killed her - but his clear alibi proves otherwise. Meanwhile, Lee May gets some disturbing news about the prototype she is a part of.

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