Cheers - Season 10 Episodes

Cheers - Season 10

Cheers - Season 10

After deciding to have a baby in the season 9 finale, season 10 opens with "Baby Talk" wherein Sam and Rebecca's attempts to conceive a baby get more and more frustrating. While Norm rests up at the Crane's home after injuring his back in "The Norm who Came in From the Cold" and it appears Sam may have killed his nemesis Gary in "Bar Wars V: The Final Judgment". Sam and Rebecca continue to struggle with having a baby in "Unplanned Parenthood," "I'm Okay, You're Defective," and "Go Make."

Cheers S10E1
Episode 1

Baby Balk

Sam and Rebecca each separately turn to the Drs. Crane for help in conceiving a baby.

Cheers S10E2
Episode 2

Get Your Kicks on Route 666

Frasier takes the guys on a trip to rediscover the "inner man" while the gals discover Carla's cousin Frankie when he fills in at the bar.

Cheers S10E3
Episode 3

Madame LaCarla

Carla is reluctant to accept the crystal ball passed to her by the retiring psychic Madame Lazora.

Cheers S10E4
Episode 4

The Norm Who Came in from the Cold

Norm becomes a permanent house guest when he injures his back while painting at the Cranes'.

Cheers S10E5
Episode 5

Ma's Little Maggie

Cliff's girlfriend and mother take an instant liking to each other while Rebecca tries to entice Sam into some frozen fertility underwear.

Cheers S10E6
Episode 6

Unplanned Parenthood

Sam and Rebecca begin to doubt their resovle to be parents after caring for Carla's wild bunch and Cliff lobbies for the job of directing Woody's video project for the folks back home.

Cheers S10E7
Episode 7

Bar Wars V: the Final Judgement

Sam may have played his last prank when it appears that his Halloween trick may have killed his old nemesis Gary.

Cheers S10E8
Episode 8

Where Have All the Floorboards Gone?

The gang feels responsible when the Celtics' Kevin McHale goes into a slump after becoming obsessed with the number of bolts in the floor of Boston Garden.

Cheers S10E9
Episode 9

Head Over Hill

Sam gets upset when Carla gets sidetracked from revenge to romance with perennial nemesis John Hill.

Cheers S10E10
Episode 10

A Fine French Whine

Woody wants to propose to Kelly, but Henri and his expiring visa take precedence.

Cheers S10E11
Episode 11

I'm Okay, You're Defective

Frasier has to face making out a will while Sam braces himself for bad news from Rebecca's fertility doctor.

Cheers S10E12
Episode 12

Go Mate

Sam and Rebecca let their imaginations run free during a weekend of baby-making and dream up different versions of their future progeny.

Cheers S10E13
Episode 13

Don't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist

Frasier takes his "low self-esteem group" to Cheers for interactive therapy.

Cheers S10E14
Episode 14

No Rest For the Woody

Woody's extracurricular work as a gravedigger may pay for Kelly's engagement ring, but it also jeopardizes his first meeting with her grandmother.

Cheers S10E15
Episode 15

My Son, the Father

Sam finds a way to get even with John Hill. One of Carla's sons decides to become a priest.

Cheers S10E16
Episode 16

One Hugs, the Other Doesn't

A Boston performance by children's singer Nanny Gee for Frederick's birthday sheds light on Frasier's past as Lilith and the barflies discover Nanny is Frasier's first wife! Frasier had forgotten to mention this fact to Lilith and when Nanny arrives at Cheers she and Lilith soon get into a catfight!.

Cheers S10E17
Episode 17

A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff

Woody's cousin develops a crush on Rebecca and Cliff is very unhappy with the new postal uniforms.

Cheers S10E18
Episode 18

License to Hill

Rebecca insists she can handle the bar while the rest of the gang plays poker, then learns that she's allowed their liquor license to lapse

Cheers S10E19
Episode 19

Rich Man, Wood Man

The gang tries to bring Woody back to earth after a vacation in London with Kelly and her money.

Cheers S10E20
Episode 20

Smotherly Love

Frasier wants Lilith to confront her overbearing mother and Rebecca wants Sam to make Norm pay his bar tab.

Cheers S10E21
Episode 21

Take Me Out of the Ball Game

Sam ponders a baseball comeback, but when he goes to play a few games he discovers most of the players are much younger and immature than he is. They're acting just like he used to, and Sam doesn't think he enjoys acting like that anymore. Meanwhile, back in Boston, Frasier loses Lilith's favorite lab rat and tries to get an identical one before she returns.

Cheers S10E22
Episode 22

Rebecca's Lover... Not

Rebecca attempts to rekindle passion with her old high school flame.

Cheers S10E23
Episode 23

Bar Wars VI: This Time It's for Real

Sam may have played his last prank when it appears that his Halloween trick may have killed his old nemesis Gary.

Cheers S10E24
Episode 24

Heeeeeere's... Cliffy!

Norm tells Cliff a little white lie about Carson using Cliff's material on The Tonight Show, then regrets it when Cliff comes up with three tickets to Burbank. Meanwhile Sam and Woody install a satellite dish at Cheers.

Cheers S10E25
Episode 25

An Old-Fashioned Wedding (1)

Woody and Kelly's wedding faces some funny obstacles, before and during the ceremony.

Cheers S10E26
Episode 26

An Old-Fashioned Wedding (2)

Woody and Kelly’s big day turns into a marital disaster.

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